Chapter One

As if keeping an eye on Sam and Dean wasn't difficult, Castiel had one more person on his mind almost at all times. The person that literally kept him bound to the earth that he had to keep checking up on. That person was Harry Potter. The boy wasn't a charge, he was his son through an agreement he made with one of his vessels whose name was James Potter. James and Lily would have made great parents, and he trusted them to raise his child, but shortly after the child's first birthday tragedy had struck and the child had been left orphaned. If he could have gotten there in time he would have taken Harry with him, but he got there too late and he wasn't able to find his son. Soon finding out that his son had been taken to Lily's sister and brother-in-law, who he knew would hate the child but because of wards he couldn't help him.

His son could have grown to be such a great person if he was raised by James and Lily. Those two were so full of love for him, but Lily had loved Harry so much that she gave her life for his, giving her a one way ticket to heaven. James had died in attempt to stop that monster from killing Lily and Harry, and he was in heaven with Lily. Harry unfortunately wasn't so lucky. From what he got Harry's angel powers had surfaced somewhat early and had vaporized Voldemort, crowning him as the-boy-who-lived. Unlike his parents, Harry was sent straight to the hell of living with his aunt and uncle. Castiel hated it because these two people abused his child and he couldn't do anything about it until the boy asked. Harry had turned bitter from the years of abuse, had been sorted into Slitherin when he went to Hogwarts and boy did he have one hell of a temper.

His mind always seemed to wander to Harry when Sam and Dean went at each other's necks. He couldn't help but have a headache with this type of thing. Weather it was drinking demon blood or raising from hell, the two boys couldn't seem to agree on specific things. He had cleared up that he had pulled Dean out of Hell, but Sam didn't seem to want to buy it. Sam had claimed Ruby had seduced him to drink Demon blood, but Castiel knew as well as Dean that Sam had given into the temptation. Little did he know, that Sam would have never done that if Dean wouldn't have gone to hell. Dean and his stupid sacrificing ass, as soon as he thought of Dean's soul sacrifice for Sam he thought of James and Lily's sacrifice for Harry, his mind wandered off to his son again, wishing he could be watching Harry instead of listening to the two boys bicker.

"Right Cas?" Dean suddenly said pulling him out of his thoughts.

"I find it very stupid that you two need an angel here to play mediator" Castiel told him in a very serious tone. He suddenly got a bad feeling and automatically knew what it meant. He looked at the brothers and said, "I am needed somewhere else, can you please sort this out before I return?" With that he vanished to Little Whinging, Surrey.


To say Harry Potter was in a shitty mood would have been an understatement. He should have known the second that he found out that Marge was coming over that it wouldn't have ended well. Of course his uncle being such an ass had refused to sign his permission slip to visit hogsmade until after she left. Of course that morning had started as badly as humanly possible. His uncle had stormed into his room and gave him a long beating, promising an even worse one if any of his freakiness showed up during Marge's visit. Harry had refused to shed a tear over something like that, because that was just what his uncle wanted, and anything his uncle wanted Harry made sure that the bastard had a hard time getting.

After Marge showed up, she started to go on and on about how much of a burden Harry was for her hard working brother. She had actually gotten enjoyment out of helping Vernon create a list of chores for Harry to do and she sat on her fat ass all day long watching him do them. Harry had gotten a lot of sun to say the very least, and by the end of the week, there wasn't much of his skin that wasn't covered in sunburn or welts from where the belt had broke his skin. He didn't care anymore, he refused to let them win, and that attitude was what made Marge and Vernon all the worse.

On the last day there it had just gone from bad to worse. He had been awoken by Marge who made him bend over a table and she caned him as hard as she could before she sent him outside to do chores. Then Dudley had come outside and started insulting him in his usual way, and this time Harry didn't take it, Harry stood up and socked Dudley a good one right across the jaw. This resulted in him and Dudley having a wrestling match across the back yard until Vernon came back and broke it up. He had cut a switch from a tree and hit harry with it behind the shed where none of the neighbors could see before he told him to get cleaned up and make dinner.

He had served the family and that was when Marge went on complaining about him. The delinquent that the Dursley's took in out of the goodness of their heart because his drunken parents had gotten themselves killed in a car accident. That was the last straw, he didn't care if she talked crap about him but about his parents, who had sacrificed themselves for him, he was not about to let her get away from it unpunished. He did warn her but that just seemed to add onto it, and next thing she knew she was filling up with air and floating around the kitchen before she floated out the back door and into the night sky.

Harry ran up to his room and rushed around grabbing all of his belongings and throwing them into his trunk. He got to his photo album and threw it in the trunk and almost didn't notice an envelope that fell out of it. Once he had everything in he slammed the trunk shut and was about to storm out when he spotted the envelope and picked it up. He sat down on his trunk winching around the pain that put him in due to the nonstop beatings that day. He hadn't seen the scrawl before but for some reason it looked familiar, he slowly opened the envelope and took out the parchment inside. He unfolded it and his eyes widened when he saw the names on the bottom, Lily and James Potter. He scanned back up the page and decided to start at the beginning.

To our dear son Harry,

If you're reading this that means that we aren't there with you anymore and it breaks our heart writing this knowing that if you're reading this then you grew up without us. Just know son, there are some things that are better off unsaid and this is one of those on the need to know basis. We have told very few people about this, the first one being the headmaster at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, and the second one being the man we chose as your Godfather, Sirius Black. Now it is your turn to find out the truth about your identity.

Harry one thing you need to know is that even though we are magical we are very religious. Then to add to that we found out shortly after we got married that your father, well James Potter, was sterile, so we couldn't have children of our own no matter what potions or spells we tried. Therefore your father prayed, he would give anything if only we could have a child. Fortunately for us somebody was listening, an angel by the name of Castiel appeared to your father and asked to use him as a vessel for two months for a mission that he wouldn't disclose and as a repayment for it, he would get your mother pregnant. He was good for his word and right after he finished his mission he slept with your mother and left your father, then nine months later we had a beautiful baby boy.

So what we are trying to tell you is that even though we love you more than anything, James isn't your real father, but Castiel is. We have no doubt that Castiel is still out there somewhere and we know that he has very likely been watching over you. The issue is that he can't come into your life unless he is invited. Therefore if you want to meet him you have to know about him, and you have to pray for his help.

We hope that you are still as sweet as you were as a baby, but either way know that we are very proud of you and we have no doubt that Castiel is as well.

We Love You Harry

Lily and James Potter

Harry looked at the letter in complete confusion, he wasn't James Potter's son but was in fact the child of an angel. If he was the child of an angel why hadn't this Castiel showed up and saved him from his relatives when he was young and begged for family to come and get him. That was why he had turned out as bad as he was, because he found out that nobody was coming, that he had to fend for himself. He was pulled out of his thoughts by stomping coming up the stairs. He quickly shoved the letter in his pocket and grabbed his trunks. He went out the door and was facing Vernon, but he quickly pointed his wand in the fat man's face and the man backed off.

He ran down the stairs and out the front door. As he made his way down the street everything seemed to be hitting him at once. He had a father, who was still alive, but the guy was an angel, and he had allowed the Dursley's to beat him. He couldn't believe that he actually wanted to throw a punch at an angel. He finally made it to a park at the end of the street and set his trunk down, sitting on it again, not even noticing the pain this time. He looked up and saw Marge floating through the sky and shook his head, for that being an accident, that was pretty good. The issue was soon he was looking right at the sky, thinking about what was up there and then remembering what the letter said; he had to pray if he wanted his help.

Harry awkwardly bowed his head and said, "Hey God". Why did his parents have to be so religious? Why did they have to be so desperate for a child that they agreed to let an angel impregnate his mother? "I know I don't pray too much, I'm sorry to say I'm not nearly as religious as my parents" he paused. "Well my mom and James" he corrected himself. "I found a letter today, and it turns out my father wasn't James Potter, but one of your angels, his name is Castiel. I'm probably about to get expelled from school for blowing up my aunt, so maybe now is as good of a time as ever to meet the guy".


Castiel appeared on Private Drive and immediately saw an oversized woman floating through the air. He couldn't help but smile at that, it was Marge Dursley, and there wasn't a single doubt in his being that Harry was responsible for turning her into a balloon. He knew the Aurors would be there shortly to reverse what Harry did, but at the time being his focused turned to somebody he saw sitting on a trunk at the end of the road with his head down. He slowly made his way toward the kid but paused when he saw a dog coming out of the bushes. It didn't take long for him to realize this dog was the Anamagus form of Sirius Black.

He noticed Harry noticed the dog too, because in no time at all the thirteen year old was standing up, and looking directly at the dog. Castiel had to think for a minute on how Harry couldn't recognize Padfoot, which was when he remembered, Padfoot was supposed to raise Harry but Dumbledore got in the way and Sirius ended up in prison. The dog looked like it was about to start barking at Harry but all of a sudden it looked directly at Castiel. The angel could see the confusion in the dog's eyes. All of a sudden it bowed it's head and turned from the dog into it's human form of Sirius Black. Still glaring directly at the angel with anger in his eyes, Castiel wasn't sure what he should say but he could feel what Sirius was feeling. Sirius had loved Harry as a baby, and that was why James and Lily had made him the child's godfather. He had expected Castiel to take Harry if he couldn't without a doubt and from the look in his eyes, he looked like the madman that he had looked like the night James and Lily Potter died and he'd gotten thrown in prison.


Harry looked in shock at the man who had been a dog not even fifteen minutes before. He knew who it was, he had seen the papers, and the man had escaped prison. The issue was the letter his parents had written to him, somebody with the same name also knew about who his real father was. The man was giving a murderous glare, and for a minute Harry's heart stopped before he realized that Sirius Black was not glaring at him, but at something behind him. Not wanting to turn around and find out what was there, Harry decided to try a peace offering. He took his wand out of his pocket and put it down on top of his trunk.

All of a sudden Black looked at him and the murderous glare left his face, and a very calm one came to it. He slowly walked toward Harry and carefully picked up the wand off his trunk. "You might want to hold onto this" he told the teenager. When the boy took the wand Sirius gave him a small smile and said, "You grew up, you're shorter than I expected you to be but I'm pretty sure the smell of blood I got in my dog form had something to do with that".

Harry's eyes widened in shock, the papers said this guy was highly dangerous, but there the guy was actually concerned about him. He knew that there had to be something wrong. "You're the same Sirius Black that my parents told my secret to" Harry finally said, "Right?"

Sirius nodded and said, "yes, I am you're uncle Padfoot. Well not you're real uncle; my exact position in your life is your godfather". He seemed to look at something behind Harry again and said, "I got locked up for a crime I didn't commit, and you were supposed to be guarded by your real father. How do you expect an infant to know how to pray Castiel?"

Harry was considering that Sirius was definitely going mad. He didn't blame him; he would be going mad too if he was in prison for twelve years for a crime he didn't commit. Maybe that was what was wrong with him, he had been living in the prison of the Dursley's house for so long that he finally broke and became what everybody thought he was. The issue was he was pretty sure the guy was hallucinating because he seemed to have his eyes locked on whatever he saw.

"You know how the lord's rules go Sirius" said a calm voice that was behind him. He saw the anger burn in Sirius' eyes as they continued, "I know it was the wrong thing to leave him there, but he had to come across it on his own. He had to know that I was his father, and he had to understand that he had to ask the lord for me by name. I've been watching him and he could have it a lot worse".

"You think he could have it worse?" Sirius asked, his voice dripping in sarcasm. "I've been keeping an eye on him just today and I don't know how it could be a lot worse. I mean that woman floating around up there woke him up with a caning. Then he got in a fight with his cousin and his uncle used a switch on him. For real if he wouldn't have blown her up I would of, how could it have gotten any worse?" He looked over at Harry and said, "He could have died but I think he would have seen that as a blessing".

Harry couldn't believe a dog had been watching him all day long. It was embarrassing to know that his godfather had seen him in situations such as this. Then he realized the caning was inside, how could a dog see through walls? He sat down on his trunk, winching as he did so and finally said, "You put the letter in the photo album".

Sirius looked shocked for a minute but he finally nodded and said, "Your parents wanted you to know, they asked me to hold onto it since I was supposed to raise you. It was in my pocket when I got arrested, and I held onto it the entire time that I was in prison. I'm sorry that I didn't get out sooner pup, but I had to make sure you got it before I went after what I escaped for". Sirius paused for a minute before looking up at the sky and saying, "The Aurors are here, I have to go, and Castiel get him out of here".

Before Harry could say anything Sirius turned back into a dog. He watched as the dog ran back into the bushes. He didn't even turn around when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder and his surroundings disappeared. Before he knew it he was still sitting on his trunk only now he wasn't on the side of a street but in a bedroom. He looked down at his shoes, he didn't feel like seeing the person behind him who he was sure was his new found father.


Castiel looked at Harry when they reappeared in his safe house and found that the boy was oddly fascinated with his shoes all of a sudden. He was highly confused, the kid had prayed for him to show up, but now he looked like he was regretting that decision. One thing he knew for sure was that now that Harry had finally asked for him, there was no way he was going back to the Dursley's. He could tell the boy was in pain, he put a hand on Harry's back to heal any wounds but Harry had managed to put a shield up around himself so his powers wouldn't work on him. Castiel tried to get Harry to look up but the boy wouldn't budge. At last he said, "Stop being stubborn, I'm trying to heal you".

"I know what you're trying to do" Harry told him in a voice no louder than a whisper. "I don't want you to help me". Harry kept his eyes on his shoes and said in the same tone, "I don't need you to help me".

Castiel finally took a step back and attempted to get Harry to look up but failed. He at last said, "You're in a safe house, it guard against anything evil. What you're in now is your room".

"I'm not staying here" Harry growled. He kept his attention on his feet and said, "You can't make me".

"You want to make a bet on that" Castiel told him. All of a sudden he heard Sam and Dean calling for him and said, "can you two have worse timing?" He looked over at Harry and said, "Stay here, I'll be back".

"Not going to happen" he heard Harry say right before he disappeared from the safe house.

Castiel appeared in the motel room that Sam and Dean were in and said, "For your sake this better be important, I was just trying to calm down a ticking time bomb".

Sam and Dean looked at him shocked before Dean finally said, "Actually, we think we might have a way to stop Lilith from breaking anymore seals. Why don't we just kill her?"

Castiel wanted to smack Dean with every fiber in his being because of how stupid it was. Did the numb skull not realize that Lilith was the only seal that seemed to matter? Of course he didn't, because he wasn't allowed to tell him that if she died it wouldn't stop Lucifer. "How do you expect to kill her?" he finally asked. He looked over at Sam and said, "You expect to use your abilities. Remember Dean, I did warn you".

Dean noticed that Castiel seemed more uptight that usual and looked over at Sam to discover that his little brother noticed it too. "Who put a stick up your ass?" he finally asked.

"The stick up my ass is not one you have to worry about" Castiel told him in complete seriousness. "I'm actually more worried about the one in a teenager's hand". He looked at the brothers and saw the confused expression on their faces, and was relieved they didn't put two and two together very well.

Sam was about to say something when there was suddenly smashing from outside the door, all of a sudden the door banged open. Castiel couldn't believe how big of idiots the boys were for not salting the doors. What looked like an army of demons came into the room, Castiel quickly grabbed each of the boy's shoulders and disappeared from the room and reappeared at the safe house in Harry's room. He looked over and saw Harry with his wand pointing at the door. He knew this wasn't going to end well.

"Confringo" Harry yelled.

Knowing the spell Harry just shot at the door, Castiel pushed Sam and Dean out of the way when it backfired and caught the energy in the palm of his hand before cancelling it. The door to Harry's room wasn't effected by magic, he made it like that, and he knew Harry was trying to get out, and by the looks of it the boy wasn't about to give up.

"Expulso" Harry yelled at the door, but it backfired again. He ducked out of the way and yelled, "Diffindo". Harry at last put his wand away and walked over and started kicking the door and yelling, "Let me out of here!"

Dean looked over at the kid and knew immediately that the kid was a witch. He grabbed his gun and slowly stood up. Before Castiel could do anything to stop him Harry suddenly turned around and yelled, "Expelliarmus". He caught the gun in one hand, still holding the wand in the other one and yelled, "Locomotor Mortus". Dean suddenly found his legs stuck together and he fell to the ground. He pointed his wand over at Sam and said, "You next?"

Sam shook his head and showed Harry his hands. He walked over to Dean who was cussing and asked, "What did you do to him?"

"I just locked his legs" Harry told him. "If he promises not to try and shoot me again I'll do the counter curse. Do we have a deal?" He looked at Dean who nodded in agreement and waved his wand. Deans legs unlocked and he said, "I'm not one of your witches hunter, I'm not about to let you kill me".

"Alright" Dean finally said. He looked around and realized that they were probably in a safe house and knew that Cas had to have a reason for bringing the kid here. He at last looked over at the angel who was looking at Harry with a very disappointed look on his face, he then looked over at Harry who seemed occupied with his shoes again. "Alright, what is going on here?" he finally asked.

Castiel glared at Harry, he couldn't help it. The boy was throwing a temper tantrum and that wasn't a good sign. He walked over to Harry who didn't even move as he approached. He carefully took the gun, feeling as that could do more damage, Harry released the weapon but didn't look up. At last he looked over at the Winchester brothers and said, "His name is Harry Potter, he's my son".

"Whoa!" Dean suddenly shouted. "How does an angel end up with a son?"