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Go put on your best tonight

It's you and me and not much time

To watch the world burning bright

We are ready

-You and Me and One Spotlight - Yellowcard

On the 21st of December 2012, the world ended.

She could tell it was the end – the sky was a deep burnt orange, and the sun hung low in the bruised purple clouds, like it had lost all its will to stay up high above the world. Like it was resigned to the fate of the planet it shed its light on.

Time seemed to slow down, like it was trying to drag itself through syrup. She rose from her bed, calmly looking out the window at the blinding wall of light beyond. She walked to her front door and opened it wide.

A giant wall of flame was hurtling towards her from the horizon, turning everything in its path to ash and smoke. Erasing all traces of human existence as it swept over the symbols of evolution that marked the proof of their lives.

As she thought about it, she realized that there really had been no point to human evolution at all. It was just going to be erased in the end, and made to be like it had never existed in the first place.

And strangely enough, the impending doom of the situation didn't faze her. She looked at the wall of flame, consuming everything it touched and reducing it to nothing, and the only thing she felt was calmness.

She supposed it was the knowledge that she couldn't escape her fate that was making her so accepting of the whole situation, but she didn't think that was the exact reason.

From behind her, he came up and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder. Neither of them spoke. There was no need to.

Then she remembered why she wasn't afraid, why she was so calm. She put her hand on the side of her reason's face and held one of his hands with her other.

She looked at the wall of death and destruction hurtling towards them and smiled.