Chapter Thirteen

Of all days for Sam and Dean to get caught up with a trickster it just had to be this one. Castiel had promised Harry that he would be to see him off to school and the next thing that he knew Sam and Dean had managed to get themselves pulled into a trickster's reality and now he had to get them out. The thing that he didn't realize would happen was the fact that the trickster would show up and send him away. Yes, he was pretty sure that the Harry was going to kill him for this.

All Castiel could think about as he tried to get through the universe that the trickster had created to make his life more difficult was that if he wasn't there to see his son off to school that he would shoot the stupid thing into another universe. That was when it struck him, how on earth could a trickster keep him trapped in here? That was exactly when he got his answer, it wasn't a trickster at all, and in order to find out what it really was he would have to get close enough to it before it zapped him into oblivion once again.

He continued moving, there was no way that he was going to slow down. All of a sudden something jumped out in front of him and he stopped for a minute before he realized that this was probably some trick that was put there to simply slow him down. He tried fighting away the creatures, but the powers that he had didn't work there and the creatures managed to get the best of him. They tied him up and when he yelled at them to release him but they covered his mouth to make sure that nobody would be able to hear him.

As they continued all he could think about was that Harry was going to kill him for this. He had promised to give Castiel a chance and part of that chance was allowing him to see him off when he went back to school. All of a sudden his powers came in at full throttle and sent the things that were holding him down flying. He looked around before he finally managed to teleport out of this universe and into the one that Sam and Dean were in. They were in some sort of sitcom which made his suspicions much truer than they were before.

With how long Sam and Dean had been in this state, a real trickster would have killed them by now. Sam and Dean looked like they were shocked to see him. He knew that he must have looked like he just went a few rounds with whatever but quite frankly the trickster wouldn't allow him to heal his vessel in this universe. Dean was the first one to speak with what Castiel saw as the stupidest question anybody would be able to ask, "You okay?"

Trust Dean to ask the stupidest questions at the worst of times, but Castiel knew that he had to warn them. He told them that he managed to get out, but not for long. Once he got their attention, he told them, "Something's not right, this thing is much more powerful than it should be". Before he could get much else out he found himself slammed up against the wall and a man walked in, Castiel could feel his eyes widen as soon as he saw his brother and was about to say something but suddenly he had a strip of duct tape covering his mouth.

What the hell was Gabriel doing pretending to be a trickster? Gabriel looked over at him and gave an evil grin as he said, "Hi Castiel". He waved his hand and Castiel felt himself being slung into another one of the scenarios. He was going to kill Gabriel once he got the chance. All of a sudden Gabriel appeared in this scenario with a smug look on his face. "Would you look at that little brother?" Gabriel said, "Falling yet your still helping those two idiots". He snapped his fingers and the duct tape over Castiel's mouth vanished.

"Why are you doing this?" Castiel asked him.

"They're the vessels" Gabriel told him, "This is to get them to say yes".

"They won't" Castiel assured him. "If this is to get them to say yes then why are you putting me into scenarios?"

"This is my form of revenge little brother" Gabriel told him.

Castiel looked at Gabriel in disbelief was the guy serious. Revenge meant that Gabriel was jealous of something that he had. Gabriel was an all powerful archangel who had ran away from heaven but he didn't fall like many other angels would have. Castiel was falling and was nowhere near as powerful as Gabriel when he wasn't, so why would this angel want revenge on him.

Gabriel seemed to be following Castiel's thoughts and finally he said, "I'll say this, you had no right to do what you did. Mine was supposed to be the last one".

Castiel gave him a curious look and said, "I don't know what you're talking about".

"Of course you don't" Gabriel told him, "God made a deal with me, he promised that he would take the fall for the creation so none of you would know that it was me". He saw Castiel's expression didn't change and finally he snapped and asked, "What gives you the right to have a child Cas? God told me that what happened all those years ago created the word that angels were no longer allowed to have children with humans".

"That law didn't apply to witches apparently" Castiel told him. "What does it matter to you anyway, you never had one".

"That's what I mean" Gabriel snapped at him. "God never told any of you because he wanted to see how you would react to something like him having a child with a human. Since Michael was dictating and Lucifer was locked up, he decided that I was the one that he could trust to hold it a secret".

"Hold what a secret?" Castiel asked.

"God wasn't Jesus' father" Gabriel finally snapped at him. "He asked me to impregnate Mary and told all the others that the child was his, and even had humans believing them. My son was wonderful, a great man, the only Nephilim so far that had been able to do something so wonderful. Then what happens? Something spikes in those people's heads and they ended up killing him. I hardly survived it, you know better than anybody how dangerous it is for a angel to lose their human child. God saw what I went through and he told me that angels would never be allowed to have children with humans again. I ran away, he didn't try to stop me and he didn't try to take away my angel abilities, he just let me go. Imagine how shocked I was to listen into the conversation between angels and hearing that you have a child after that rule was created, and what's the loophole that you got through, she was a witch".

"Why does this matter so much to you?" asked Castiel. "Are you angry that I have a child?"

Gabriel finally shook his head and stepped back, he suddenly looked relaxed before he said, "No, I just wanted to give you a warning. Your son does have a role in the final battle".

That was the last thing Castiel expected to hear. "What do you mean?" he finally asked, "The other's are saying he doesn't".

"You're his father and I believe that you have the right to know" Gabriel told him. Castiel nodded for him to continue and Gabriel said, "Prophecy states that during the apocalypse is the second coming of Christ. From what I just told you, that means a Nephilim would walk the earth again and would be vowed as a savior. The wizarding world sees your son as that already. If this prevails, your son will have quite a part in the apocalypse and I think you should be ready for it".

Castiel didn't know how to respond to that. He had promised himself that he wasn't going to let Harry get involved in this war and if he did it would be over his dead body. He was going to make sure Harry stayed far away from where the battle was taking place. He could see it in Gabriel's eyes, that the archangel didn't want Harry to meet the same fate as Gabriel's son did.


Harry was standing in the leaky cauldron; he kept on looking down at the watch. It was now half past nine; Castiel had promised he would be there by now. He started walking back and forth in a nervous fashion, Castiel had pretty much begged him for a second chance and he had agreed to let Castiel see him off at the train station, but Castiel wasn't there yet and now he was aggravated that he even allowed the idea of trusting Castiel come into his head.

Sirius came into the area that Harry was in and could see the look of aggravation on Harry's face, but that wasn't all he saw, his godson looked like he was betrayed. He at last walked over and stopped Harry's pacing. He put a hand on each of the boy's shoulders and calmly said, "He gave me his word that he would be here pup, just remember, your train doesn't leave until eleven, he still has an hour and a half to get here".

"If you can trust Castiel for anything, it's that he's always on time, he was supposed be here fifteen minutes ago Sirius" Harry told him before he stepped out of his godfather's reach. "If anything he keeps his appointments, the only reason that he wouldn't be here is if something drastic happened. What if he lost his ability to teleport Sirius? What if he won't be able to make it?"

Harry went into the dining area where all of his friends were sitting. They knew that he was waiting for Castiel and were actually concerned that the angel wasn't there yet. Harry had finally decided to come clean to them after Castiel had left to go and help Sam and Dean again and they understood why he didn't want to tell them in the first place. They had seen how he had been for the last few days, they had actually gotten him somewhat excited that he was going to have a parent to drop him off and see the train, but now they could see that Harry seemed depressed and they wanted to try and hear him up.

"I'm sure he'll be here Harry" Hermione consoled him. "He's probably just running a bit late. My parents lose track of time a lot, you have nothing to worry about, I'm sure he'll be here in time".

"He better be" Ron told her, "My parents are coming here to go with us so they can see Harry's so called father. They've always known that you were a great kid with a wonderful heart, but as soon as they heard that your father was an angel they had to see it for themselves".

"I'd hate to be him if he doesn't show up" Neville told them. "Even Gran wants to see him. She's always trying to make me go to church and Harry's dad seems to be her way of proving to me that God exists. If he doesn't show up then Gran will most likely find him and drag him here by his toes.

Harry understood that, it wasn't everyday that somebody got to see and angel but if Castiel didn't show up then he was going to be disliked by quite a few people who were looking forward to meeting him.

Time continued going by and soon enough it was ten and Sirius came in saying that they had to get to king cross station so they could try and beat the crowd. Harry looked at his watch one more time before he finally nodded in agreement. He grabbed his trunk and Hedwig's cage and all of them gathered around a portkey that Sirius had made to take them to platform 9 ¾ as soon as he grabbed he started spinning and soon he landed heavily on the train station platform. He would have rather used the extra twenty minute car ride than have that, hell he should have teleported there instead but with Aurors at the station he didn't want to risk them thinking he was using underaged magic.


Castiel had to admit it that humans were a lot smarter than he originally gave them credit for. Sam and Dean had managed to give the Trickster a taste of his own medicine by trapping him and therefore forcing Gabriel to turn off the scenarios. Once they were back in the warehouse Gabriel looked at them as if he was expecting them to release him, Sam and Dean started arguing about if they should or not and Gabriel looked over at his younger brother.

Castiel couldn't help but be angry with Gabriel, he wanted his son to have a normal life, and all of a sudden Gabriel thinks that Sam and Dean should just become vessels therefore causing Harry to take his place in the war. He looked at his brother and finally shook his head as he followed the Winchesters outside. Before they left Dean stopped and pulled a switch turning on the sprinklers. They were finally outside when Castiel looked around, he had no idea what time it was and the other angels weren't talking to him at the time being.

He teleported as fast as he could the leaky cauldron and looked around for Harry just to find the innkeeper named Tom. Tom recognized him from before and said, "They already left for the train station, apparently Sirius has a staff meeting and it was his job to get them there".

Castiel teleported as fast as he could to the platform and looked at the clock, he still had five minutes to find Harry before the train was supposed to be leaving. He made his way through the crowd but parents kept on getting in the way and he was pretty sure that he wouldn't be able to find his son. Apparently fate had different plans because the person he was staring at was one of Harry's friends, Draco Malfoy.


Harry couldn't believe that he had let himself believe that somebody that he met a month and a half before actually cared about him. The train was leaving in four minutes and Castiel wasn't there yet. He was sitting in the doorway of the compartment they were going to sit in waiting for his friends to say goodbye to their parents and preparing to stand up and climb into the compartment himself. He stood up and Hermione put a hand on his shoulder and they turned to get on the train.

"Harry" he suddenly heard Draco's voice shout and he looked around to see where it was coming from. He saw people scurrying out of the way and then heard Draco shout, "Don't get on the train yet, I found him".

Draco suddenly came into view pulling along a very frustrated looking Castiel. Harry knew that if Draco's father was there he would most likely flip out because of what Draco just did because it didn't go along with pureblood customs to act like a childish muggle. He walked over to them and said, "You're lucky you just saw your parents off Draco".

"I know" Draco told him. "You seemed down about the fact that he wasn't here and I wanted you to be able to see him before you left". Draco walked around Harry and climbed into the compartment.

Harry looked over at Castiel and could see that the man wasn't there late on purpose because he looked like he had just run about four marathons to get there when he did. Harry gave him a curious look and walked so they were in hearing distance from each other and said, "I didn't expect you to show up late".

"I'm sorry" Castiel told him, "I got myself held up in my older brother's version of a practical joke. Do you mind if we have a quick word". Harry nodded and walked so he was away from a crowd of people and gave Castiel a curious look. "I want you to be careful at school this year" Castiel finally told him.

"I've told you before that trouble finds me" Harry reminded him. "It's not like I can help it when something happens".

"That's not what I'm talking about" Castiel told him. "There's something that my brother told me and because you told me I have to be honest with you the last time that we spoke, I think I should tell you what it is".

"Alright" said Harry. "What brother is this?"

"Gabriel" Castiel answered.

"You found Gabriel?" asked Harry in shock. The other angels had spoken about the missing archangel and had no idea that Castiel had come across him.

"Yes" Castiel told him quietly. He looked around to make sure that no one was listening and said, "I need you to make sure that none of the other angels find out what I'm going to tell you". Harry nodded in agreement and Castiel said, "I know that the other angels have been filling you in on other things that you'll need to know so I'm not going to bore you with that. I trust that they've already told you all about the apocalypse?" He looked at Harry who nodded for him to continue, "I thought that you wouldn't have a role in it but Gabriel has told me otherwise, once Michael and Lucifer find out they will try to hunt you down".

Harry still hadn't told Castiel that he had already spoken to Lucifer and the angel had promised that he wouldn't try to pull Harry onto his side, but he guessed that had nothing to do with this. "Why would they want to hunt me down?" he finally asked.

"Gabriel told me that the last Nephilim before you was his child" Castiel told him knowing that they were running low on time. "This Nephilim is known as Christ, in other words the son of god, but as it turned out he wasn't, he was the son of an angel". Harry nodded for him to continue and Castiel finally said, "One of the signs of the Apocalypse is the second coming of Christ. Gabriel said that doesn't mean the same person, it means the child of an angel that hasn't gone dark, and he told me that it's you".

Harry couldn't hide the shock of that. His eyes widened and he looked at Castiel for a minute before he finally shook his head and said, "You've got to be kidding me. I can handle being the son of an angel, but how am I supposed to handle being the second coming of Christ?"

"I'll tell you how you're going to handle it" Castiel quickly told him. "When the battle starts you are going to stay as far away from it as possible".

"You don't have to tell me twice" Harry told him, "I don't need to be in the middle of another war".

Castiel finally nodded and said, "Good, because I'm not planning on letting you be in the middle of another one. I might be falling right now, but I am not dead yet. If you took your place in that war you would likely die and that would kill me. Very few things can kill and angel and that's one of them".

Harry nodded in understanding before he looked over at the clock, two more minutes. Castiel must have noticed as well because he walked with Harry back over to the open compartment door. Harry finally looked back at him and said, "They won't try to come after me at Hogwarts will they?"

"The only two other beings that know about this are God and Gabriel" Castiel told him, "I doubt that either of them want to put you in danger. You have my guarantee that I won't tell anybody".

Harry finally nodded and looked over to see Mr. and Mrs. Weasley walking over as well as Mrs. Longbottem and he knew the reason. He looked at Castiel who was looking in the direction and said, "All of my friends told their parents that I have an angel as a father, and now they're dying to meet you".

As if on Cue the three walked over and Harry turned Castiel so he was facing them. Mr. Weasley was the first one to speak. "It's great to meet you Mr. Castiel" he said offering Castiel a hand to shake.

Castiel finally shook the man's hand and Harry could see that Castiel was reading Mr. Weasley's mind. He was about to stop him but Castiel gave a small laugh and said, "Don't worry Mr. Weasley, I have warned my son not to get in any trouble this year, so hopefully he won't be pulling anymore stunts and pulling your son along with him".

The three adults made their introductions before Castiel turned and looked at Harry who was about to get on the train and said, "I'll try to come and collect you next summer, but if you would rather I didn't just send a message that you'll be saying with Sirius".

"I'll probably end up coming to see you" Harry told him. "I mean Sirius is great and all, it's just he's one of my teachers and I'll very likely be annoyed with him by then".

Castiel finally nodded and offered Harry a hand to shake. Harry looked at him confused for a minute but finally he stepped forward and hugged his father. Castiel put a cautious arm around him before Harry finally released him. He went up into the compartment and looked back at his father who nodded and said, "I hope to hear from you soon Harry".

Harry nodded and suddenly Draco handed him a piece of parchment and a quill. Harry looked at the parchment and realized it was his hogsmade permission slip. He looked over at Castiel and handed it to him. Castiel looked curiously at it and then up at Harry. Harry gave him an innocent smile and said, "You told me not to get in trouble this year, we both know that if it doesn't get signed I'll find a way to get there anyway".

Castiel finally nodded knowing that with what he'd seen about Harry so far he had no doubt that Harry would get under James Potter's invisibility cloak and make his way into Hogsmade. He finally nodded and easily signed his name on the parchment and handed it back to Harry who smiled at him. "Now you have no reason to get into trouble" Castiel warned him.

"Of course" Harry told him. "As I told you before I can't make any guarantees".

Harry closed the compartment door just as the train whistle blew, he looked out the window to see the two Weasley's and Mrs. Longbottem coming toward Castiel once again and let out a small laugh before he looked over at his friends. Hermione smiled at him and said, "I told you that he would show up".

"When are you ever wrong?" Harry said jokingly.

"So that means that he signed it?" asked Draco.

Harry held up the parchment for them to see and said, "Looks like our whole group is going to go to Hogsmade this year".

"Brilliant" said Ron, "So Harry what did Castiel want to talk to you about?"

Harry looked out at Castiel who actually looked like a parent just like everybody outside and he actually chuckled before he looked back at Ron. "Trust me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you" he finally said. He hardly believed what Castiel told him so there was no way that his friends would believe it as well. Maybe one day he would tell them about it and they would get a good laugh out of it, but until then he would just be Harry to them. For them he was sure that the only difference now wasn't that he was half angel, but that he actually had a parent that cared about him, which he was sure was something that they all wanted him to have.


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