Thank you, God, for everything.

DISCLAIMER: First and foremost, I do NOT OWN TANGLED. Believe me, I wish I did, but if I owned it, it would suck a lot more than if Disney owned it. So, everybody is happier that Disney owns it rather than me. God bless you!

Hi, I'm Pascal, I'm a color changing chameleon. Where do I live? Well, not in a house if that was what you were thinking, and not out in the forest either. No, I live with my best friend, in a tower.

How did we come to live in a tower? Let me explain. For me, I was very tiny. I was walking around the valley when I came across the tower. Being curious, I climbed it and when I was about to enter it, my foot got stuck on the ledge. I heard a crack as I tried to pull out my wittle foot. I couldn't pull it out and screeched when I was discovered. I was surprised who discovered me, though. It was a girl, mid-teen, with an elaborate purple dress and big green eyes, but the thing that stuck out the most was the stuff hanging from her head. It was long and yellow and long and pretty and LONG.

She managed to unstick me and carried me in. She crooned soothingly as she bandaged my foot and gave me a cracker. I haven't ever left.

And as for her? Her name was Rapunzel, and her backstory was far more complicated. Turns out, she had been living in the tower for her whole life! She had a caretaker named Mother Gothel. I didn't like Gothel. She scared me. She also had black, bushy and short curls which I hated in comparison of Rapunzel's smooth, silky, blonde, LONG hair. Gothel had a mean personality and I avoided her at all costs of her discovering me and throwing me out.

Rapunzel, on the other hand, was happy for my company. She was a kind and gentle sweetheart! I don't know how she does it, living in this-this PRISON, but she remained ever faithful and nice. I applauded her for that. She had a bright disposition and she and Gothel were like night and day. Poor Rapunzel and I wanted to leave the tower, but Gothel was all like, "The world is a selfish place and the people will want your hair," and I was all like, "So we'll avoid the people," and she was like, "You stay here, okay, Rapunzel?" and Rapunzel always agreed because she was a nice person. I went wherever Rapunzel went, so we stayed in there.

Anywho, no more backstory, I have a story to tell.

It all started out on the eve of Rapunzel's eighteenth birthday. We woke up, she got dressed and sleepily let Gothel ride down her long hair to the ground below. Oh, sure, Gothel gets to go, she apparently has a backbone, but Rapunzel, whose hair is like the mightiest weapon, doesn't and can not go? It's a strange world we live in.

We ate breakfast; I had a strawberry, and with more than enough time on our hands to kill, we played hide and seek. We played this often, for it was great fun. I hid every time because her hair, which was an astounding 70 FEET LONG; a dead giveaway. Just follow the yellow silk road; so I hid. It was easy, considering I could change colors into the background.

On the 22nd game, I found the perfect spot, next to a flowerpot on the windowsill. I changed into a flower and waited nervously. I snickered when she couldn't find me, and I stopped when she used her hair as a grappling hook and grabbed my tail. I was pulled towards a laughing-hanging-upside-down Rapunzel.

"Got ya! That's twenty-two for me," she counted as she lowered me to the windowsill. "How about twenty-three out of forty-five?" I gave her a look saying, "You've got to be kidding."

"Well," she said slowly as she sat on the window's edge. "What do you want to do?"

I eagerly used my tail to point out of doors.

"Yeah, I don't think so. I like it in here, and so do you!" she pointed at me as she placed me on her lap.

I was mad. Not at her, but because of rules, rules, rules. I was so mad, I stuck my tongue out at her. I was so mad I didn't withdraw it.

She scooped me up into her hands, "Oh, come on Pascal, it's not SO bad in there." Oh, yes, it is.

Thanks for reading! God bless you!