She will be Mine.

Summary: After hearing that Jane has a boyfriend. Carl swears to make Jane his, no matter what it takes. Will Jane and her boyfriend pull trough, or will Carl's revenge truly be horrifying.

Carl Montclaire was a simple average student at Bennet High. He deals with the most simple things in a teenage life: boring school days, bullies and especially love. Except he also had an angel by his side who was supposed to make him the most popular kid at his school, and with no avail from now on.

With his angel guide Porter Jackson by his side he walked trough the school. Jane Casey, Carl's childhood friend and recent crush was standing by her locker. She looks up and sees the two boys walking towards her.

'Morning guys' she says cheerfully. More than usual.

'Morning Jane' Porter says back. Carl doesn't say anything. He just looks at her, her soft red hair behind her head, her pretty eyes and lovely smile. 'What are you looking at Carl?' Jane asks and Carl quickly snaps out of his trance.

'Euh…euh…I was looking at…at…that locker don't you think it is a pretty locker Jane?' Carl asked sheepishly.

'Uhm…sure' Jane said unsure.

Just then a talk guy came by and walked to Jane. Giving her a quick kiss on the lips. 'Hey sweetie' he said. Jane turned her head towards Carl and Porter 'oh guys may I introduce you to Ralph, my boyfriend' she said.

'Nice to meet you' Porter said. He looked at Carl who stood there completely silent with his mouth open. 'Carl?' he asked. He poked his shoulder and Carl fell down on the floor. 'What's with him?' Ralph asked Porter.

'I don't know, maybe he passed out to express how happy he is for you Jane' Porter said. Unlike Carl, Porter could speak about things and people easily believed it was true. Probably angel power.

Porter, Jane and Ralph looked at Carl who was passed out on the floor. 'I catch up with you later Jane, I go try and wake him up' Porter says and drags his unconscious friend away from the couple.

Jane and Ralph resumed kissing after that. Ralph with his hands on her waist and Jane with her hands at the back of his neck.

'SPLASH!' Carl woke up screaming, he was completely wet from head to toe, and there stood Porter with an empty bucket.

'Porter what's the big idea' he asked angrily. 'I tried to wake you up for 10 minutes now. This was my final option' he said.

'What am I doing here on the floor?' Carl asked.

'Oh you passed out after you heard that Jane had a boyfriend' Porter said and Carl passed out again.

Porter sighed and said 'I'll go get another bucket' and walked away.

10 minutes later…

Another loud 'SPLASH!' was heard and Carl once again woke up. He looked at Porter 'you passed out a second time' he said before Carl could say something.

Porter not to say anything about Jane's boyfriend. Knowing full well what would happen.

Just then Serge came walking down the hallway 'hey guys did you hear, Jane has a boyfriend.'

Porter smacked his head as he saw Carl pass out for the third time that day. Serge looked confused at Carl on the floor. He then looked at Porter 'you must not say that,' Porter said calmly. 'Will you help me get another bucket?' Porter asked. Serge nodded and they both walked off.

Once again 10 minutes later…

And for the third time in a half-hour 'SPLASH!' Carl once again woke up shocked 'okay I'm really tired of getting wet so cut it out' Carl said angrily. He got up and walked to Porter and Serge 'sorry Carl but we have no other option if you keep passing out.'

Carl only grunted and angrily walked away. Porter and Serge followed him 'look Carl I can understand that you're upset about this, but there is nothing you can do about it' Porter said and puts his hand on Carl's shoulder.

'You could always wait until they break up' Serge said, trying to cheer Carl up, but no avail. 'Yeah right have you seen how they looked at each other' Porter told him.

That didn't cheer Carl up at all.

Carl began to ran trough the hallways. He wanted to cry, but was unable to at this point. He kept running and running and running until he was outside where no one could see him.

A horrible image slipped into his mind, the image of Ralph kissing Jane and keeping her close. He hated it, he despised it.

A tear rolled down his cheek and before he knew it he was crying his heart out. He stood up and looked at the skies, the beautiful clear sky. He wanted to scream, but all he did was crying. He loved Jane and now his chance was blown. His hope was crushed and blown away in the wind.

I won't accept this he thought.

He screamed to the heavens above with tears rolling ferociously down his cheek and on the ground. After the screaming stopped he putted his hands on his face and wiped away the tears. After that he looked at the skies once again, this time angry and full of hatred.

'She will be mine, SHE WILL BE MINE YOU HEAR ME!' he yelled to the skies with a voice that would even make a bear shake.

His face was covered in tears. He once looked up to the sky 'I SWEAR IT I WILL MAKE HER MINE. I'LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET HER IN MY ARMS. DO YOU HEAR ME, JANE CASEY WILL BE MINE.'

He yelled it to the skies. It would seem that nobody would hear him.

For Carl, it felt good. He looked down at his reflection in a puddle of water. He knew what he had to do, he smiled evilly 'watch out Ralph, soon you will feel my full wrath.'

Porter and Serge watched from the front doors and looked at each other with a worried and scared expression.

So, what do you folks think of it. Carl has an evil plan, but what does it involve. Jane's boyfriend will be in big trouble, and Jane is supposedly not an exception. Next chapter: Carl seeks help from the only person who can help him. But this person doesn't bend easily to pleas and threats. Will Carl be able to convince him. If you want to know, read further.