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Chapter 4: Awkward Aftermath

After having spoken to Len the whole night I had fallen asleep a little fitfully. At about three in morning I gave up entirely on sleep and made my way to the kitchen for some water. As I was about to open the door, however; I heard voices. It sounded like Meiko. I hesitated. Why was she up so early in the morning and who was she talking to? It was then that I heard Kaito's voice answering some question she had asked. My eyes grew wide and I nearly gasped. I was too afraid to interrupt their conversation by walking in, so I stood there waiting for them to finish up.

"What are you doing awake, Kaito?" Meiko asked as she stirred something in a bowl.

"I could ask you the same," Kaito countered.

Meiko sighed. He wasn't leaving anytime soon, I could tell as he slowly paced his way towards Meiko. "I just couldn't sleep, is all."

"A lot on your mind?" Kaito queried, though he already knew the answer.

"Perhaps. I just need to clear my head." Meiko paused in her stirring to walk over to the fridge and pull out a large mixing bowl.

I bit my lip as I watched the two. There was a palpable tension in the air. I almost turned and went back to my room, but found myself hypnotized by the scene in front of me. I wanted to know that Meiko would be okay, after what had occurred earlier that day.

Kaito moved to the counter where Meiko had placed the bowl and dipped a finger into it. He brought the finger that was now covered in chocolate icing, to his mouth and licked it. "You wouldn't be baking at this hour unless something was really bothering you. What's wrong?"

Meiko turned to hide her blush. "It's nothing, I'm telling you. I just couldn't sleep! And anyway, you never told me why you were awake at this godforsaken hour," she retorted.

"What if my reason is the same as yours, hmm?" he asked as he stuck his finger back into the chocolate.

Meiko turned and glared. "I highly doubt that, Kaito. Just go back to sleep."

Kaito sighed. "Something is obviously bothering you and you'd feel much better if you came out and said it."

"Who said I had to tell you?" Meiko snapped.

"I'm your childhood friend; you should be able to tell me anything," Kaito pointed out.

Meiko growled. "Not necessarily. You don't tell me everything."

"If it has something to do with me, you should."

"What makes you think it has anything to do with you?"

Kaito smirked at her. "We did share our first kiss yesterday."

Meiko froze. "And? It was just a game; it meant nothing," she defended.

"Was that all it really was to you?" Kaito countered as he pulled his finger out of the chocolate and moved back toward her.

Meiko moved back slightly, trying to keep her composure. "Wasn't that all it was to you?" she exclaimed.

Kaito kept moving until he had Meiko backed into the counter. "And if it wasn't?"

Meiko's face reddened. "Like hell it meant anything to you! It's all about Miku with you!" she spat.

Kaito grinned mischievously. "Jealous, now are we?"

"I- I am no such thing!" Meiko sputtered.

"Aren't you ripening up quite nicely?" Kaito murmured as he rubbed the chocolate from his finger onto her lips.

"What the-" she was cut off by Kaito's lips pressing against hers. My eyes grew wide as this was the second time I had seen them kiss. The only other times I saw them, Meiko was attempting to kill him. This was unheard of. Maybe Len was right, pigs must have been flying at this moment. As I watched them, the kiss grew deeper. I could see their tongues wrapping themselves around each other. Meiko's face was flushing as their breathing got heavier. This was going too far. I knew I shouldn't watch, and yet I couldn't move. I guess I was afraid that if I moved I would interrupt them.

Kaito broke the kiss and pulled away to see a very red and flustered Meiko. He licked his lips. "You're so scrumptious." He drew closer again and slowly dragged his fingers along her leg up to her thigh. "If this keeps up I won't be able to stop." As he said this Meiko wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into another kiss. His hand moved from her thigh to under her skirt. His other hand grabbed hold of her breast. She broke the kiss for a gasp of air which instead turned into a loud moan. Kaito moved down to her neck, and began trailing kisses to her collar bone. The hand underneath her skirt came back down along with a lacy pair of white panties. However; there was a clear string linking Meiko's undergarments to herself. The panties fell to the floor as both his hands undid her top leaving her in nothing but her skirt and bra. "You look so defenseless."

"I can't help it," she whispered. Kaito pressed his lips to hers again while he unhooked her bra exposing her breasts. I never realized how beautiful of a figure Meiko had until now. She was always hunched over, or trying to find somewhere to hide it. Now, it was completely exposed though I'm sure she had no idea that I could see it. Meiko grasped the hem of Kaito's shirt and pulled it over his head. She dropped the shirt on the floor and placed her hands on his chest. She lightly traced over his body with the tips of her fingernails causing him to shiver. Her hands came to the top of the pants line. As she unbuckled the belt and unfastened his pants, she was lightly kissing him from his neck down to his pants line and pelvis.

Meiko pulled down his pants and his underwear along with it exposing himself to her. This was only the second time I had ever seen one. Len's was the only one that I had seen but it didn't look anything like this. Kaito's was large and thick, and it was also standing up. Meiko's face was now at the same level with Kaito's penis. She placed one hand underneath of him cupping his balls and the other was at the base of his shaft. Just touching it caused Kaito to let out a moan of pleasure. Meiko began to lick around the tip and slowly down to the base only to work her way back up again. Then, she finally put it in her mouth and began to move her head back and forth. Kaito threw his head back and seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.

What I was witnessing at this moment was something that I had only heard of but had never seen. On the internet it was known as a blowjob or oral sex. I didn't think that people actually did it, but here it was happening right in front of me. Then, I felt something hot growing in between my legs. There a deep tingling sensation that I could feel from deep inside of me, but I wasn't sure what it was.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself." Meiko chuckled slightly.

Kaito looked at her evilly. "Well, we don't need you feeling left out." He got down and the floor and lifted up her legs and he put his head in between them. I couldn't see what he was doing, but I could only imagine what would make Meiko squirm so much. Meiko, who was now lying on the floor, arched her back suddenly. Her face became contorted, it almost looked like she was in pain, and her eyes were beginning to water. I was frozen solid. I had never seen anything so intense before. I was about to step in, but then she begged, "Put it in me please! I'm going insane. I beg of you!"

Kaito's head came up from between her legs. He licked a white creamy substance off his lips and stared at her. "Come again?" he asked her playfully.

Meiko closed her eyes and shook her head. "I can't take it anymore. I need you inside of me now."

He was crawling on top on her now, pressing his hot skin against hers. His hips were now in between her legs and yet she did not look satisfied. He looked at her intently. "What do you need inside of you, my sweet?"

"You're dick." She placed her hand over her mouth and began biting down on her fingertips. "I need your large throbbing dick inside of me."

Kaito closed his eyes readying himself. He opened his eyes slightly and flashed her a dashing smile. "I'm going to devour you." With that he thrusted into her, Meiko's eyes grew wide as he slammed against her.

My knees gave out and I collapsed on the floor. My breathing was becoming heavy and the heat was becoming unbearable. It was like a scratch I had to itch and I needed to itch it now. One of my hands slowly slid into my shorts and underneath my panties. I could feel the heat burning my hand as my index finger rubbed against my little bump. I flinched as I felt this tingling sensation. It was strange, and yet I wanted more. My finger rubbed it gently at first, but I grew rough with myself. My strokes and breaths became in sync with Meiko and Kaito. I watched as he pounded inside of her. This scene was so exhilarating. I wanted it. I want to be an adult. I want to be able to do these things. It looks like it feels so good. I closed my eyes and the sound of Meiko moaning with each thrust echoed inside my head. My face, no, my body was so hot. My head was spinning so much that I couldn't think clearly. This felt so good.

I glanced over my shoulder as my hand was still fumbling around the inside of my pants. Kaito somehow had Meiko on her side with her leg in the air. 'How is that even possible?' I thought to myself. He was slamming into her. I could hear the moist sounds coming from his thrusting. My vision blurred and I suddenly saw Kaito as Len and Meiko as myself. The tingling feeling grew even more, and my finger began to move more vigorously. 'Why, why did Len come to mind?' I asked myself. I couldn't help but fidget. 'I don't know him….. but…..' my thoughts drifted off.

"Oh, Len…" I whispered to myself. A vivid image of him was sitting next to me, but I could see Len's penis again; only this time it looked more like Kaito's. Len had his hand wrapped around his length, and his face was flushed as well. He looked at me and spoke inside my head, "You too, huh?" His heavy breathing cut him off short. I just nodded my head as my finger was still playing with my bump. Then, I felt something. It was tingly, but it felt like it needed to come out. Something was coming… coming…. "I'm…. I'm cumming…" Len said breathlessly.

"Together," I whispered. Our breathing was now in sync with each other. We were climbing and climbing…. "Uhhhhahhhhhhh….." we both came together.

My eyes opened slowly taking in my old surroundings. "Hey, did you hear that?" Kaito questioned.

"Yeah. Do you think someone was watching us?" Meiko replied.

"Not sure." Kaito stood up and put his coat on. "I'll go check."

'Oh, crap.' I thought. I stood up quickly and ran back up to my room. I shut the door quietly and hopped on to my bed and covered up. As I heard the door open I made sure to make it sound like I was sleeping. After a minute or two I heard the door shut. I got out of bed to turn the lights on, and then I slowly pulled my shorts off. There it was; a little pool of white liquid that I had seen on Kaito's face earlier that night. I quickly changed clothes and decided that I should talk to Len about this; only how was I going to face him? And better yet, how would I even be able to look at Kaito and Meiko again? I pulled the pillow over my now reddening face. What would I do? I eventually fell asleep with the pillow on top of my face.

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