Once again the fire of jealousy in me was ignited, and gave me the inspiration to write this chapter. This chapter is not going to be very large. And Carl becomes more crazy. Find out in this chapter.

Jane was practically traumatized after everything.

And if she looked at everything correctly. Then someone was crazy in love with her. Ralph was seriously injured and had to be sent to the hospital. And even now during gym class. Jane was horribly scared.

That guy could be out there. In that very gym. She had to look out.

"Alright class, gym class is done to the showers' the teacher said. Everyone went to their respective locker rooms. While all the girls showered Jane just sat there thinking.

That person could be anyone. If he was in school then she had to look out for sure, he could be right around the corner waiting for her. When she was in the locker room she didn't shower directly. She wanted to shower alone. All alone. Nobody to come near her.

When all girls had showered she walked towards them. She dropped her towel and began to go under the rushing water. It felt refreshing and she could clear her thoughts about everything.

Her eyes where closed and she thought.

But then suddenly she felt a hand over her mouth. She opened her eyes and saw a cloaked man, she tried to scream, but her mouth was covered and he stepped on her foot. "I've always been so good to Jane, why would you break my heart by going with another man?" the man asked taunting.

With his free hand he groped her right breast. Jane wanted to cry, but no tears came out. He shifted from breasts, and stepped on her bare foot even more. But he forgot one thing.

To restrain her arms.

Jane punched the man's stomach. The cloaked man toppled backwards and Jane screamed at the top of her lungs. The man held a hand over his stomach and ran away. A horde of girls came and saw Jane terrified.

A few minutes later…

Jane told the whole story to principal Malone after she got dressed and sent to his office.

"This is terrible Jane and I'm really sorry this happened. But we will find the culprit I promise" Malone assured. "Thank you principal Malone" Jane said wiping away a tear.

Then Brittany appeared at the doorstep. The trashcan still stuck to her butt "principal dude. I heard via a text what happened. And I think I may have a useful name" she said. "And what name would that be Brittany?" principal Malone asked.

"Leonard Jones of course" she said.

With Jones…

The Breaker Leonard Jones was against his locker. He was drinking from his canteen and thinking. That new girl….Denise. She totally blew his mind, that never happened before. Not since…


"Now we got you" someone said. Jones turned around and saw Brittany standing there, still with her big butt in the trash can "I know you where the one who tried to rape Jane, this time you will get like what you deserve" she said.

Jones looked at her with a menacing look "raping. What do you think I am. A monster" he said confident and took a sip from his canteen. "I wouldn't be surprised, after all you broke up all those couples just because you where like jealous. And now I will text what you did to everyone" she said and grabbed her phone.

Jones just smiled. He grabbed the phone from her hand and smashed it on the ground. Where it broke to pieces.

Brittany was devastated. Jones grabbed her throat and pulled her close to him "you make me sick Brittany. A bitch who thinks she's all that. Well let me tell you, even a terribly ill crow can sing better then you. And if you think your that beautiful, well if I where you I would look in the mirror more often" he told her.

He grabbed his canteen and opened it, and poured it all on Brittany who cried in embarrassment. Jones let her go, but kicked her in the stomach, causing her to fall down.

"You will pay for this" she said. Jones laughed at her "what are you going to do. Put the extremely muscled football team on me" he said mockingly. "Let me tell you something."

He bend down to face level and said "mind over muscle Brittany. Mind over muscle" he said before walking off.

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