Summary: A young sparkling neutral femme orphan is all alone on Cybertron after escaping her nightmare. Shockwave finds her and takes her back with him. After Shockwave finds out she is afraid of autobot's he contacts Megatron. She is sent to earth to the other decepticons to be raised as a perfect femme warrior. But this femme has secrets and soon she will be reunited with a decepticon. Who is this decepticon? Read and find out.

Rating: T

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I only own the OC Pebbles.

Somewhere in Iacon City

She was running deep into the city trying to escape those chasing her. She needed to get away from the monsters. She didn't want to be with them anymore, not after what they did a few months ago. Her small legs moving fast and stumbling a few times but managed to keep her running pace going, looking behind her she saw a few adults coming around the corner and calling out to her.

"Pebbles stop! Come back!" A voice called out to her. But she didn't listen and kept on moving.

She turned around another corner and saw an opening to the drain. She hopped into the opening and waited in there, she didn't care about getting dirty or smelling.

The autobot's ran past her hiding place and ran deeper into the city desperately trying to find the youngling. But young Pebbles didn't want to be found by the autobot's.

She waited in the drain, sobbing softly. She felt the coldness of the city on her and her tanks rumbled with hunger. The filth in the drain started to stain her small and fragile body, the smell sticking on her like sticky gum.

But that was the least of the worries.

She laid her head down on the ground and hugged herself trying to gain warmth. Shutting her optics and thinking of her mother. For the first time in to long she let out a smile. She saw her mum smiling down at her sweetly, she missed her so much.

Before she knew it she fell into a light recharge, unaware of an approaching bot.


Shockwave and his drones where in some of the old buildings gathering as much energon as they could. Even though they were getting energon from earth but they still needed more for safe keeping. He was about to call it a night and head back to their base when he picked up a few energy signatures running past them and down into the city.

He knew four of them were autobot's but the first one was a neutral. Curios he looked out a window and saw the autobot's were chasing something. It was small but he wasn't sure.

"Take the rest of the energon back to base. I will follow soon" Shockwave ordered as he left the building to investigate the signatures that ran past them.

He turned a corner and without being noticed he saw the autobot's run deeper into the city. With a sigh he figured it was nothing. He turned and started to walk away when there was a faint signature close to him.

It was small and weak. Almost like a youngling. But that was impossible. Younglings haven't been around in hundreds and thousands of years.

Slowly he turned back around and headed to where the signature was coming from. It was coming closer and closer, almost in front of him. But there was nothing.

He then came to a stop when he was like above it now. He looked down and saw a drain opening. That must be where it's coming from.

Shockwave knelt down and looking into the opening but couldn't see anything because it was so dark. He grabbed his touch and it flicked on. He gasped softly at what he saw.

A sparkling, and above that a femme sparkling. That must have been what the autobot's were chasing.

He studied her for a moment.

She was recharging softly, she must have just fell asleep. She looked at her body and studied her colours. She had soft light blue armour with white and silver shadings. Small horns on her helm and were curled a little. He scanned her signature and she was the neutral the autobot's were chasing.

But why were they chasing her and why was she running away from them.

He noticed she was low on energon and the filth from the drain was covering her body. He had to help her, even though he was a decepticon he needed to help the poor sparkling.

"Hey. Kid wake up" He softly said.

She woke up with a fright and started at the one eyed bot with innocent optics. She crawled back quickly with fright.

Shockwave knew she was scared and also knew she was trapped making her even more scared. He had to make her trust him.

"I'm not going to hurt you femme" He started "Why you running from those autobot's?

At that she started the panic.

"P-please I don't want to go back! D-don't send me back to the autobot's, PLEASE!" She was almost screaming as she pled him. She had warm tears running down her face as she sobbed louder.

"I'm not going to send you back to the autoot's sweety" Shockwave calmly said.

Her sobs stopped and she stared at him in wonder.

"Y-you're not?" She sniffed softly.

"I'm not an autobot. I'm a decepticon" He knew he had to tell the truth.

"D-decepticon?" She asked softly

Shockwave didn't know why she asked that like she didn't know. He thought for a moment and then it hit him.

"Do you know what a decepticon is?"

He got the answer when she shook her head.

"Why don't you come with me beautiful? You won't be near those autobot's at all and I'll protect you" Shockwave tried to calm her and letting her know he was telling the truth.

The femme looked up at him. She wasn't sure about trusting him. As studied his body for a second and spotted his badge on his chest. It was purple and looked different from the autobot's.

"You're different?" She asked softly.

"Yes I am" If he had a mouth he would have smiled softly at her.

With trembling legs she stood up and slowing walking out of the drain and in front of Shockwave.

He slowly and softly picked her small body up and placed her at his chest. Immediately she felt his warm spark and snuggled into his chest gaining the warmth from him.

He had to contact Megatron about this.

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