Chapter 1

Fairy Tail, a highly prestigious high school in Magnolia, has been around ever since 1985. Many students have always wanted to get accepted in this school but to no avail. Only students with special talent can enter this school. This is the story of four high school students, Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Jellal.

" Oh no, I'm late!" shouted Lucy worriedly.

Lucy ran out of her house and eating her breakfast at the same time. Today is the first day of Lucy's second year in Fairy Tail high school.

She got accepted into Fairy Tail as she could play the violin.

Lucy is from the Heartfilia family and is a 17-year old girl who lives alone in a 2-storey apartment. Recently, she adopted a puppy called Plue so that she would not feel so lonely.

Lucy's parents were murdered when she was very young. She used to be in a rich family but she decided to give up her luxurious life and live on her own as she knew that she could not keep depending on her servants to serve her.

Lucy came to Magnolia a year ago to attend high school. Lucy has been learning how to play the violin ever since she was 7 years old. Her great musical experience allowed her to get accepted into Fairy Tail.

Ever since Lucy started attending high school at Fairy Tail, she has been popular for her kind personality and her beauty amongst everyone. There was even a Lucy fan club that was set up by many boys.

She excelled in both her studies as well as her musical talent. This made her one of the top 50 students in Fairy Tail.

Lucy had went for many competitions in her first year in Fairy Tail and earned many medals, certificates and trophies. She would place all of this on a shelf in her room so that she could look at them and appreciate them whenever she got the time.

This year, Lucy wishes to do better.

When Lucy ran through a curved end, she accidentally knocked into someone and fell down.

" O-ouch…" Lucy said.

" Are you alright?"

Lucy looked up and noticed a young man in front of her. He stretched out his hand to help her get up. Lucy held onto his hand and he pulled her up.

" Thank you very much," Lucy said while dusting her uniform with her hand.

" No problem!" the guy said cheerfully to her.

Lucy looked at her watch and shouted, " Oh no! I'm going to be late!"

With that, Lucy ran off quickly.

" Alright class, since today is the first day of school, I'm sure all of you are not very familiar with each other yet. So, I would like everyone to introduce themselves. Why not we start with you?" Our teacher, miss evergreen, pointed to the guy that was seated at the front row of seats.

" Yes, teacher! My name is Natsu! Surname Dragneel! A pleasure to meet all of you!" Natsu greeted with a broad smile.

Lucy thought to herself " Hey, isn't that the guy that I knocked into earlier this morning? Maybe I didn't notice that he was wearing the same uniform as me as I was in a hurry. But I did not see him last year. Maybe he just transferred here this year."

Lucy's eyes suddenly lit up and thought "W-wait a minute. Did he just say that his surname was Dragneel?"

Lucy stared blankly at Natsu and thought "The person that murdered my parents was a serial killer and had the same surname as Natsu. I remember that murderer's face… He looked exactly like Natsu! D-don't tell me… Natsu is his son?"

Lucy's smile slowly turned into a frown as she thought more and more about it.

"I can't forgive the person that has caused me so much pain and misery! I'm going to take revenge on his son!"