This is dedicated to my friend Lavender and Hay, for giving me the odd thought that sparked this whole thing off. Gene Hunt and Miss O'Brien.

This story will be weird. The idea behind it is weird. If you wish to carry on reading, bare this in mind: this story is meant to be taken lightly! I'm writing this for a bit of fun, it should be read for a bit of fun too. The other option is to read this seriously, and end up confused and disturbed. You have been warned!

Sarah O'Brien was not having the best of days. The family had gone out for the day, and had given most of the staff leave to have some free time. O'Brien was one of the few Mrs Hughes had decided should stay behind and hold fort. And Thomas has upped and left too, she thought irritably, after all I've done for him he goes off and leaves me to die of boredom. She took a drag on her cigarette. She needed someone to talk to, someone to complain to. She caught sight of Branson, sitting a short distance away from her, polishing some contraption off his car. Perfect. O'Brien stubbed out her cigarette and headed over.

. . . . .

"Alright, listen up you lot!" Gene Hunt yelled at his team. "I want Tyler and Ray to go round the back, and I'll take the front. Cartwright and Chris stay by the car."

"But guv…" Chris started, not wanting to miss any of the action.

"You do as I say! Move!" And Gene ran off with Sam and Ray, leaving Annie and Chris standing by the car.

"Why does he always do that?" Annie wondered. "We're part of his team- he should trust us more."

Chris didn't reply. He was staring off into the distance.

"Chris? Are you alright?"

"Annie, there's something over there. In that house. It's like it's glowing or something."

"It's probably nothing. Just leave it." Annie dismissed Chris' concerns.

"Maybe we should check it out."

"Chris, the guv said to stay by the car."

"There's nothing happening by the car. But something's happening in that house. I'm going." Chris headed off towards the house. Annie hesitated, then followed him.

. . . . .

"What are you doing?" Branson looked up. O'Brien was standing over him, no doubt looking for someone to complain to.

"Do you actually care of are you just bored?" He answered, looking back down and carrying on with his work. O'Brien took his dismissal as an invitation to sit down, and so she did.

"It's not right. I mean, I work longer and harder than that Daisy, and yet she gets the day off and I don't. And who's Mrs Hughes to decide who gets to go out and who doesn't. I see her and Mr Carson are going for a drink together; if that's not inappropriate I don't know what is."

Branson wasn't listening; he was staring at the garage. It seemed to be glowing.

"Are you even listening to me?" O'Brien demanded. She looked at what Branson was staring at. "Bloody hell."

"What's happened to my car!" Branson exclaimed, jumping to his feet.

"Your car?" O'Brien wasn't fazed. "That car belongs to his Lordship."

Yet again, Branson wasn't listening. He was heading towards the garage.

"Where do you think you're going!" O'Brien gathered her skirts and hurried after him.

. . . . .

"Chris, I don't like this." Annie and Chris had entered the house to find that it was completely empty, and pitch black.

"You're right, maybe we should go back." They turned, and tried to find their way back to the door. Suddenly Chris stumbled and fell over.

"Chris! Are you alright?" Annie asked, bending down and trying to help Chris up. She too lost her balance, and tried to stand back up. It was too late. She slowly felt herself losing consciousness, and soon she had blacked out.

. . . . .

"Turn the lights on." O'Brien said as she cautiously followed Branson into the garage.

"I can't find the light switch." He replied.

"You should know where it is- it's your garage!" O'Brien snapped.

"Well as you pointed out earlier it's not my garage is it?" Branson said tetchily.

"I'm leaving." O'Brien turned to leave, but tripped over.

"Are you alright?" Branson asked, searching for the fallen O'Brien. He crouched down, but immediately felt dizzy. Keeling over, he sank into unconsciousness.

. . . . .

"Annie?" Annie opened her eyes. She was outside- Chris must have somehow gotten them both out.

"Chris! How did you get out?" She got to her feet. "Where are we?"

"I don't know, I just woke up and we were outside this fancy house and then you woke up and neither of us knows where we are." Chris was clearly nervous.

"It's okay, Chris. We'll just go up to that house and ask where we are." Annie sounded a lot more confident than she felt.

"Hey you!" A voice shouted at them from behind. They both whirled round to see a portly middle-aged man hurrying towards them. "This is private property and we do not appreciate trespassers!"

"Sorry sir" Annie said. "We were a bit lost. We were wondering if you could tell us where we are?"

The man looked at them closely. "You're not from round here are you?" He asked suspiciously. "Those are very odd clothes you are both wearing."

"I could say the same to you" Chris said. "You're not one of those historical re-enactment guys are you?"

"I am Mr Carson, the butler here at Downton." The man said, drawing himself up to his full height.

"Downton?" Annie asked.

"Oh dear, you really are lost aren't you." Carson said. "Very well, follow me."

. . . . .

"What the bloody hell is this?" Gene thundered.

O'Brien opened her eyes. Somehow she was outside. Branson must have carried me out. I knew that man must have some use. But Branson was only just coming round.

"Well?" Gene continued. "What've you done with my team!" And why're you dressed up like a couple of nancies?"

"Why are you dressed like that!" O'Brien replied. "Where have you taken us?" This must be a kidnap she thought the odd clothes, the odd location. Ha. Mrs Hughes will have a fit when she realises.

"I haven't taken you anywhere. I think you're a bit confused love."

"Guv, maybe you should let me handle this." The man standing next to Gene spoke up. "My name's Sam Tyler, that's Gene and this is Ray. Are you lost? What's your name?"

"Tom Branson. Where are we?" Branson finally spoke up.

"Never mind that, why the bloody hell are we here?" O'Brien asked.

"You're in Manchester. We'll try and help you find out…" Sam tried, but was broken off by Gene.

"How about we make a deal. We'll find out whichever loony bin you escaped form and you help us find out what happened to the rest of my team."

"Why should we help you? We don't know where your team is" O'Brien was not going along that easily.

"Blimey you're a chatty one aren't you! Just shut up and get in the car." Gene stormed off. Branson shot a glance at the car.

"That's a car?"

How was that? Odd? Brilliant? Terrible? Very, very upsetting? Let me know!