Kay to start things off this story is a little based off Angel Beats! Where Orion Pax(not quite Optimus yet) is the main character. ENJOY!

Ps- if you're reading my fanfic Dreaming of Angels(not sure if i wanna rewrite it anymore...) WARNING: there may be a spoiler among this story... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


The last thing he remembered was hearing some sort of loud boom before…

Before what? He didn't know the answer. He needed to online his optics to see what had happened. He groaned softly as he slowly opened his opened his tired optics, he gazed at his internal clock.

"Damn, we missed our rendezvous time…" he muttered softly as he reluctantly got up. A soft groan escaped his lips as a dull pain shot through his midsection. He ignored it and slowly got to his feet.

Primus… he thought as he gazed at the sight before him. Before him were several injured and offlined bot scattered among the dark and damaged train cart.

And that's when it hit him.


Explosions from above shook the train. Orion struggled to stay on his feet. A large black servo grabbed him by his arm and kept him on his feet.

"Move it, kid! It's the Decepticons!" the black armored weapon specialist, Ironhide, yelled over an explosion.

"We have to get them out of here!" Orion yelled as he maneuvered the train through the bomb raid. The train rocked at the force of a nearby explosion. Orion clenched his dentals as he struggled to keep the train up right, he could hear the screams of the civilian passengers as the train was violently rocked by another explosion as he began to head for a tunnel.

"There's too many of them!" yelled the green and white medic.

"Ratchet! Take the wheel! We'll hold them off!" Orion yelled as he moved aside so the medic could take the wheel.

"And how exactly do you plan on doing that?" Ironhide yelled as he followed Orion towards a nearby roof hatch.

Orion quickly kicked open the hatch and jumped onto the roof of the train.

"Doing whatever I can to keep the civilians safe!" Orion yelled as he began to shoot up at the bomb raiders. They began to run along the roof tops, shooting up at the Decepticons as well as protecting the train from getting hit.

Moments later Ratchet maneuvered the train into a nearby tunnel, but the Decepticons followed.

"Damn it! Don't these guys ever quit?" Orion yelled moments before a group of Autobots arrived to help fight off the oncoming Decepticons. Orion jumped into the air and landed on one of the raiders. He shot at the Decepticon's cock pit before punching him, ripping out several important looking wires as he pulled his fist out, causing the Decepticon to scream in agony.

Orion quickly jumped off and landed on the roof of the second to last train cart before the Decepticon crashed and landed several feet behind the moving train and exploded on impact. The force caused Orion to lose his footing, he would have fallen off the train had Ironhide had not grabbed hold of his arm.

"What the heck was that, kid?" Ironhide asked before shooting a Decepticon out of the air without looking. Orion was about to reply when he noticed a volley of missiles heading into the tunnel, straight towards them and the roof of the cave, just as the large metal doors of the tunnel began to close shut. It's not gonna make it… Orion thought as his optics widened in shock.

"GET DOWN!" Orion yelled as he and Ironhide jumped into the closest train carts.

Orion fell into the train cart with a loud crash moments before the train began to shake violently. The sound of explosions, the civilians screams, and the sounds of falling rocks per pierced their audio receptors as everything around them seemed to explode.

End Flashback.

Orion's optics widened in realization. They had been shot at and had crashed, leaving several civilian refugees dead, unconscious and/or injured. Orion quickly scanned the wreck for any survivors and as well as for his allies.

A loud noise behind him caused him to spin around. His optics met with a familiar black mech as the door of the train cart was yanked away and said mech stumbled in.

"Ironhide!" Orion said as the ran over to his comrade, who was leaning heavily against the wall of the train.

"Your bleeding," Orion said, noticing a nasty looking gash on his helm. "How are you feeling, 'Hide?" Orion asked as he helped support his friend.

"Been through worse. I'll live. What about you?" Orion nodded.

"I'm fine."

"Damn Decepticons blasted the train." Orion nodded again. "Slag… let's get out of this scrap heap." Ironhide said as Orion lead him to the door.

He pulled open the door and jumped out, followed by Ironhide, who stumbled a bit as he landed on the ground.

"Holy Primus…" Ironhide muttered as the sight before them seemed to freeze their energon cold.

Before them was what used to be the entrance. It was now caved in and completely covered in rock. Orion turned back to the train, optics fill with angst. They were trapped.

Ironhide quickly turned on his comm link and tried to contact their comrades.

"This is Ironhide calling base, do you copy?"

Orion closed his optics. It's not going to work, he thought.

"Scrap! Comm link is dead, what about yours?" asked Ironhide.

"It's not going to work. The walls, it's not gonna let any signals through, Ironhide. We're on our own." he said before opening his optics and letting out a shaky breath before turning to his comrade.

"Come on, let's save whoever's left inside." Ironhide nodded and got to his feet.

"Let's hope the others made it out alright." Ironhide said as they climbed back onto the train. "I hope Ratchet's still in one piece." Ironhide said as both soldiers froze.

"Ratchet was driving the train when…" Orion said, trailing off.

"I'll go make sure he's alright, you check on the civilians, kid." Ironhide said before disappearing outside.

As Orion made his way through the damaged cart, he could hear the loud thuds on the roof as Ironhide made his way to the front of the train. Orion scanned the cart, his optics dimmed sadly when he realized most of the civilians were already ash gray.

A few cycles later Orion had found a few survivors and had carried them out of the damaged train. After making sure they were alright, Orion climbed into an over turned cart that was leaning atop another cart in search of more survivors. He scanned the dark cart, his optics darkened when he scanners showed no signs of living civilians within the cart. He was about to turn and leave when a small whimper caused him to stop. Orion climbed back into the train cart. He paused and waited to hear the whimper. Moments later he heard it again. Orion quickly began to make his way through the cart, carefully climbing over the bodies of fallen civilians.

He quickly found the source of the whimpering when he came across a small yellow youngling who was wrapped tightly in the arms of a deceased civilian.

His breath caught slightly when he realized that the civilian had most likely shielded the youngling by using their own body to protect him. Her optics were partly open and seemed to stare down at the ground and into space.

Suddenly a pair of baby blue optics onlined and gazed up at him frightendly. His breath caught again, those baby blue optics seemed to bring back too many memories. Orion took a deep breath, pushing the memories aside before speaking.

"Hey there," Orion said softly, "I'm not going to hurt you little guy." Orion said gently so not to frighten the youngling anymore than he already was as he gently pulled aside the bot that had shielded him.

"Take my hand, let's get you out of here." Orion said, he tried to smile reassuringly, but all he could manage was a slanted lip.

The youngling only whimpered before burying his face into the neck of the bot holding him, searching for comfort.

"C'mon little one. What's your name?" Orion asked, holding a hand out to the youngling.

"B-bumble…Bumblebee…" the youngling sniffed, gazing back at him with one optic.

"Nice name. I'm Orion, Orion Pax. I'm here to help you, Bumblebee…I don't think there's anything I can do for your friend…" Orion responded, looking sadly at the offlined bot.

"But if go…and leave Reya(yes homage to mah Bummle), I will be all alone…"

"You won't be alone, Bumblebee. Don't worry, I'll stay with you." Orion said, his optics softening.


"I promise, Bumblebee. No matter what I promise you you'll never be alone, ever." Orion said, placing a hand on the youngling's shoulder.

At this, the small yellow mech nodded and slowly let go of his guardian. Orion gently took the small mech in his arms.

"Hold on." Orion said as Bumblebee wrapped his small arms around his neck. He buried his face in his neck as a soft whimper escaped his voice capacitor. Orion's spark ached as he could feel small tears fall onto his armor. He put a hand over Bumblebee's guardian and closed her optics.

So young… Orion thought as he gazed at Bumblebee's guardian, Reya. She appeared to be younger than him. It amazed him that someone so young was Bumblebee's guardian. He figured that she worked at the Youth sectors before it was attacked.

Orion stepped away and looked back at the path he had taken. It was going to be difficult going back the way he came while carrying Bumblebee, Orion thought. He looked up at the path ahead of him. It was mostly clear but it lead up to the end of the cart that was several feet off the ground.

Orion slowly began to make his way up, wrapping an arm protectively around Bumblebee as he used his free hand to climb. Orion soon came to the door at the top of the train. He kicked the door open and watched as the door crashed to the ground below. The sudden crash had startled a few of the survivors.

"Hold on tight," Orion said as he stepped onto the edge.

Bumblebee nodded and wrapped his arms his arms and legs tightly around him. If Orion could breathe, Bumblebee would have most likely choked the life out of him. Orion smiled reassuringly(slanted lip) at the small mech before jumping off the train.

Orion winced slightly as Bumblebee cried out. He landed several feet away from the civilians and stumbled slightly as a dull pain shot though his midsection. Orion let out a strained breath as the pain subsided. He stayed kneeled down on the ground.

"You okay?" Bumblebee asked quietly, staring at him with big blue optics. Orion nodded and slowly stood up.

"Yeah, I'm alright." he said to the young mech.


Orion looked up at the sound of his name being called out. He turned and could see Ironhide placing a damaged looking Ratchet on the ground against one of the train carts. The surviving civilians were scattered around the tunnel near the warrior and the medic. Orion walked over to them with Bumblebee still in his arms. Part of him wondered why Ratchet hadn't began to tend to the wounded, which in their case appeared to be everyone.

"What cha got there, kid?" Ironhide asked as Orion knelt down beside them.

"Oh, this is Bumblebee. Bumblebee, meet Ironhide and Ratchet." Orion said, introducing the yellow mech to his comrades. Bumblebee looked at the two mechs timidly.

"Nice to meet you, Bumblebee." said Ratchet. Ironhide nodded a greeting.

"We've got a problem, kid." said Ironhide. "I found Ratchet here trapped in the first cart. Found him pinned against a the wheel and the back of the conductor's (insert name of part of the train the conductor is that controls the train). I'm amazed he even survived the damn crash. It took me forever to get him out of that death trap." (A/N: basically when the train crashed, the first cart crashed into a large rock that fell in front of it and the train slammed into it at high speeds and the first train cart scrunched up, yeah if you dun get how that happened to the train cart, whatever)

"You alright, Ratchet?" Orion asked the medic. Ratchet nodded but something in his optics told him that he was not.

"Can you still care for the injured?" Orion asked, concerned for both his friend and the injured medic.

"I can't help them." Ratchet said, sounding drained.

"What are you talking about, not everyone has serious wounds, you have to he-"

"Let me rephrase that, technically I can tend to their wounds but physically I cannot go to every civilian and tend to them. If I could move I'd be treating them right now."

Orion blinked in confusion and looked at the weapon specialist.

"The crash left him paralyzed waist down, kid." Ironhide said. "Busted his arms too."

Orion's optics widened as he looked at the green and white medic. Most of his lower body was heavily dented, parts of his legs were bleeding and mangled. Energon leaked steadily from the large wound on his midsection, most likely caused during the crash when he was pinned against the wheel.

A shutter passed through Orion when he realized that there wasn't much connected Ratchet's lower body to his upper. Most of the metal was dented, in some parts he could see Ratchet's inner skeleton(A/N: Yes in a sense transformers have skeletons, if you dun believe me, look up ROTF Ravage's death)

"Does…it hurt?" Orion asked unsure as he turned Bumblebee's head away so he couldn't see the wound.

"I'm paralyzed, so I can't feel any pain. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing." Ratchet said. "You two are going to have to help me care for the wounded."

"First we have to help you." Orion said.

"There's not much you can do except stop the bleeding." said Ratchet. Orion nodded then looked down at Bumblebee. He looked across the room and could see a familiar face among the civilians.

"Be right back." Orion said as stood up and walked across the tunnel to a familiar femme. The femme's armor was bright pink with bits of blue. The femme held her head low as she sat against the wall of the tunnel, something small and blue was cradled in her arms. Her optics were offline but seemed to gaze at the ground. Orion wasn't sure if she had regained consciousness yet or if she was simply taking in everything that had happened.

"Arcee," Orion said as he knelt down to her.

At this the pink and blue femme looked up at hearing a familiar voice. Her optics onlined and widened slightly in recognition.

"Orion?" she asked. "Primus, it's been so long."

"Yes it has been awhile." Orion said, trying to smile to reassure her, but all that came out was a slanted lip.

"How's the doc?" she asked, motioning towards Ratchet. Orion sighed, Arcee knew Ratchet about as well as he did, no point in lying about his condition.

"Not good. The crash let him paralyzed."

"Oh Primus, Ratchet must be in torture…" Arcee said, knowing full well that the medic hated idleness with a fiery passion.

"Don't worry he'll be fine, Arcee. Listen, I need you to look after Bumblebee while I help Ratchet tend to the wounded."

"Of course. I'll take good care of him." Arcee said, smiling slightly at the yellow youngling.

"Bumblebee, Arcee here is going to keep an optic on you while I help Ratchet, okay?" Orion said softly.

Bumblebee looked up at him with wide optics and quickly shook his head before burying his face in Orion's neck. Arcee lifted an optic ridge and looked up at Orion.

"Bumblebee," Orion said softly, "I promise I'll come back. I have to go help Ratchet so he can tell me how to help everyone else. I'll be back I promise." Orion said. At this Bumblebee slowly let go of Orion as he handed him over to the pink and blue femme.

Orion was about to get up and leave but stopped when he noticed a pair of jade-blue optics staring at him from Arcee's arms.

"Who's this?" Orion said, smiling his slanted smile(A/N: if ur wondering about his slanted smile, he kinda forgot how to smile cuz of something that happened in his past, so sad).

"Oh, this is Sadie." Arcee said as the youngling in her arms struggled in her mother's grip so she could have a better look at Orion. Sadie appeared to be a year older than Bumblebee and had mostly blue armor, same shade as the blue on Arcee, as well as bits of red here and there.

"Nice to meet you, Sadie." Orion said politely.

Sadie gazed at him curiously with jade-blue optics before smiling.


Orion's optics softened at the youngling's innocence before he got up to leave.

"I'll be back, I promise." Orion said to the yellow mech.

Bumblebee sat on the ground beside Arcee and watched as Orion stood up and walked back to the immobilized medic.

The younger blue femme stared at him with curious optics.

"Hi, I'm Sadie."

"Hi, Sadie. I'm Bumblebee." said Bumblebee.

Orion knelt back down to Ratchet, a medical kit was already open beside the medic.

"Alright, tell me what to do." said Orion.

"Pick up that tool," Ratchet began, motioning with his optics at one of the various tools laid out on the ground. (A/N: Ratchet can't move his arms either cuz they were also damaged and somewhat paralyzed during the crash)

Moments later Ratchet had instructed Orion on how to close the bleeding energon lines. When he was done, his hands were covered in Ratchet's energon. Orion wiped his hands on a rag.

"Now that that's done, Orion you will need to tend for the other's wounds, I will tell you what you need to do." Ratchet said before turning to the weapon specialist. "Ironhide, I'll need you to carry me."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Ironhide asked uncertainly, not wanting to risk opening any of Ratchet's energon lines.

"You carried me over here didn't you? Besides, I only need you to carry me to the civilians that need immediate medical attention." said Ratchet.

Moments later, after some hesitation, Ironhide carried Ratchet to one of the most injured survivors, careful not to reopen any energon lines as he followed Orion. Orion walked up to a red and gray mech who was leaning against the wall.

Bumblebee looked up, the two yellow 'antennas' on his helm fluttered with joy at seeing him as he knelt down beside the mech. Orion smiled at the yellow youngling, who seems to have made friends with Sadie before turning his attention to the injured mech.

"Hey, you alright?" Orion asked as he gently took the mech awake.

The gray and red mech groaned as he slowly opened his optics, or should he say optic? The mech's left optic was heavily damaged and bleeding along with the upper half of the left side of his helm.

"What's your name?" Orion asked as Ironhide placed Ratchet on the ground, placing a hand on his shoulder to keep him sitting up.

"Tail…Tailgate." the mech said as Arcee held his larger servo in her hands.

"Nice to meet you Tailgate, I'm Orion." Orion said as Ratchet began to instruct him on what to do. He could feel Tailgate staring at him in confusion with his good optic, but ignored it.

He doesn't remember me? Tailgate thought as he looked at Arcee, who merely shrugged and looked at him with optics that read 'I'll explain later'.

As Orion began to close the energon lines in his helm, he remembered how when Ratchet would repair him, he would always make small talk so he would stay awake.

"So," Orion said to Arcee, "You didn't tell me you had a sparkling. Is Tailgate Sadie's father?" Orion asked as he closed an energon line.

"Nah, I'm just a friend of Arcee's." Tailgate said, trying to smile but winced when pain shot through his optic.

"Cliffjumper was Sadie's father…" Arcee said as she looked down at her daughter, who appeared to be playing a game with Bumblebee.

"Cliffjumper?" Orion asked, the name sounded familiar but he wasn't completely sure. Arcee nodded.

"You don't remember him?"

Orion stared down blankly as he tried to remember. "Afraid not. Sorry."

"You don't?" asked Tailgate as he looked up at him. Orion shook his head. Tailgate looked up at Arcee and lifted an optic ridge in confusion. Arcee ignored him and continued.

"One day Cliff disappeared on a mission along with a few other bots and never returned. Everyone assumed they died. After that, Tailgate helped me raise Sadie." explained Arcee. Tailgate nodded and looked over at Sadie and Bumblebee.

"Yeah, I used to be a dock worker until we had to be relocated." said Tailgate.

Orion's optics became blank at the mention of the docks. Ironhide and Ratchet looked at one another worriedly when Orion didn't speak.

"Hey, you alright?" asked Tailgate. Orion blinked, as if coming out of a trance.

"Uh, yeah. I used to work in the docks before I joined the Autobots." he said, trying to sound casual, but his two comrades could hear the strain in his voice when he spoke as he continued to repair the mech.

Orion began to treat the injuries of the other civilians under Ratchet's instructions. Most of the civilians only had minor cuts and dents. But some, such as Tailgate and Ratchet, were in a more serious condition.

As Orion treated Bumblebee's minor wounds, he glanced over at the rocks that filled one side of the tunnel.

We're gonna be here a while… Orion though.

As Orion stood to get up, Bumblebee's optics widened in pure horror. Arcee was the same and Sadie cried out. In the corner of his optic, he could see Ironhide pointing one of his guns at whoever was behind him. The other gun was pointed at someone else, who also had a gun.

Moments later Orion could feel the heat of a cannon being pointed at the back of his head. Orion sighed inwardly.

It was going to be a long day…

A/N: Oh noes! yeah sorry about all the author's notes during the fanfic… dun worry Ratchet's injuries aren't as bad as they seem, it's not like he's dying or anything…he's just paralyzed… So anyways! This is the first chapter of my fanfic 'Through dying eyes' hope ya liked it!

Btw this story is based on the anime 'Angel beats!' I won't give a summery of the anime cuz it'll just give away what happens, tho I will tell ya this, the part this story is based on is when Otonashi, the main character of Angel Beats, survives a train crash and he and the other survivors are trapped in the tunnel for days with limited food and water. Tho I did add a few twists of my own here and there. Oh and btw this story isn't set in one specific series. It's a mix between G1 and Movie with a few bots from other series like TFP and Cybertron series.

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