So this is my first attempt at writing a piece of fanfiction. This idea came to me this morning. Not sure if someone has already done it. I apologize beforehand if it looks like I stole anything from another writer. I assure you I didn't. Also I apologize now if I get anyone's name wrong at this point. I will go back in and fix it. All techniques will be in English except for the big ones like rasengan, chidori, etc..

My story will center around Naruto and Kabuto. Kabuto is going to seem a little nicer in this story than he would be in the canon or manga.

What if Kabuto found Naruto training one day and saw how much he put into his training and thought that Orochimaru should invest his time into this boy rather than Sasuke. This story will not follow the manga or the canon exactly but I will take ideas from it and give it my own spin.

So please read the story and hopefully you will like it. Please review and let me know what you think. Again this is my first attempt at writing so please bear with me until I find my groove.

"Normal speech"



Demonic speech/summons speech

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"God damn it!" yelled Naruto. This was the second time he had failed the Genin exams. All because he couldn't do a damn bunshin. It wasn't his fault that he couldn't do it. He just had too much chakra. All the exercises he has done to help control his chakra just weren't enough. Naruto knew that he had one more shot at the Genin exam in a year. If he failed a third time he would be sent to a civilian school and that was something that Naruto would avoid at all costs.

(Training Ground by the School, late night)

Kabuto was on his way back from a mission when he was passing by the school when he heard what sounded like a log being hit.

'Who is out here so late at night? I think I will go take a look' Kabuto thought to himself. As Kabuto approached the clearing he saw Naruto kicking and punching the log. Kabuto continued to watch the boy beat up the log and was amazed that he had so much stamina. As Kabuto watched more closely he could see that Naruto's hands had blood on them, but there was no cuts to speak of.

Curiosity got the better of Kabuto and he decided to jump down and talk to the boy. When Kabuto landed, Naruto instantly threw a kunai at him believing him to be a villager trying to kill him for "being the demon", whatever that meant.

Kabuto deflected the kunai with one of his own and said "Sorry for startling you, I was watching you train and I was amazed at your stamina and your healing ability it looks like."

'Healing ability' thought Naruto. Naruto looked down at his hands and noticed that he didn't have any cuts on them, but they were covered in blood. Naruto having been alone all of his life and not having anyone to really teach him just figured that everyone healed as fast as he did.

"What do you mean my healing ability? Doesn't everyone always heal that quickly? I just assumed it was a trick all ninja could do." Naruto said looking towards the stranger to see what his response would be.

"Unfortunately no. Ninjas do not heal that fast normally unless they have great medical skills or have some sort of kekkai genkai. Seeing as you don't look like a medic, I am to assume it must be some sort of kekkai genkai." Kabuto said.

"Wait you mean you think I have a kekkai genkai? That's awesome! Now I can rub it into everyone's face at the school. They always call me a dobe and dead least because they think I can't do anything right, but now I can tell them I have a kekkai genkai and maybe finally someone will notice me." Naruto said, slightly embarrassed that he let the last part slip.

"Well I have definitely noticed you and you are very interesting to me. My name is Kabuto. Yours?"

"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki."

"Well Naruto it is nice to meet you. Mind telling me what it is you were doing out here training so late at night?"

"Umm.. promise not to laugh?"

"Of course Naruto."

"Well I kinda failed the Genin exam for the second time. I couldn't do a simple bunshin. I try and I try so hard but I can never get a simple bunshin."

'Hmm. That's weird. Why would this child not be able to do a simple bunshin? It is one of the easiest jutsu to do.' "Naruto, do you mind molding chakra for me. I want to see if I can help you out."

Naruto put his hands into the ram sign and began to mold some chakra. Kabuto was amazed at how much chakra Naruto had. 'No wonder the boy couldn't do a simple bunshin. His chakra levels are that of a jonin. His control is most likely horrible for someone so young with so much chakra. How does he have this much chakra.'

"Ok Naruto you can stop now. I think I have figured out what your problem is."


"Yes. To me it seems as though you have an abnormally large amount of chakra for someone your age. Now what type of chakra control exercises do you know?"

"I only know the Academy one."

"Ok well sticking leaves to yourself is good for someone with academy and low genin chakra levels, but for you we are going to need to get you to do more advanced ones."

"What? You mean it? I'm going to be so cool once I finish these exercises. Then I will for sure be able to graduated next time around. Can you show me the exercises now? Please Kabuto-sensei?"

'Kabuto-sensei? Huh. I kind of like that sound of that. And why not showing him the tree climbing exercise won't be too bad. With his control issues he most likely will take a few months to get it.' Thought Kabuto. "Fine Naruto I will teach you some better chakra control exercises. Now the first one I am going to teach you is called tree climbing."

"I can already climb trees with my hands."

"This will involve only your feet" Kabuto said as he approached a tree and started walking right up the side of it.

"Wow. I must learn how to do that. My pranks will become so much better with this!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Calm down Naruto. Now listen up. Tree climbing will take a while for you to get used to so I only want you to train on using it for a few hours a day to allow your body to rest and get accustomed to the training understand?" Naruto nodded. "Now I will explain the principle behind tree climbing to you"

(Thirty Minutes later)

Kabuto sat there with a smile on his face while he watched Naruto attempt to climb up the trees. Kabuto wasn't sure why he was helping Naruto, but just something about him caused Kabuto to want to help him. Kabuto could tell that Naruto wasn't a normal child and that something about him was different. He would need to ask him master if he knew anything about Uzumaki's and their large chakra and healing abilities.

"Ok Naruto I think you should call it a night as it is pretty late. I am going to be heading home and I think you should too. Let your body rest from your training. I will try and periodically check in on you to see how you are progressing in the next few days. "

"Ok Kabuto-sensei. Thanks you're the best."

With that Kabuto leapt into the trees and went to report into his master.

(Underground base near the Valley of the End)

"Kabuto, what do I owe this pleasure so late at night? You weren't scheduled to meet me for another few days? Did you find someone I can experiment on?"

"Orochimaru-sensei, I believe I have found someone who can help us later on. He is a very interesting individual. His name is Naruto Uzumaki."

A/N: So Kabuto has taken an interest in Naruto. What will this mean for Naruto? And will Orochimaru know who Naruto is? What will he plan for him? Please read and let me know what you think. I will be trying to update a few more chapters today. I will start introducing more characters next chapter. You will see how Naruto's training has come along and what Kabuto will decide to do.