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First Date Disaster? Maybe Not

Part 1

Seto Kaiba leaned back in his chair with a sigh, shooting a glare once more at the box lying oh so innocently underneath his desk. A muffled curse managed to escape his lips as he pinched the bridge of his nose tightly, eyes squeezed shut. That stupid outfit….

Yes, lying in that box was something that only the gayest, most perverted of creators, aka Pegasus, could ever think to concoct. As Seto mentally ripped the monstrosity to shreds he couldn't help but remember how he had found out the fact that the bloody thing was fireproof. Apparently the giggling idiot had realized that people just might try to dispose of his 'creations' by that manner and had constructed them out of flameproof material. Needless to say, no one was happy at that little development.

Unconsciously Seto's lips quirked up at the corners as he recalled the face his little rival had made he'd stopped by to warn the tri-color haired teen that trying only ended up with the smell of smoke filling the place and the outfit still in one piece. It had only been compounded by the fact that Seto just so happened to have a camera on him at the time, and so the look was forever captured.

Leaning back in his chair Seto folded his hand together as he thought about his little one. So much had happened between them is so little time. And no, he wasn't just talking about the recent developments in their relationship as it took on a whole new dimension. No, Seto's busy mind kept tormenting him with memories of just how many times he'd came close to losing Yugi and that, through his own stubborn personality, he would never have known just what he'd have lost. Just imagining Yugi small body still, those wide, emotion-filled eyes dulled as that beautiful heart that had always been so open stopping forever, sent chills down his back.

Shaking his head to clear the horrifying image a grimace appeared briefly on the normally stoic CEO's face. Ever since the two of them had come to realize their feelings of mutual like the brunette's mind had enjoyed constantly reminding him of how many times he'd almost lost his beloved, showing him over and over again instances where the diminutive king had faced off against things that before now the CEO had refused to consider as real. What really hit him though, not that he'd ever admit to it, was how even before all that mess with Ancient Spirits and crazy, soul stealing people was the bullies. Seto felt his muscles clench as he recalled how many times the angel had come to class, his porcelain skin marred by unattractive bruises as his graceful movements were hindered by either sprained muscles of broken bones. It sickened him that people could do such things to one so innocent and pure. Even after all that he'd faced Yugi had not only remained the pure soul that he was, he'd grown from it, blossomed as everyone watched as he became more confident, more, dare he say it, commanding in his sense of presence. Yugi had truly become the King he was meant to be.

Leaning his head back against the high back of his chair Kaiba crossed one leg over the other as he contemplated just what tomorrow was. Tomorrow was not only the marking of a week of being together, but it was also going to be their first date. Sure, they'd met up a café occasionally to chat, eat, and flirt, maybe exchange a few, rather fierce, kisses, but never before had Seto actually took the time out of his schedule to take Yugi out somewhere. In the privacy of his own thoughts Kaiba couldn't help but grimace. He had no clue what a first date should be like, and with Yugi it was doubly hard. Seriously, where did you take another male whom you were in love with, who just so happened to be a game loving, world renowned, king on your first date together as a couple? Truthfully, Kaiba had been stumped for days before he'd decided to push aside his own misgivings and arrange something he was pretty sure the smaller would like. At least Yugi would be happy, Seto thought with a grimace as he returned his attention to the stacks of paperwork he needed to complete in order to attend tomorrows outing. The things he did for love….

~O~O~O~ Next Day ~O~O~O~

Yugi stood in front of his wardrobe, nibbling on his bottom lip as he tried to find something to wear. Seto had called him yesterday evening and asked him on (more like informed him of mixed with an order) their first date and to wear something easy to move in. A bright, blissful smile crossed Yugi's face as he thought about the tall CEO. Who would have thought that after all these years of being rivals not only did he finally convince the brunette to be his friend, but even more, his boyfriend! Sure, he knew that being with Kaiba would have quite a few ups and downs, but then again, wasn't that the point of being in love? Finding that special person who makes you happy? In all honesty Yugi didn't care if Seto was the King of England or the beggar on the street corner, all he cared about was the fact that, after so long, the CEO was his! Blushing at the possessive turn his thoughts had taken Yugi returned his attention to the task at hand, trying to find something for his first date with the man he loved.

Glancing down at the garment he'd just pulled out from his closet Yugi quickly threw it away from him in disgust. If he'd already reached that monstrosity, which he'd had shoved at the verrryyy back of his entire closet, it meant he'd already been through the entire thing. With a sigh he reached down once more and began gathering the clothes he'd thrown away in rejection. Guess he'd have to go through the entire thing again! He had a sneaking suspicion he knew where the search would, eventually, end, though he positively refused to go on their first date in the old school uniform, sentimental or not!

As Yugi was cleaning he reflected back on the tall CEO and his past interactions with him. Sure Seto had been quite a jerk for most of their acquaintance but even as Kaiba had insulted him Yugi had still wanted to make a friend out of the stubborn man. Seto had always intrigued him, what with his cunning intellect, his sharp tongue, and fierce loyalty to Mokie. Yet, even behind all of that Yugi had always sensed a loneliness in the man, one he couldn't help but want to cure, no matter how hard the other tried to push him away. To Yugi it had always seemed that Seto was scared to let others close and so tried to drive them away, even Mokuba at points.

Still, Yugi couldn't help but shiver as he remembered just how close he'd come to losing Seto at Duelist Kingdom. The old nightmares where he hadn't been able to reign in Yami in time had resurfaced, even more potent now than they were the weeks after the incident. Even worse was the fear that had he and Yami not eventually worked together they may still have lost Seto to Pegasus. Then there were the other countless times Seto had been taken from him, such as in the virtual world to the Big 5 or the time with Noa. What really scared him were thoughts of Dartz and the Oricalcus.

Wiping away the tears that had appeared at the memory of Seto being taken by the Seal (since now all of Yami's memories were his own) Yugi couldn't help but shiver. It had been so close… Thank Ra for the Knights. Being trapped in the Dominion of Souls with only Pegasus as company had been bad, but the horror he'd felt when first Joey and then Seto had joined him had been nauseating. Now that he thought about it Yugi was shocked to realize that even at the time he'd been terrified when Kaiba had joined them, even more than he was at Joey! Even then I must have cared for him deeply, but was too stubborn to notice, he thought as he shook his head, dispelling the depressing thoughts.

Suddenly Yugi caught sight of something peeking out from under the pile he was folding. Lifting up the other clothes and shoving them to one side Yugi couldn't suppress his excited giggle. This was perfect! Practically bouncing now he quickly scooped up the outfit and ran to the bathroom to get ready, mentally promising himself that he'd clean up once he got changed. After all, he'd have to so he could get to his accessories, let alone find them in all the mess.

Little did Yugi know how Kaiba was having the exact same problem he himself had just faced…


Glaring at his wardrobe from the middle of what looked like a tornado of clothes Seto couldn't help the involuntary growl that escaped him. For crying out loud, he was a multimillion-if not billion-aire! Surely he had something to wear that was appropriate for a first date! With a huff Seto crossed his arms in anger as his eyes narrowed even farther as they surveyed the mess around him. Of all the days not to be able to find something to wear it just had to be today, didn't it? He positively refused to meet Yugi for their first date in his trench coat; he did have more class than that after all!

A timid knock on his bedroom door had the tall CEO spinning around as he snarled, "WHAT!"

Looking as if they were about to faint two of his staff walked in, holding something in their arms. The first one, a tall, shapely blond cleared her throat lightly and managed to squeak out, "We've brought your suit from the dinner party up to be stored. It's been washed and freshly ironed…"

Abruptly Kaiba snatched the garments from the maids' arms, scaring the first into silence as he examined the clothes. A small smirk worked its way on his features as he practically purred, "Perfect, absolutely perfect." Turning around he stepped over the mounds of clothes and heading for the attached bathroom, only pausing to snap, "Clean this mess up!" And to a chorus of 'yes sirs' slammed the bathroom door shut behind him, leaving behind two terrified maids. Yes, all in a day's routine for one Seto Kaiba.


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