Kurt hugged his father one last time, before pulling Blaine away from his own. "Let's go for a walk real quick." Kurt whispered in his ear. Both their families were in town for their graduations, after four years they both finally finished college.

So many things had change in the years since the two had met in that dorm room. After living together for two and a half years, Blaine's parents had bought them a small apartment in Soho as a combined Christmas/early graduation present for the two of them. Blaine fell in love with teaching children music, and decided to do just that, switching from performance to education just before their junior year.

Kurt wowed NYU audiences in several productions starting as the MC in Cabaret but decided that fashion was his true calling. Starting in a few weeks he would be starting work at a small up and coming fashion house. It was a risk, but Kurt knew this was exactly what he wanted to do.

The two waved goodbye to their families promising they would meet them at the restaurant in an hour for their reservations. All week they had been hosting both families, except Finn who was enjoying being in the same state as his girl friend. They really hadn't had much time alone together.

They walked hand in hand across campus, just enjoying the quiet ease they felt with each other. Kurt led them into Washington Square Park and sat them on a bench not far off the path.

Blaine looked over to Kurt mild confusion in his eyes, "Shouldn't we head to the restuant?"

"Not yet, there's something I want to say first." Kurt began before turning and facing Blaine, taking both his hands. "Right here, is where I met you almost four years ago. I don't really count the brief encounter in the dorm… well, because this is where I first really saw you. I was alone and scared and just ready to give up on people. I was ready to just be lonely. And you came up to me, you made me see that there were good people, kind loving people."

Blaine squeezed his hand and opened his mouth to speak when Kurt slid off the bench onto one knee in front of him. Blaine's mouth snapped shut and his heart began to race.

"I love you Blaine, more than anyone or anything else in this world. From the moment you helped me stop being afraid to care, to hope, I started to love you. You mean the world to me. I know we're young and most would say we are foolish since this is both our first relationship and we should take more time. But we have been together and lived together for so long. I just… I want more. I want to be more for you. I don't want to just be your boyfriend. You are my all, my love, my life and I… I just want you to be my husband. Blaine Anderson, would you make me the happiest man ever and marry me?"

A single tear rolled down Kurt's cheek, Blaine swiped it away with his thumb cupping his face in his hands, not even looking down at the ring sitting in Kurt's outstretched hand. No, Blaine's eyes never left Kurt's stormy eyes. "Kurt, nothing, and I mean nothing… could keep me from marrying you. Yes, please… yes!" He fell into Kurt arms, kissing each other anywhere they could reach. Their laughter and 'I love you's' seemed to fill the space. A few people stopped to watch the two men, clearly in love embrace before moving on with their day.

After a few minutes, Kurt finally pulled back, "Aren't you going to look at your ring?" he asked holding the box up again. Blaine nodded and waited for Kurt to open the box. Inside nestled in the black velvet of the box was white gold band, made of two bands intertwining around a third. "I designed it myself," Kurt said sheepishly, "I have one too. The band in the middle is our love, what we found in each other, our forever. The other two bands are our lives. No matter what life throws at us, or what happens, as long as we hold on to our love we will be just fine."

"It's beautiful!" Blaine gasped as Kurt slipped it onto his finger before kissing it where it lay.

"Now," Kurt said rising from the ground and holding his hand out for Blaine. "I think our families are waiting for a celebration."

"Do they know?" Blaine asked standing again.

"You didn't think I would ask you without asking your father's permission did you?" Kurt smiled before taking his fiancé's and leading him away.

Yes, a lot had change and that was just wonderful.

So that's the end. I will try and update Starting Something New ASAP. I hope you like the story. I would love to hear your final thoughts on everything. If you like what I write, I promise I will be back with more stories soon. Thanks again for all your support.