My first Teen Wolf Fanfic.

Stiles ran into his room, slung his bag over his shoulder and dropped it to the ground, not caring where it landed; he was in such a rush. In so much of a rush, in fact, he did not see Derek Hale stood in the corner of his bedroom. Stiles sat down at his computer and began typing away. A few seconds later, he heard his father call him,

"Hey Stiles!"

Stiles finished the sentence he was on (for a school project) and turned in his chair, having already started his response,

"Yo Da-Derek?" Stiles' eyes finally flashed across Derek, who was annoyed that Stiles had said his name out loud. Even though Stiles was the more intelligent one out of him out Scott, he tended to be a lot clumsier, too. Trying rapidly to repair the damage Stiles had caused, Derek lifted a finger to his lips, and gave Stiles a threatening look, before pointing him towards the door and his father. Stiles ran out of the room stuttering,


Stiles closed the door partially behind him, leaving it ajar and holding onto it for support, so he didn't faint at the shock he'd just experienced. Why couldn't Derek just announce his arrival, for one? Why did he always have to scare the crap out of Stiles? He knew Derek scared Scott too, but he seemed to have more of an effect on Stiles. At first, he thought it was because Scott was braver than him, but given recent events, such as Scott being willing to give up much more than he should for Allison, Stiles began to doubt his first theory very much. He didn't even want to explore other theories, but they were there, deep in his subconscious, no matter how hard he tried to push them away, he couldn't help but think his fear of Derek was caused by attraction, on some level.

Stiles had never fully determined his sexuality. The only person he'd ever liked was Lydia, and that was since third grade and since he was getting nowhere with it, it had seemed pointless. Not that he was going to get any further with Derek... Not that he liked Derek! Shaking the thoughts out of his head, Stiles listened to what his dad had to say.

"What'd you say?"

Crap. Stiles had to think fast,

"What? Uh, I said... 'Yo, Dad.'"

Stiles let out a little laugh as if the fact his father even had to question him was stupid.

"Uh listen, I've got something I gotta take care of, but a... I'm gonna be there tonight, I mean, you're first game."

Crap. Stiles had totally forgotten about his first game. It was tonight! Still, he was pleased his father was coming. He'd figure it all out later.

"My first game... Ahh great, awesome. Uh... Good." Stiles' father flashed him a rare smile. "I'm very happy for you. And I'm really proud of ya."

Stiles didn't really know what to say. He was always awkward with affection, like this. He got it from his dad. "Thanks... Me too. I'm happy... and proud of myself." He nodded.

"So they're really gonna let you play, right?"

The moment of doubt was really not what Stiles needed right now. All he wanted was for his dad to leave for work, so he could get back and his bedroom and get to, as much as he hated to admit it... Derek.

"Yeah, Dad, I'm first line." He said happily, using the joy of making first line to hide his annoyance at his blissfully unaware father. He nodded again to prove his point. His father smiled again. Stiles was so happy to see that smile. It was such a rare occurrence.

"I'm very proud."

"Uh, me too... Again, I'm-" His sentence was cut short as his father approached him and hugged him.

"Oh!" Stiles exclaimed, shocked by the amount of love his father was showing him tonight. Nevertheless, he reciprocated the somewhat awkward hug. It was at this point Stiles began painfully aware that Derek was on the other side of his bedroom wall. This awkward hug was something private between his family, he didn't want Derek witnessing it. His father patted him on the back, and Stiles did the same to his father. After a somewhat awkward silence, Stiles' father said,

"Cya there."

"Take it easy."

His father disappeared down the stairs. Stiles smacked his head back against the door, exhaling deeply. Not wasting any time, he re-entered his bedroom. He shut the door behind him, and turned just in time to see Derek slam him up against the door, his expression angry. Stiles didn't understand, what could he have done wrong?

"Oh my..."

Derek held on to Stiles by his shirt and their bodies were much closer than stiles would have liked. But at the same time, he loved it. Derek's face was only inches away and even in his anger, Stiles couldn't help but feel something for him.

"If you say, one word..." Derek said threateningly, pointing a finger at Stiles. The teenager was so outraged. Who was Derek to come into his bedroom unannounced, listen in on his private family moment and then blackmail him? Stiles decided to give as good as he got.

"Oh what, you mean like, 'Hey Dad, Derek Hale's in my room... bring your gun!'?"

It had the desired effect. Derek knew he didn't have the upper hand here. He stared threatening into Stiles brown eyes, sensing the fear there, but Stiles was still brave enough to stand up for himself, despite of that. Derek's blue eyes bored into Stiles, before he lowered his finger and dropped his grasp on his shirt. They were both breathing rather heavily after the ordeal.

"Yeah that's right," Stiles said, sensing his advantage. "If I'm harbouring your fugitive ass, it's my house, my rules, buddy." He finished by smacking Derek on the right shoulder, on his black leather jacket. Derek looked down at the spot Stiles had just hit him. Then Stiles did. When he looked back at Derek, he saw those blue eyes boring into him and he just didn't know what to do. He shifted his gaze. He saw Derek nod, then he relaxed slightly. Derek pulled his body away from Stiles, and the proximity between the two males returned to normal. Stiles realized he was slightly saddened by this. Derek reached out and grabbed Stiles unzipped jacket from both sides, and pulled it down slightly, but harshly, re-arranging it. It made Stiles jump, and his heart skipped a beat. It had been from attraction, as Derek's touch sent fire through his body, warming him internally. Stiles began to worry. "Aww shit, he can hear my heartbeat. What if he realizes? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit." Derek didn't seem any different, so Stiles realized he must've just thought the heartbeat skip was due to fear. "Phew."

Deciding to play ball, Stiles gave Derek a smug smirk, before reaching out to his unzipped leather jacket, and pulled it down from both sides. He was quite surprised Derek didn't stop him, as he knew he had the reflexes to do so, if he wanted.

Exhaling slightly, Stiles pushed himself away from the wall and began to walk back over to his computer. As he passed Derek, he managed to notice Derek shove his head towards him threateningly and he flinched away from it.

"Oh! My God..."

Derek stared after Stiles somewhat longingly as he sat down in the computer chair, which bounced under his weight. He span the chair around childishly, and saw that Derek was sat on his bed. This was the first time Derek had paid Stiles a visit on his own, after all the times he'd been to see Scott unannounced. Stiles' heart swelled as he realized this, and he tried to swallow it down, but he couldn't. Derek saw that Stiles was smiling, and he wondered why.

"What's so funny?" He asked, genuinely curious.

Derek heard Stiles' heart skip a beat again, and he highly doubted this was due to fear. He was slowly getting used to the fact of having a werewolf in his bedroom.

"Uh... Uh... Nothing, I just uh..." Stiles dropped his gaze to the floor and his cheeks flushed. He didn't know what to say. He knew he had to say something, so he looked Derek square in the eye, "Oh uh... It was just something funny I heard in school today." He noticed Derek had shifted further down the bed, closer to Stiles and the computer.

"Oh yeah, what did you hear?" Derek asked, flashing a toothy smirk.

"Uh... Uh... It was one of those, you kinda had to be there jokes. You know?" Stiles said, trying to cover up. He didn't want to get drilled again by Derek, so he turned the conversation back around on him. "Anyway, what're you doing here?" Stiles asked him now, really wanting to know the truth, something he knew Derek wasn't great with.

"I have nowhere else to go." Derek answered simply, exhaling and laying back on the bed, his legs dangling off of it. Derek stared up at the ceiling and Stiles noticed how his tight T-shire rose slightly, revealing an inch of tanned skin between his shirt and dark jeans. Stiles couldn't stop staring and Derek caught him as he sat up and his T-shirt slipped back down in response. Stiles quickly averted his gaze. Too quickly. "So... what do you wanna do?" Stiles asked, breaking the silence between them. He remembered that tonight he had plans for Danny to come over and do homework with him, but Danny had been sick at school that day, so that was that down the drain. Over the past few days, Stiles came to realize that his social and studying life outside of werewolves had taken a serious hit. Not that he really minded.

"Well..." Derek started, staring Stiles in the eyes and smirking, "Pinning you up against that wall," both pairs of eyes flashed over to the spot where they had been a minute ago, "Was pretty fun." Derek finished. Stiles looked at him and saw the gleam of lust in his eyes. Was that directed at him? He sure hoped so. But what would happen? He had no idea. Did he want it to happen? All these questions buzzed around his head and he couldn't calm himself. It didn't help by the fact he saw Derek inch closer to the foot of the bed and closer to Stiles. He shifted in his computer chair and rolled it back to the computer desk, until he smacked his arm on it.

"Ouch!" Stiles shouted, knocking himself out of his sexually charged daze and giving him something to focus on.

"My God," said Derek, rolling his eyes, "You're such a dumbass, Stiles."

Stiles felt saddened that Derek would call him that. He knew he was just being sensitive, but he didn't care. "Look Derek, if you're just going to be an ass to be, then you can just leave right now. Okay?" He said, braver than he felt.

Derek felt a pain in his chest that he had never felt before. It hurt him that he had hurt Stiles. It was so much easier to slam him against walls and see him looking scared than it was to insult him and see him looking saddened. By the second, Derek could feel himself caring more and more about Stiles, he just didn't want to admit it. But he couldn't leave things like this. He stared down at his hands, which were locked together. "Look Stiles... let me level with you." Stiles' eyes widened. He was shocked by the sudden change of pace the conversation had taken, and Derek heard his heart-rate increase. "I know I'm a jerk to you, but it's only because... you're such a dumbass." Derek said, laughing. He had wanted to say something else, but he couldn't, so he had opted for the easy way out.

Stiles' head dropped lower and Derek literally didn't know what to do. So he did the only thing he knew he could. The only thing that felt right. It felt like they were beyond the point where words could explain things. They both usually had Scott to distract them, but now they didn't. That was why Derek had come here. To see what it was like. And now he was almost certain Stiles felt something for him too... It was time to act upon it. Getting up from the bed silently and crossing the small space between them, Derek crouched down and lifted Stiles' chin with his fingertips. Stiles' hurt brown eyes met Derek's apologetic blue eyes and in that moment, they both knew. Derek slowly began to pull Stiles' face closer to his own, but he didn't need to. Stiles stood up from the chair and by this point his lips were locked to Derek's. He pushed Derek back and they both fell back onto the bed, Stiles landing on top of Derek. He had grabbed his hips for support during the fall, and he was now hitching his body up Derek's, to reach his face again. He needed his lips, his soft yet crushing lips, for support. He needed them, like he needed air to breathe. Derek pulled Stiles up towards him and they kissed again. It was just as fast, just as spontaneous and filled with just as much passion.

Both their minds had stopped; they let their bodies do the talking for them. They acted upon what felt right, what felt natural.