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First Date Disaster, Maybe Not

Part 5

Yugi felt his blood freeze in his veins as he looked into the glowing blue orbs of one enraged Seto Kaiba. If there was one thing that he had ever truly feared about the elder, it was his temper. Always so volatile Yugi had never known when the CEO might just lose it, but apparently something had set him off for the first time since Yugi had entered the relationship. A shiver made its way down the tri-colored king's back, before a sudden warm hand gently ran soothing circles. Looking up Yugi met the warm eyes of Valon and shot the other a small simile of thanks. However, apparently a certain blue-eyed CEO did not like to be ignored.

Sharp clicks heralded Seto's arrival before Yugi suddenly found himself being forcefully dragged up into the air before being roughly pushed behind the tall man, all before you could say 'Dragon.' Rubbing his sore arm and trying to ease the sting from the red markings that perfectly matched the elder's long fingers Yugi could only stare, eyes wide in shock, as Kaiba and Valon faced off with one another, looks of fury filling their expressions. This wasn't going to be pretty…

Such assumption was proven to be correct when Valon opened his big mouth and stated, "Well whaddaya know, the bastard himself showed up. Whatcha doin' here, got tired playing King o' tha World and decided to go fer a walk with us mere mortals?"

Teeth audibly clenching together Seto replied, voice as dry and frigid as ice, "I came here, Valon, in search of my boyfriend." Before Seto could add anything on Valon suddenly broke into harsh laughter and stated, "Oh right, your boyfriend. Last I checked 'e wasn't wearin a nametag and besides, it was my arms he was in, not yours."

A devilish light was glowing in Valon's blue eyes as two pairs of fierce blue orbs battled against one another, excluding all else as the two argued back and forth. Not even Yugi's calls to halt did any good as the two continued to sling insults at one another, each one getting more and more personal. Yugi would have left the two numb-skulls to it had it not been for the way Seto-no, Kaiba- had reacted to one of Valon's more pointed barbs. Kaiba had just made a comment about Valon's lack of family when the Aussie replied, "I might not have one now, but I sure am getting' one, and I can promise you now I'll do a better job at protecting mine then you are!"

Seto's eyes had narrowed to dangerous slips as he had hissed out, long fingers clenched tight in fists, "And just what is that supposed to mean."

Smirking Valon replied, "It means Rich Boy that with the number of times your little brother's been kidnapped, it's a wonder he's not dead yet. Heck, I've gotta wonder if yer not payin' people to take him so that you don't have to deal with yer obligations!"

Apparently the casual observance had hit harder than Valon thought when the smaller brunette suddenly found himself handing in the air by his shirt front, where he was now as the two continued to argue even with the Aussie's lack of air.

A sigh escaped Yugi as he tried to think of some way to get their attention. Checking his pockets and coming up with only his wallet, he was just about top do a Mulan impression and throw a shoe at them when one of his Grandpa's old saying's popped in mind. 'While some people settle arguments with fists and anger, it is those of civility that settle disputes with the clever playing of a card game.'

Mentally thanking his Grampa Yugi reached into his deck holster and pulled out two random cards. It might not have been exactly what his grandfather had meant, but there were times when you just had to improvise.

With the air of long practice Yugi lifted his hand and, in one swift motion after another, the two cards were sent cutting through the air. Both of the blue-eyed males instinctively reached up upon hearing the familiar sound of a card rushing through the air; Seto accidently releasing Valon upon doing so. The cards were successfully caught, mere inches from the pair's throats. Eyebrows raised in synchrony as they caught a glance of the card in their hands before instinctively turning to Yugi in confusion. After all, who else would throw Dark Magician (at Seto) or Feral Imp (at Valon)?

To the two's surprise a glare was fixed on the Little One's face, amethyst orbs boring into the pair. It looks like the normally gentle Yugi had finally reached his limit. And reach it, he had.

Yugi, for one, had no clue which of the two he was more pissed at. Seto, for being an ass, or Valon for provoking his-no- Kaiba. He knew that dealing with the two of them would be a mess. With that though in mind Yugi pulled out his phone and quickly hit the speed dial. With a disastrous smirk Yugi put the phone to his ear and, deliberately loud enough for the pair to hear clearly, stated, "Hey, Joey, mind coming to Kaibaland real quick? You need to come pick up your naughty kitten. He went and picked a fight with a Dragon, and brought Mokie into the argument."

With that done Yugi shut up, taking in the way Valon had paled under his tan, knowing that he was dead meat. It was then, with the ease of a long friendship, Yugi held the phone out, and just in time.

"HE DID WHAT!" The familiar Brooklyn accent yelled from the phone. Anyone in the vicinity automatically flinched at the tone, images of torture and pain filling their minds at the deadly promise in the voice. No one's reaction, however, matched that of Valon's.

Said male instantly paled as violent shivers raced down his back. Panic was written clear as day on Valon's face, even as he took a cautious step towards the phone, intent on telling his side. Foolish an idea as it was.


Joey's rant continued on, filled with deathly promised for a terrified Valon. It took several long minutes for the blonde to even pause for breath, at which point Yusei easily slid in. "So I assume you'll come get him?" Yugi questioned softly, his gentle voice a soothing balm to nearly-busted ears.

"You bet I will!" Joey's voice could still be heard, even without him yelling. Next thing anyone knew a dial tone was ringing through the air, signaling that the other was staying true to his word.

With a resounding snap Yugi closed his phone, one eyebrow raised as he looked at Valon. Said male was currently on hands and knees, muttering about imminent death and banging his head on the ground. Voice dry Yugi told him, "You know, I doubt giving yourself brain damage will help much. Oh, and you might want to be waiting for Joey at the entrance. He'd really kill you if he had to come find you."

"Like he won't already. You just had to say I brought Mokuba into it, didn't you?" Valon whined, merely receiving a snort in reply.

Standing up Valon lightly brushed off his knees before walking over to Yugi and, resting a hand on the smaller's shoulder (and ignoring the growl from behind) asked softly, "Are you sure? I'd deal with me Feisty One's temper if ya need me to stay 'nd help ya with 'im." Valon nodded jerkily at the snarling Kaiba behind him, eyes narrowing of their own accord.

Shaking his head Yugi attempted a half smile before replying, "No, you go on. I can deal with Se- Kaiba on my own. I'm not some glass doll."

"Don't I know that!" Valon laughed. Pressing a kiss on the smaller's temple he turned, shot one last glare at the baka in white, and left; leaving the two alone.

Yugi and Seto stood facing one another defiantly, neither willing to cave to the other. It was, naturally, Yugi who gave in first. Small fists clenched at his sides Yugi looked up at the other and asked, "What is it you want?" He didn't dare try to say the other's name, knowing that if he did then he might break out in tears once more.

However, Yugi had a feeling he'd end up crying before the conversation was over, given by the angry glower on his love's face.

"What I want, Mouto, is answers!"

Yep, tears were oncoming, if Seto was calling him Mouto, that which he'd actually never done before. Damn, he was doomed.


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