And the next story is up! This isn't so much a sequel to the Lost Nineteen Years, as you don't have to read it before this one, but it is good if you do (nice for me as well ) and it explains some things. Anyway, on with this story. BTW – Teddy is eleven, James is just five, Albus two and Lily about four months.

Off to Hogwarts

Teddy opened his wardrobe and started pulling out t-shirts and jeans. His trunk was open on the floor of his room, which was littered with things he was meant to be packing. Zeus, his owl, watched him from his desk with a disdainful look. Teddy, who knew the owl's looks, chucked him a couple of owl nuts, and instantly the owl became much friendlier.

The door of his bedroom swung open, and Lily came in – she had just mastered crawling. Teddy scooped her up and threw her in the air, before catching and tickling her. She giggled cutely, waving her chubby fists around.

'Ahh-owww!' she cried. Teddy, who seemed to have a talent for understanding her baby talk, carried her over to Zeus's cage. Lily gently patted his soft feathers, before struggling to be let down. Teddy placed her on the floor, and she crawled out, straight into Ginny, who had just come in. Ginny smiled and picked her up.

'Come on you,' she said, carrying Lily out. 'Teddy, get packing, or you aren't going to Hogwarts.'

'Can't you just do that spell which packs everything?' complained Teddy.

'Packing is a fundamental experience of Hogwarts. You have to pack properly,' said Ginny firmly. Teddy sighed, and picked up a handful of socks, shoving them in the case.

Finally everything was packed, and they were in the car on the way to Kings Cross. Harry and Teddy stood next to each other opposite the metal barrier. Teddy gulped nervously – it looked very solid.

'I promise it'll be okay. Actually, in my second year a house elf made it solid, but,' Harry was silenced by a look from Ginny. 'Come on, it'll be fine.' He helped Teddy pushed the trolley at full speed at the barrier. Teddy tensed, waiting for the crash, but then they were through, and they were opposite a huge red steam engine. Ginny, James, Albus and Lily appeared behind them.

'Teddy! TEDDY!' he turned to see Xen running towards him, waving. Luna and Justin were herding the rest of their crowd – Fiona, Aurelia, Elias, and Juliana and Luna with a full pregnant belly. At eleven, Xenophilius, or Xen, had curly toffee coloured hair, a thickset, almost chubby build and brown eyes. He was more like his adoptive father than his mother.

'Hi Xen!' replied Teddy, grinning. He liked Xen a lot. Harry and Ginny started talking with Luna and Justin, so Xen and Teddy wandered away towards the train. They bumped into a station guard who said in a pompous voice:

'Better get on the train, laddies, it's getting late!' The boys nodded and ran back to their parents.

'Bye Mum, bye Dad!' cried Xen. 'We have to get on the train now.'

'Have a good term at school, son,' said Justin.

'Remember to watch out for Nargles!' cried Luna.

'Goodbye Teddy!' Teddy hugged each family member before grabbing his trolley and rushing towards the train. They helped each other load their luggage, just in time before the train doors slammed shut and they slowly started to move. Teddy and Xen stuck their heads out the door window to wave to their families, who were slowly getting further away. Then the train went round a corner, and out of sight.

'What are you two doing?' snapped a loud voice behind them. The boys spun around to see a girl a few years older than them, with brown hair pulled back into two long plaits, not a single strand loose, and thick wire glasses.

'Er, waving to our parents?' replied Teddy. 'Why does it bother you?'

'None of that cheek! I am Mary Jenkins, Gryffindor Prefect, and you should know that loitering in the Hogwarts Express corridors is a violation of rule 43 A in the Hogwarts Rules!'

'Oh, sorry, we're first years and I'm afraid we didn't read the rulebook before coming. Such an awful mistake,' said Xen. Mary narrowed her eyes, as if trying to detect sarcasm.

'I will let you off this time. But be warned!' she strode off, robes billowing around her. Xen and Teddy glanced at each other, struggling not to laugh.

'Have you been in trouble already?' Victoire had just appeared. 'What are you doing in the corridor? Come on, I'm saving you a compartment!' They hurriedly grabbed their bags and stepped into the compartment. Teddy glanced at Victoire as they sat down. He hadn't seen her for a while, and she had changed over the summer. Her hair was longer, now waist length, and she wore it in a loose sheet down her back instead of in two bunches. Also she had started wearing makeup – just lip gloss and a tiny bit of mascara, but it made her look, if possible, even prettier.

'Teddy? You there?' Teddy realised that Xen and Victoire were staring at him. Xen was speaking. 'I was wondering if you had the Chocolate Frog card of Circe, I still haven't got one.'

'Sorry, no,' replied Teddy.

'Shame. You going to try out for the Quidditch team?'

'Suppose. First years never get in though, right?'

'That's true. What house do you think you'll be in?'

'Gryffindor. Or maybe Hufflepuff, my Mum was in there,' said Teddy.

'My mother says I'll probably be in Ravenclaw,' sighed Victoire. 'I suppose it isn't too bad, but I'd rather be with you two.'

'I could be in any house,' said Xen. 'Mother in Ravenclaw, Father in Hufflepuff, I act like a Gryffindor. Anything but Slytherin.'

'Yes, being in Slytherin would be awful. I'd leave!'

'Don't be mean,' Victoire scolded them.

'Sorry. Hey, I haven't told you about the dirt Flavoured Bean I ate!' They whiled away their time like this, chatting, telling jokes and stories, and when the Trolley Lady came, swapping food and Chocolate Frog Cards.

When they pulled into Hogsmede, it was pouring with rain and the windows of the train were rattling from the wind. They wrapped their cloaks tightly around themselves and held tight onto their luggage as they struggled through the crowds.

'Firs' years, over 'ere. Firs' years, t' me!' they turned and saw the gigantic form of Rubeus Hagrid, holding a lantern bigger than their heads and ushering first years over. They rushed up to him and he smiled down at them. 'Welcome ter Hogwarts. Come wi' me! Leave yer bags 'ere, they'll be taken up for yer.' The kids jogged to keep up with him as they were led out of the station and down a slippery track to a pebbled beach. A group of small rowboats, without oars, where tied to a dozen metal spikes in the ground.

'We have to cross the lake, in those!' cried one boy. 'Are you serious? We'll drown.' The lake did look choppy, and it was raining harder than ever. Hagrid frowned down at them.

'No one will drown wi' me. What's yer name, anyway?' he said gruffly.

'Derek Boyle,' Hagrid's lantern flashed in his face, and Teddy saw that Boyle was small and skinny, almost weedy, with greasy black hair and an upturned nose. He was flanked by two other boys – one tall and wiry, the other short and stocky. Both looked thuggish.

'Well, Boyle, I have me eye on yer. Alright, all of yer, get in the boats.' They scurried into the boats. When the last child had barely sat down, the boats set off across the lake. Victoire, Teddy and Xen were hunched up in their own boat, trying not to fall out as the waves rocked them back and forth. Suddenly they tipped until they were almost vertical; Teddy and Victoire grabbed the side of the boat to stop themselves falling out. Xen wasn't so lucky, his fingernails scrabbled to find a handhold as he slipped out. Teddy managed to grab a handful of his robes and clung on.

'Help me!' he cried to Victoire, who also grabbed Xen and together they hauled him back in.

'You three alrigh'?' yelled Hagrid. They gave him thumbs up, and turned back to Xen, who was sopping wet.

'Are you okay?' asked Victoire frantically. Xen nodded, his teeth chattering. Teddy pulled off his cloak and wrapped it around him.

Their attention changed as they rounded a corner and saw it for the first time.

Hogwarts. It was high up above them, a huge, majestic, castle, with its reaching towers and hundreds of twinkling lights. Bigger than anything they'd seen before, it rose above them, ancient and everlasting. Everyone in the boats was speechless as they neared the quayside.

They headed up a narrow track to the castle, where a pair of massive doors were open, revealing the marble Entrance Hall. Deputy Head Professor Neville Longbottom was waiting for them.

'Thank you, Hagrid,' he ushered them into a smaller chamber to the side. 'Now, you are all about to go into the Sorting Ceremony, where you will find out your houses. This is very important, as your house will be like your family for all your time in Hogwarts. Good work will get you points for your house, and bad behaviour will lose you points. I hope you all uphold your house's honour.' They were taken out and into the Great Hall.

Teddy's mouth dropped open. The Great Hall was huge, with four long tables filled with students, and with hundreds of lit candles hovering above them. The High Table was at the end, and in front of it, a worn, patched, extremely dirty hat sat on a stool. Professor Longbottom opened a scroll that unrolled so far it was trailing on the ground, and called out the first name:

'Abel, Georgina.' Teddy nervously watched as the names were called out one by one, and the group of first years slowly got smaller as kids were sorted into their house. Xen took a while to be sorted, but finally went to Gryffindor.

Suddenly it was Teddy's turn, he slowly walked up and sat down on the stool. Longbottom dropped the hat on his head, and it dropped past his eyes, so all he could see was black. He jumped as a small voice sounded in his ear.

'Mmm, yes, tricky. Good mind, clever, aptitude for trouble. Definitely not a Slytherin, no. Perhaps a Hufflepuff? No, no, that wouldn't do, nor would Ravenclaw. Then it'll be – GRYFFINDOR!' the last word he said to everyone, and the Gryffindor table cheered and clapped as the hat was removed from his head and he hurried to the Gryffindor table, trying to get out of sight. Xen moved up to make space for him, and he quickly sat down.

When it was Victoire's turn, they both crossed their fingers, but to their great disappointment she went to Ravenclaw.

'I have to admit,' said Xen as they climbed the stairs to their dormitory, led by Mary Jenkins and the other prefect, a guy who looked considerably more easy going than her. 'Ravenclaw does suit her.'

Teddy just nodded – he was too full and tired to speak. He was now regretting eating the amount he did at the feast, but he couldn't help it. It was all so delicious.

They were sharing a dorm with three other guys, who introduced themselves as David Harrison, Michael Turner and Terence Parton. David and Michael seemed to be normal guys, perfectly likeable. But Terence was a total geek, bringing about a billion books, all of which looked very boring. He started an argument with David because he accidently knocked over one of the many piles of dusty volumes that surrounded Terence's bed.

Teddy ignored them as he pulled his pyjamas out of his trunk and climbed into bed. A warm, happy feeling filled him as he lay back and closed his eyes. He was finally at the place he had wanted to go to for years: Hogwarts.

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