AN: I have been in an AU mood lately. I have this one stuck in my head and another. I still haven't figured out what to do with a Sequel to What Spying Can lead to. This is more an epilogue than a real chapter. I will try and post more soon. I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think.

I know that looking at my application packet, I may not seem to be a great fit for NYU. I am a seventeen year old, high school dropout from small town Ohio, after all. However, there is a lot more to me than meets the eye. I am not your average dropout. I maintained a straight A average with a near perfect attendance record. I was an involved student, with a stint on the football team as well as our National Champion Cheerleading team. My true passion though was our glee club, The New Directions. We may not have been nationally acclaimed, but we were truly a family. Not only was I involved in school, I was also rarely in trouble. After one disastrous attempt at teenage rebellion and drinking, I never was involved with drugs or alcohol. In general I was a good kid.

So why would I drop out? Since starting school, I was an outcast. First, I was just the boy who would rather sit and read than play kickball. Then I was the weird kid whose mother was dead. The older I became the worse the bullying became as well. By the time I started High School, I was being thrown into dumpsters, shoved into lockers and having slushies thrown into my face. I always knew I was different from my peers, and they could see it as well. Coming out as gay only exacerbated the situation. By that time, I had joined the Glee Club and finally had my first real set of friends. We were all targeted for being in Glee club in the first place, but I bore the brunt of the attacks. For more than a year I withstood the bullying not letting it get to me. Then, one boy made it his mission to make my life hell. At first, I thought he was like the others, just hating me for who I was. It was more than that though. He hated me, because I was everything he couldn't be. One day I confronted him, I stood up to this boy who is at least twice my size, ready to be hit once and for all. Instead, the bully kissed me. He targeted me because he couldn't come to terms with his own homosexuality.

From that moment on, he started intimidating me at every available opportunity. The school said they couldn't do anything about it. Then he threatened my life. He told me if I told anyone about the kiss he would kill me. All of this I kept from my friends and my family. My father was still recovering from a heart attack and I didn't want to cause him anymore stress. When he eventually found out about the harassment and the threat, he immediately went to the principal. She expelled him and I thought I would finally be able to enjoy school again.

I was wrong, the school board overturned his expulsion. I knew that things would just get worse. They did, not only was this boy constantly stalking me, so were his friends. I didn't even survive three more days before I knew I had to leave.

I didn't drop out to run, I dropped out so I could survive. Since the school board refused to protect me, I had to protect myself. I talked to my dad and withdrew from the school. I signed up for the next GED exam and began to work to make my dreams come true. I refuse to let the bullies win, they may have succeeded in keeping me out of school, but they will not break me or my dreams.

I'm not sharing this experience to earn your sympathy, but rather your understanding as to why I need to attend your school. I need to be in an environment where I will not automatically be hated for my sexuality. I need to be where my dreams have been for as long as I remember. I have worked hard to earn a place at NYU, I can't let the bullies take this away from me as well.

I want to double major in Fashion Design and Musical Theatre. I have included a portfolio of my designs as well as an audition tape. I hope you can look past the fact I only have a GED, and see my potential. Thank you for your consideration.

Kurt Hummel