So this chapter will cover the beginning of the month long training for the leaf genin and a few other parts to the story. The training will not be shown because I want the techniques to be kept secret. I have realized that Kabuto was supposed to be more involved in the story and be closer to Naruto, but as I was writing the story went a different way. Kabuto will still show up in the story but he will not be as close to Naruto as originally intended. Hope you enjoy the chapter.

Naruto stood atop the Hokage Mountain waiting for his two teammates to show up. Naruto had decided to finally tell them about his parents. As Naruto was lost in his thoughts Sasuke and Shikamaru arrived in a swirl of leaves.

Seeing Sasuke and Shikamaru arrive made Naruto come back to reality. "Hey guys" Naruto said as he smiled at his two teammates. "So I know I said I had stuff for you guys to help you train over the next month, but I called you here for another reason as well."

"What is it Naruto?" Shikamaru said. His interest was piqued.

"Well it's about my parents" Naruto began.

Sasuke and Shikamaru looked at each other. They had known that Naruto had grown up without parents, but they hadn't known that he knew whom they were.

"Naruto you don't need to tell us if you don't want to" Sasuke began. He knew how hard talking about family could be.

"I want to. You two are my two best friends and I trust you with my life. Besides you know about the Kyuubi already so this won't be nearly as bad." Naruto said as he looked at his two teammates.

"Naruto.." Shikamaru began, but Naruto cut him off, "Hold on Shika, I want to show you guys something. It will help explain everything" Naruto said as he led them toward his father's house.

As they arrived at the spot Naruto could see the house, but the other two couldn't. "So what do you guys see?" Naruto said. Sasuke activated his sharingan and began looking around. Shikamaru looked at everything and tried to see if anything was out of the ordinary.

"I just see the forest" Sasuke said as he deactivated his eyes.

"Me too" Shikamaru said.

"Here take these and apply them to yourself" Naruto said as he handed them a seal each. Once applied both of them went wide-eyed at what appeared in front of them. A house suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Naruto what is this place?" Shikamaru asked.

"And what did you just give us?" Sasuke said.

"Well you see here, this is my house, or rather it was my father's house. He kept it hidden with a series of complex seals and space-time ninjutsu. To be able to access the house you need a special seal. The one I just gave you. If someone else where to come up here and walk toward the house, they would just go right through it as if it wasn't there."

Sasuke and Shikamaru both stared in disbelief. They knew seals were powerful but to hide a whole house and make it so you could walk right through without a proper seal was hard to believe.

"Naruto this is some seriously complex sealing. Especially adding in the fact that there is space-time ninjutsu added in as well. Only a fuuinjutsu master could hope to pull something like this off." Shikamaru said. His mind was racing as he began piecing things together. 'There have only been a few seal masters in our village, and only two of those could use space-time ninjutsu. The Nidaime and the Yondaime. How could I have not seen it before!' Shikamaru thought as he finally pieced it together.

"Figured it out huh Shika?" Naruto said as he stared at Shikamaru. Shikamaru just started back at Naruto in disbelief.

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke asked as he was still trying to piece everything together.

"Sasuke think about it. This house was created with complex seals and the use of space-time ninjutsu. Only a few people come to mind when those two things are brought up." Naruto said as he tried to get Sasuke to reach the conclusion. Sasuke thought about it and within a few moments he had reached the same conclusion as Shikamaru.

"Naruto is your father-" Shikamaru began but Sasuke finished for him "the Yondaime?"

Both Sasuke and Shikamaru nodded because they wanted to know. "Yes he was" Naruto said.

"I only just found out recently when Tsunade- baachan came back to the village. She is my godmother and Jiraiya is my godfather." Naruto said.

"Naruto wh-"Sasuke began, but Naruto didn't let him finish. "I don't want to be treated any differently because of this, but I needed you guys to know because soon my heritage will be released and people are going to come looking for me. That is why all three of us need to get stronger. I am not going to be able to take everyone on by myself."

"We will always have your back Naruto. Knowing who your father is doesn't make us think differently of you." Shikamaru said.

"You are always going to be a dobe" Sasuke said as he smirked. 'Naruto has trusted us with two of his deepest secret. Maybe I should tell them about Itachi'

"Naruto what about your mother?" Shikamaru asked.

"My mother was Kushina Uzumaki. She came from Uzushiokagure and came here shortly before her village was destroyed in the Second Shinobi War. She was the second container of the Kyuubi as it has been said that only and Uzumaki can contain it because of our chakra. She like my father was a seal master." Naruto told them.

Both Sasuke and Shikamaru just nodded. It was a lot to take in finding out one of your best friends was the son of the Fourth Hokage. Naruto waited for all the information to sink in and then began walking toward the house. "You guys coming? I have some scrolls waiting for you guys" Naruto said as he entered the front door. Sasuke and Shikamaru followed him.

When they entered the house they were surprised at how nice it was inside. They saw Naruto turn down a hallway so they followed him. Naruto entered the room at the end and waited for Sasuke and Shikamaru to arrive. Once they entered the room they found they were in an enormous study. The walls were lined with scrolls.

"Naruto where did you get all of these?" Shikamaru asked.

"Well some of them where already here, but I also grabbed the Uzumaki clan scrolls that were left in the Senju compound. So I added them to this collection as well. My parents were well versed in the shinobi arts." Naruto said as he walked over to the desk and grabbed two scrolls he had sitting on top of it. Naruto handed one to each Sasuke and Shikamaru.

"Inside each of the scrolls are some copies of scrolls from here. Shika I put some scrolls on some jutsu you might like as well as some on space-time ninjutsu. I figured you would find those interesting. Teme I gave you some scrolls with some fire and lightning jutsu as well as a scroll on kenjutsu." Naruto said.

"Thanks" they both said. They could not believe that Naruto was giving them copies of his family's scrolls.

"Naruto you don't need to do this. We do have access to our own families scrolls." Shikamaru said.

"Shika I know that, but like I said, I want all of us to get stronger together, and besides I have copies of everything I gave you anyways." Naruto said.

Shikamaru knew that Naruto was going to make him take the scroll so he dropped it. He also couldn't wait to see what was in the scroll.

"Listen it's been a long day and we need to meet Kakashi-sensei tomorrow. I'm heading to bed. I will see you guys tomorrow" Naruto said as he began to head for the door while Sasuke and Shikamaru followed him. Sasuke and Shikamaru left the house as Naruto went to bed and they both sped home to see what was in the scrolls.

(Konoha Hospital)

Kabuto began to move toward the bed that Dosu. Orochimaru had ordered him to make sure that Dosu's body was healed enough to be used later on. Dosu and his team were going to be punished for failing to complete Orochimaru's orders.

As Kabuto began healing Dosu he could not help but smile. "Too bad for you and your team that Orochimaru-sama does not accept failure that lightly. The three of you will make great sacrifices" Kabuto said to the unconscious body. Dosu was heavily medicated because the Leaf was trying to make sure he was comfortable as they tried to repair his skin.

Kabuto sensed someone outside the room and quickly disappeared from the room. As the door opened and a nurse peered in, Dosu opened his eyes and they held a great amount of anger within them. 'What did he mean sacrifices?' Dosu thought.

(Next day Training ground 7)

Naruto arrived to see Sasuke and Shikamaru going over a few of the scrolls he had given them. "You guys couldn't wait to see what was in them could you?" Naruto asked

"Could you blame you us? These were the Fourth's scrolls" Sasuke said. The conversation was interrupted as Kakashi appeared in the training ground.

"Yo" Kakashi said.

"You are actually on time" Naruto said. Kakashi hung his head.

"Well I didn't want to be late for this. I have secured senseis for all three of you for the next month. It would not be fair if I only trained one of you, so we have set up a rotation schedule. You will train with your respective sensei during the week and I will train each of you one day during that week. We will not be meeting again as a team until right before the finals." Kakashi said.

"Who are our senseis?" Shikamaru asked.

"Naruto you will be training with Master Jiraiya for the month, Sasuke you will be training with Zabuza, and Shikamaru you will be training with our newest jonin, Iruka." Kakashi said. After he was done speaking, all three respective Jonin appeared in the training ground.

As the three Jonin appeared, Naruto ran up to Iruka and hugged him. "Iruka-sensei you finally made jonin. How did you do it?"

Iruka tried to pry Naruto off of him, but Naruto was hanging on tight. "Naruto now is not the time to discuss this. I can tell you about it later over some ramen"

At the mention of ramen, Naruto let go and jumped in the air. "Yea! Ramen!" Everyone present shook their heads. No one would ever suspect that he was one of the strongest genin in the village with the way he acted.

"Do you three have any questions?" Kakashi asked his genin as Naruto finally calmed down. All three shook their heads.

"Well then I will leave you with your senseis. I will be in touch with each of you to train you throughout the week"

"Wait. What will you be doing in your off time?" Naruto asked.

"Don't you worry about that Naruto." Kakashi said as he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Zabuza stepped up first and looked at Sasuke. "Brat you are with me. Meet me at your compound in 30 minutes" he said as he disappeared in a swirl of water. Sasuke nodded and then said good-bye to his teammates and ran off to his house. He did not want to keep Zabuza waiting.

"Gaki you are with me. I am taking us somewhere more private for your training" Jiraiya said as he grabbed Naruto and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Well that just leaves us Shikamaru" Iruka said.

"Guess so. Are we staying here or are we moving, because moving somewhere else would be too troublesome" Shikamaru said.

"I agree, and that is why we will stay here. Let me just make sure this place is secure" Iruka said as he went through a few hand seals and put his hands on the ground. A light blue wall suddenly surrounded the training grounds.

"What did you just do?" Shikamaru asked.

"I just erected a barrier around these training grounds. People cannot enter it unless they overpower it or I give them permissions to enter and they cannot see or hear what we are doing in here. We will train in here"

Shikamaru was now intrigued. He never knew Iruka knew techniques like this. "Iruka-sensei no offense, but why were you chosen as my sensei for the month?"

Iruka laughed slightly. "No offense taken Shikamaru. Kakashi chose me because he wanted me to teach you Doton techniques to go along with your Raiton. I have both affinities and I use them in conjunction with my barrier techniques. Your opponent, Temari, is a wind user and your Raiton jutsu will be at a disadvantage."

"So you are going to be teaching me Doton and barrier techniques?" Shikamaru asked

"Correct. You may not know this, but I am one of the few ninja in the village that specialize in barrier techniques. They are hard to master, but when you do they can save your life. If you impress me, I will even teach you one of my own signature jutsu." Iruka said.

"Sounds troublesome" Shikamaru said, "but I need to get stronger so how do we start?"

(With Sasuke)

Sasuke arrived at the front gate of his compound and found Zabuza waiting for him. "About time brat, I was just about to leave. I don't have time for your excuses. Let's just start training. Kakashi is going to owe me big time after this"

"Where are we training?" Sasuke asked.

"Isn't it obvious? We are going to be training in your compounds training ground. I figure it will be the safest place to train kenjutsu at the moment. If we get to jutsu then we will go elsewhere if we need to, but jutsu will come only after I am impressed with your kenjutsu." Zabuza said.

Sasuke nodded and unlocked the front door to his compound and led Zabuza to his families training ground. "Here we are" Sasuke said as they entered the grounds.

"Good this will do just fine" Zabuza said as he took out his sword and waited for Sasuke to do the same.

"No using your eyes. Now get ready" Zabuza said as he rushed at Sasuke. Sasuke barely got his sword up in time to block the attack.

(With Naruto)

Naruto and Jiraiya landed near one of the waterfalls in the village. It was in a secluded part where few villagers ever travelled. "What are we doing here Ero-sennin" Naruto asked as he looked around at his surroundings.

"When are you going to start calling me Jiraiya-sensei like everyone else?" Jiraiya asked.

"When you stop perving on women."

"That won't happen"

"Then Ero-sennin is here to stay" Naruto said.

"Whatever brat."

"So what are we going to be learning this month?" Naruto asked.

"Well I am glad you asked. I am going to be teaching you how to summon toads. Your father summoned toads, and so do I. I am also going to be refining all your currents jutsu and I am going to be helping you learn one of your father's personal jutsu, the Rasengan."

"I already know all about the Rasengan. I read his notes a few weeks ago and have been practicing in my free time. I haven't been using clones that much because I wanted to complete it without clones."

Jiraiya was impressed. "What stage are you at?"

"I am close to completing stage 2, but I think with a few more weeks I could have it completed. Especially now that I have more time to dedicate to it."

"Well I will definitely be helping you complete the Rasengan and we will also be learning some of your mother's family jutsu, but first let's try your hand at summoning" Jiraiya said as he took out the summoning scroll from behind his back and prepared for Naruto to sign it.

(With Team 8)

Kurenai was waiting for her team to arrive. She was proud that Sakura and Hinata had advanced into the final round. Hinata had the most to prove because she got to the final round on a bye. She was going to have to make sure she was ready to defeat her cousin.

Kurenai watched as Sakura and Hinata came strolling into the training grounds chatting. "Hello ladies. Let me just say that I am extremely proud of you both. The next month is going to be hard, but I am sure you too will do just fine."

Both kunoichi nodded. "Thank you sensei" they both said.

"As you know there is one month before the finals, and it would be unfair of me to only train one of you so I have found two teachers for you both over the month. I will still be training you both from time to time but for the majority of the month you will be training with your other sensei"

"Who are our sensei's?" Sakura asked. She was curious as who was going to be teaching her.

"Well Sakura, your sensei actually approached me. She watched a tape of your match and she was greatly intrigued. She said she wanted to train you because you reminded her of herself when she was younger." Kurenai said.

"Who is it" Sakura asked. Her mind was racing at who it could have been.

"Sakura you are going to be trained by Lady Tsunade" Kurenai told them.

Sakura and Hinata's eyes went wide at the statement from Kurenai. Sure they all had trained somewhat with Jiraiya during their group training sessions, but Team 7 usually got the majority of training with him. For Sakura to be trained by Lady Tsunade was something else. Lady Tsunade was the best medic in the world, and all kunoichi looked up to her.

"Sakura she wants you to meet her at the hospital in thirty minutes. Don't be late. I will be in touch with you to set up our own training sessions"

"Hai sensei" Sakura said as she left and headed to the hospital.

"Now Hinata, I could not ask Gai to help you train as two of his own students are in the finals as well and would put him in an awkward situation, but I found someone willing to train you for the month. They are also one of the best in taijutsu in the village and they are very familiar with the Hyuuga fighting style"

Hinata was trying to think who this person could be. She didn't know of many people who were very familiar with her family's fighting style. "W-who is it sensei?" Hinata asked.

"Well Hinata, you are very familiar with this person, as it is your own father" Kurenai said as she watched Hinata's face turn into one of surprise.

'Father? Why would he help train me?' Hinata thought. "Hinata, your father came to me when he found out you were going to be in the finals and requested to teach you for the month. If you do not want him to train you for the month, then I can tell him I have found someone else" Kurenai said.

"No. I-I will train with my father" Hinata said. This surprised Kurenai.

"Alright. He wants you to meet him at training ground 1 in 30 min." Kurenai said.

"Hai sensei" Hinata said as she nodded.

"Hinata, I know you can beat Neji. You just need to believe in yourself." Kurenai said.

"Thanks sensei. I better get going so I am not late to meet with my father" Hinata said.

Kurenai watched her favorite student rush off to meet her father.

(At Training ground 1)

Hiashi was waiting for his daughter to arrive. He was extremely proud of her for making it to the final round in her first chunin exam. She did better than he did his first time around. His brother's team knocked out his team. Hizashi never let him live that down.

Hiashi was forced to stop reminiscing as he saw his daughter approach. "Hello father" Hinata said as she bowed to her father.

"Hinata I am glad you showed. I asked Kurenai-san to train you because I want to show the Hyuuga elders that you can be strong without using our traditional style. I am going to help you complete your mother's style this month. We will show them together" Hiashi said as he looked down at his daughter. Hinata looked so much like her mother that it hurt, but he was doing this for not only his daughter, but his late wife and his deceased brother as well. He along with his wife and Hizashi had wanted to change the Hyuuga clan, but once his brother passed he was unable to do so. He was hoping that Hinata and Neji would be able to accomplish what he could not.

"Hinata are you ready to begin" Hiashi said as he slipped into the Hyuuga's style.

"Hai father" Hinata said as she went into her new style.

Hiashi looked down at his daughter with pride and Hinata could have sworn she saw a small smile form.

(At the Hospital)

Sakura approached the front desk of the hospital and was greeted by the receptionist there.

"How can I help you miss?"

"I am here to see Lady Tsunade. My name is Sakura Haruno". At the mention of Sakura's name, the receptionist perked right up.

"Ahh, Tsunade-sama has been waiting for you. I will call up and tell her that you are on your way up. Her office is on the 4th floor. You can't miss it."

Sakura nodded to the receptionist and thanked her and headed to the elevator. As she got off on the fourth floor she immediately saw a sign that pointed her in the right direction. Sakura approached Tsunade's office and knocked lightly on the door.

"Enter" Sakura heard from the other side of the door.

As Sakura entered the room she found Tsunade and a young brunette women in the room. Sakura immediately bowed in the presence of the Legendary Medic. "Lady Tsunade I am very thankful you chose to train me for the finals. I will not let you down." Sakura said.

Tsunade smiled at the young genin in front of her. She reminded her of herself at that age. She had gone over her file and was impressed. She was beyond gifted with chakra control and she had shown herself to be useful with genjutsu and medical ninjutsu.

"Sakura please take a seat" Tsunade said as she stood. "Would you like some tea?" Sakura nodded.

"Shizune please get us some tea and then join us as we are going to be discussing her training schedule" Tsunade said as she ran to get the tea from the other side of the room.

Once the tea was poured Tsunade began, "Sakura I saw a taping of your match and I was very impressed. I have read your file and I can see the potential in you. I plan on training you to become a front line medic. There are few of those among ninja, and I believe you would excel as one. If you agree to my training, myself along with Shizune will be overseeing your training. It will be tough and there are going to be times when you will hate me, but I assure you that you will not regret it. So what do you say?"

Sakura looked at Tsunade and immediately said, "I accept. I will not let you down"

(With Team 10)

Asuma showed up to his team's training ground and found Shino already there waiting. He kneeling down so Asuma assumed he had found a bug that he was inspecting.

"Hello sensei" Shino said as he rose and turned to face Asuma.

"Shino I am very proud of you for making it to the finals. To make it as a rookie genin is unusual. That being we are going to need to step up your training for the month. I have spoken with your father and we are going to split your time training. He is going to train you in more of your clan techniques while we work on furthering your techniques that you already have. I will also be teaching you some more fire jutsu" Asuma said.

Shino nodded. He had figured that this would be what would happen. He was the only genin from his team that made it to the finals so Asuma did not need to split his time. He was sure that when he was training with his father that Asuma would be doing D-rank missions with Ino and Choji.

"I understand sensei." Shino said.

"Well there is no time like the present to begin training. We will spar for a bit then we will work on jutsu" Asuma said as he took out his trench knives and got into his stance. Shino began by letting some of his beetles loose. Asuma took the initiative and attacked first.

(With Team 9)

Neji arrived at his training ground to find his sensei and Lee already training. He wasn't surprised. This happened all the time. Gai saw Neji approach and stopped doing his one handed pushups and greeted Neji.

"Ah Neji how youthful of you to arrive just on time" Gai said

Neji just nodded at the antics of his sensei. By now he was used to them. "Now that you are both here I will let you know about your training. Though I wish to train you both, there are area where I feel you both need to focus on and improve, and I have found two people to help you in those areas. I will still be training both of you from time to time, but you will spend the majority of your time with your other sensei for the month."

"Who have you found to train us Gai-sensei? Can they match our power of youth?" Lee asked.

Gai smiled at his young protégé, "Don't worry Lee I believe they will be able to keep up. They are Jonin after all. Neji I have found someone who not only is a lightning user, but is also well versed in the using the bow. They will train you to use your bow and help you with your element. Ken if you will" As Gai finished speaking a male jonin suddenly appeared beside Gai, surprising the two genin. Ken was wearing the standard jonin uniform and wore a black bandana around his head.

"Neji, Ken here will be taking over your training. I will be by in a few days to check in and train you as well for a bit." Gai said. 'I'm lucky Ken agreed to take a month break from ANBU to help train Neji. I owe him big time for this'

"Hyuuga-san if you would please meet me at Training Ground 33 we will start our training there" Ken said as he disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Neji bowed to Gai and then left to head to Training ground 33.

"Gai-sensei who will be training me?" Lee asked.

"I will be" a voice said as they appeared in the training grounds.

"Ah right on time Yugao-san" Gai said.

Lee looked at the ninja who appeared before him and saw that this one was a female who had long purple hair and had a sword strapped to her back.

"Lee this is Yugao-san. She will be helping you train during the month."

"Hai Gai-sensei!" Lee said

Gai smiled at his young protégé. He was always so happy to see how energetic and eager Lee was over training. "Lee I will stop by in a few days to train you a bit, but until then you are under to Yugao-san. She is very knowledgeable" Gai said.

Lee looked to his sensei and nodded. "See you in a few days sensei" Lee said as Gai left the training grounds.

"As Gai said my name is Yugao. I am a jonin of the Leaf Village and I have agreed to be your sensei over the next month" Yugao began. Gai owed her big time for this. She was taking time out of her ANBU vacation to teach one of his students. "Gai has told me you have an interest in kenjutsu, as you can see by the sword on my back, I am also a sword user." Yugao said as she grabbed the hilt of her sword.

"Did you not bring your sword with you Lee?" Yugao asked as he realized Lee did not have a sword on him.

"Quite the opposite sensei. I have them sealed on me" Lee said.

"Well that is good to know. As you know your opponent is Gaara of the Sand in the first round. We need for you to have an edge over him, and that is where I come in. I am also a lightning user, so we will be working on channeling your element through your sword."

Lee was excited when Yugao began talking about his training, but soon a frown was on his face as he realized that he might not be able to complete this training with his inability to use chakra correctly.

"Lee, do not worry, Gai-san has told me about your problem with chakra and I have just the way around that" Yugao said.

Lee turned to his new sensei and had a giant smile on his face.

(Two weeks later in the Hokage's Training ground)

Hiruzen ducked under a kick from Gai as he sent his own kick to Kurenai. Kurenai could not dodge in time and was sent flying back and went right into Kakashi. Hiruzen jumped back and began going through hand seals and slammed his hands on the ground and yelled "Doton: Great mud river" and the ground suddenly began turning into a river of mud.

Gai and Asuma were lucky enough to jump away, but Kakashi and Kurenai had gotten caught in the river. As the two struggled to break free they sank further into the river. Asuma engaged his father as Gai went to get his two comrades out of the river.

Asuma rushed his father and began a taijutsu battle. The two Sarutobi's were almost evenly matched. Though it looked as though Asuma was slightly faster, Hiruzen had way more experience and easily began to dominate the exchanged. As Hiruzen overpowered his son, he was forced to dodge as Gai had finally freed Kurenai and Kakashi, and the three of began to join in the battle as well.

It had been a while since Hiruzen had had a battle like this, and he felt the adrenaline pumping through his veins. He jumped back and began going through hand seals as did Kakashi and Asuma. The Hokage released his technique first upon the four jonin. "Doton: Great Mud wall" Hiruzen said as he began spitting up mud and formed a massive wall between him and the jonin.

As the wall was being built Kakashi and Asuma unleashed their own techniques "Raiton: Lightning Dragon Technique" and "Katon: Fire Dragon Technique" respectively. The two dragon techniques hit the wall and caused an explosion. The four jonin looked toward the wall as the smoke cleared and saw that the wall was still standing.

"I will get rid of this wall", Gai said as he rushed toward the wall, intent on taking it down with his own strength. As Gai approached the wall, he pulled his arm back to punch the wall but jumped back at the last second as a mud dragon came shooting from the wall. As Gai landed among the other jonin, they were forced to dodge as the Hokage began raining down fireballs from atop the wall.

Kakashi began shooting lightning bolts at the Hokage as Asuma began shooting wind bullets. Gai and Kurenai began unleashing kunai and shuriken. Hiruzen stood still as the attacks came at him. He smiled as he had not had this much fun in a while, but he knew he needed to end this soon. The Hokage let the attacks hit him as he set his plan in motion.

The attacks hit the Hokage and cause an explosion. As the dust settled the Hokage was nowhere to be found and the giant mud wall was beginning to crumble. "You don't think.." Kurenai began but was cut off from Asuma "Keep your guard up, he would never be taken out so easily"

Kurenai nodded as she grabbed two kunai and held them. As the wall finally came down four copies of the Hokage came rushing at the four jonin. Kakashi looked at them and saw through it immediately, "Mud Clones, keep watch for the real one" Kakashi warned them.

As the clones reached the jonin, they began trying to dispel them, but as soon as they were going to fight them the arena went dark. The four jonin realized as soon as it happened that they had been caught in the famous genjutsu of the first Hokage. Trying to dispel it while fighting a mud clone was not easy as the four jonin soon found out. Kurenai wasn't known as the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha for nothing as she was the first to break the genjutsu, but as soon as she had she saw the Hokage in front of her and received a kick to the stomach sending her flying back.

The real Hokage caught Kurenai and held onto her with a kunai in his hand. He ended the genjutsu on the other three and signaled for the match to be over. Once the genjutsu was over the other three turned and saw the Hokage holding Kurenai.

"Guess we lost huh?" Asuma said as he looked at his dad and scratched his head.

"You have a surprising amount of youth left in you Hokage-sama" Gai said.

The Hokage smiled as he let go of Kurenai and allowed her to join her fellow jonin. "You fought four well. I was worried you almost had me there for a minute" The Hokage said as he chuckled lightly.

"Now tell me how goes the training for your genin? Are they prepared for what is to come in the finals?"

"I believe I speak for all of us when I say that whatever Orochimaru has planned for the finals, our squads can handle it. We have trained them well" Kakashi said, getting nods from the other senseis. The Hokage smiled at hearing this. He knew that this current generation was going to go on to do great things.

"That pleases me to hear. We are still trying to figure out what Orochimaru has planned, but I am confident that we will be victorious. Now if you four will excuse me I have a meeting to attend. I will see you all in a week so that we can have a rematch." The Hokage said as he disappeared in a swirl of leaves, leaving the four jonin in the training grounds.

"Who knew Hokage-sama was still so strong" Kurenai said as she was nursing her stomach where she had been hit.

"Pops wasn't called the God of Shinobi for nothing. If he was going all out we wouldn't have stood a chance." Asuma said. Kakashi and Gai nodded. They had heard stories of the Hokage in his prime and knew that though he had aged, he was still a force to be reckoned with. None of them were on his level at this current time.

"I'm late for a meeting with my team, I wonder if they will believe my excuse this time. See you three around. " Kakashi said as he disappeared from the training grounds.

The other three took Kakashi's departure as cue that they should leave as well.

(That night)

Haku was leaving the hospital after a late shift and was heading back to his apartment as he heard blades clashing. He wasn't near any training grounds so he decided to go and check out the noise. As Haku approached he could sense two people. Haku immediately went on guard and took out a few senbon.

As Haku was getting closer, the clashing of the swords suddenly stopped. Haku landed on a roof and looked to where the noise was coming from and saw a body with blood pouring out of it and another figure standing over the first.

"Stop right there!" Haku yelled as he began advancing on the figure. He could not see the attackers face because their back was turned, but Haku began unleashing senbon. The attacker turned and blocked all the senbon with their sword and disappeared in a shunshin. Haku knew that chasing off the attacker would spell certain death for the wounded.

Haku reached the wounded body and found it to be Hayate. "Haku..Sand and Sound… tell Hokage" Hayate said as he lost consciousness. Haku immediately began trying to heal Hayate but knew his level of medic jutsu would not get the job done. Haku knew to save Hayate he would have to try something that he hadn't performed yet, but only worked on the theory behind it. 'I've never actually have tried this, but I hope this works'

While one hand was trying to heal the wound, the other was sending ice chakra into Hayate. Haku hoped that if he could drop the temperature of his body enough then the blood flowing from the wound would stop. Haku began pulsing his chakra to alert nearby patrols of his presence.

Haku looked down at the wound and saw that the blood was beginning to slow down. It was working. Soon a squad of ANBU appeared. "What is going on?" the squad leader said. He was wearing a Wolf mask.

"Hayate was attacked. I am trying to save him. Quickly I need help healing him and transporting him to the hospital." Haku said to the ANBU present.

One ANBU in a squirrel mask stepped forward and began healing Hayate along with Haku. The leader turned to the other two with him. "Frog go alert Hokage-sama immediately. Tell him what has happened and tell him we are bringing Hayate to the hospital. Dove go to the hospital and have everything prepared immediately. I will try to pick the up attackers trail. Squirrel move him as soon as it is safe." Wolf said as the three of them left in puffs of smoke.

"The body will be ready to move in a second. He has lost a lot of blood, but we can move him if we use this" Squirrel said as he pulled out a scroll.

"What is that?" Haku said.

"This is a stasis seal. It will put Hayate-san into stasis until we get him to the hospital. I am going to need you to activate it as I am healing him" Squirrel said as he handed the scroll to Haku.

"What do I need to do?" Haku asked.

"Unroll the scroll the length of Hayate-san and when I tell you place your hand on him and send chakra into the scroll. His body will be placed inside as we transport him."

Haku unrolled the scroll and waited for the signal. "Alright do it now." Squirrel said. Haku placed his hand on Hayate and on the scroll and pumped chakra into his hand. Hayate then disappeared in a puff of smoke and the scroll rolled up and glowed a light blue for a second.

"We need to hurry. Though his body is in stasis, his body is not strong enough to last long in that state." Squirrel said as he stood and he and Haku sped off toward the hospital.

(3 hours later)

"..and that is what happened Hokage-sama." Haku said. Haku had been asked to wait at the hospital until Hayate got out of surgery. Luckily because Haku had found him he was going to make a full recovery. It was touch and go for a while, but luckily Shizune was able to make sure he would live. Haku was currently meeting with the Hokage in an empty room.

The Hokage looked at Haku and smiled. "Haku, you have done well. You saved a jonin's life tonight with your quick thinking. If it wasn't for you, Hayate would have died tonight."

"I was just doing my job Hokage-sama." Haku said.

"Haku you may go now. If I have any other questions I will contact you. Please keep what has happened here tonight a secret."

"Understood Hokage-sama" Haku said as he exited the room.

The Hokage sighed as Haku left the room and turned to the ANBU that appeared in the room. "Wolf report"

"Hayate is coming too. Yugao-san is with him currently."

"Good. I will be there shortly. Please have your team meet me there."

As the Hokage left the empty room he went to Hayate's room. As he walked in he saw Shizune doing some medical scans of Hayate and he could see a very tired looking Yugao. Her eyes were red and puffy. She had been crying.

As the Hokage entered, Yugao stood up to greet the Hokage, but the Hokage put his hand up, "Yugao-san, no need. You have been through a lot tonight with the attack on Hayate. Please sit back down."

Yugao smiled briefly and then sat back down and grabbed her boyfriend's hand.

"Shizune-san how is he?" Sarutobi asked.

"He will make a full recovery, but he needs to be kept to bed rest for a week. The wound was pretty deep. If it was not for Haku-san's quick thinking then he would have died."

As Shizune finished speaking, Hayate began to stir. "Uhh.. where am I?" he said as he was trying to get oriented to his surroundings.

"Hayate-san you are currently in the hospital. Haku brought you here after finding you. You nearly died." The Hokage said. "Do you remember anything at all before the attack?"

"We are in danger Hokage-sama" Hayate said. "As I was doing my patrol, I came across two people meeting. One of them was wearing a cloak and I could not see him, but his voice sounded familiar. He said something about Orochimaru attacking during the finals. The other person was Baki of the Sand. The Sand is on the invasion."

The Hokage could not but help his shock at this statement. He had known about Orochimaru attacking, but he never thought that he would have somehow gotten the Sand to help him. The Sand was supposed to be the Leaf's ally.

"That is very grave information. Are you sure about this?" The Hokage asked.

"I'm positive Hokage-sama. When they realized that I had overheard Baki began to chase me. He eventually caught up to me. We fought and as you can see he bested me."

The Hokage sighed and began thinking. He motioned for the ANBU. Wolf and his squad appeared. Sarutobi looked at everyone present in the room. Shizune, Yugao, Hayate, Wolf, Squirrel, Dove, and Frog.

"Chances are that Baki thinks you died. He would not have left Haku-san alone with you if he thought there was a chance you would have survived. We can use this in our favor. I am going to announce to the Jonin that you have died Hayate, just for the time being. This way they think that we never got the information. Once their attack is over, we will reveal that you are in fact alive."

Those present nodded. It made sense. If they announced that Hayate had been killed then that would give them an advantage over the Sand and the Sound.

"Everyone in this room is sworn to keep the existence of Hayate-san a secret for the time being. For now I will let you rest Hayate-san. Yugao-san feel free to stay here as long as you need. I will inform Gai of the situation." Sarutobi said. He knew Yugao was training Lee for the upcoming exam.

"Everyone else is free to leave. I will check back in with you tomorrow" Sarutobi said as he headed for the exit.

(With Kabuto a little while later)

Kabuto was quite pleased with himself as he checked into his shift at the hospital that night. He had no doubt in his mind that Baki took care of Hayate. As Kabuto began to work he saw a purple haired woman come out of a nearby hospital room in tears and collapse against the wall. Kabuto watched as the woman was then approached by a few ANBU.

"Yugao-san we are very sorry for your loss. We are here for you if you need anything. Hayate-san was a great man and he died defending this village. We will make sure his killer is found" The ANBU said. Yugao barely noticed the ANBU in front of her as she continued to cry against the wall.

'That is Yugao, Hayate's girlfriend. It seems that Baki succeeded in killing Hayate' Kabuto thought as he hid a smirk and turned away. Kabuto knew that with Hayate dead their plan would be able to proceed without any disturbances. 'I will have to congratulate Baki next time I see him' Kabuto thought as he turned and went down the hall.

(With Dosu)

Dosu had been sleeping but he woke up when he heard a woman crying outside of his room. Dosu was deep in his thoughts about what must have happened to this woman when he felt a familiar presence near the window.

"What do you want Kin?" Dosu said as Kin appeared now that she was found out.

"I came by to check on you, we are still teammates." Kin said. The three of them had been a team for a while now and she had become attached to them.

"Where is Zaku?" Dosu asked.

"He is back at the hotel. He is pretty pissed still about losing. Keeps saying he is going to have his revenge during the invasion."

Dosu had been thinking a lot about the upcoming invasion. "Kin what do you know about that gray haired guy Kabuto?"

Kin took a few seconds to think about it. "Not a lot. He didn't fight in the finals so I have no idea how he fights or what type he is, why do you ask?"

"Kin what I am about to tell you needs to stay between us. It can't get out." Dosu said as he looked directly at Kin.

Kin saw the seriousness in his eyes and nodded. "Alright"

"Well after the finals when I was in here, he came in and began to heal me and said that the three of us were going to be used as sacrifices for master Orochimaru's plans during the invasion. I think he is with the Sound."

Kin looked shocked. She knew that they had failed in killing Sasuke during the second part of the exam, but they still had the time during the invasion to kill him as well. "Dosu are you sure? You were on a lot of pain medication after the fight." Kin said not wanting to believe it.

"Kin I am positive. You know what happens to those who fail missions in Oto. They are killed or severely punished. Our mission was to kill Sasuke Uchiha during the second part of the exam and we failed miserably. Do you think that is going to go unpunished?" Dosu asked.

Kin stared at Dosu in disbelief. She knew that failing a mission meant death or extreme punishment, but she didn't want to think about it. "Dosu.." Kin began

"Kin listen to me. We are going to be targeted very soon and used as sacrifices during the invasion"

"Dosu Orochimaru would not do that to us. He said we were hand picked for this assignment. We can still complete it."

"Kin don't be stupid. How many times have we heard Orochimaru say something like that to someone only to have him or her killed when they fail. He does not take kindly to failure, and the three of us failed the mission. We are going to die."

"But Orochimaru-sama knows that we are loyal to him. He saved us. Why would he kill us?"

"Because we have outlived our usefulness" Dosu said. "Think about it Kin."

Kin sat there as she took everything in. Kin did not want to believe that the man that had saved her would kill her just because she had failed a mission. Sure she had seen others who had failed be punished and killed, but Orochimaru had told them personally that they were chosen for this mission because they were perfect for it. Their team would be able to take out Sasuke's team and kill him.

"Don't you think its weird that he wanted us to kill Sasuke's team, but those leaf genin could have killed us if they had wanted to." Dosu said.

"That pink haired girl was not part of his team" Kin said, still bitter about losing to her in the forest.

"That is beside the point. You fought his other teammate and lost anyway, and he could have killed you if he wanted to. He was playing with you, just like Orochimaru is playing with us."

Kin took a few moments to process everything. She could understand where Dosu was coming from, but she did not want to believe it.

"As soon as I am released I am leaving and not turning back. I would rather be on the run than be used as a sacrifice and killed." Dosu said.

Kin was shocked. She could not believe that Dosu would leave Oto behind, leave their team behind, leave her behind. "Dosu please think about what you are saying. If you leave then Orochimaru-sama will undoubtedly kill you. He will not let you escape." Kin said.

"I know, and I would rather be killed trying to get away from him then be used as a pawn in his plans." Dosu said his mind made up.

Kin knew that once Dosu had made his mind up on something then it was very hard to change his mind. "Dosu you won't want last long on your own"

"That is why I want you and Zaku to come with me. The three of us have survived this far together" Dosu said.

Kin tried to take in what Dosu had just said. If what Dosu said was true, then she was dead anyways. If she left with him she could at least have a fighting chance to survive. Kin didn't know if she could betray Orochimaru and leave the village that she had been calling home for the past few years, and she knew for certain Zaku would never betray Orochimaru.

"Kin I don't need your answer now, but I want you to think about it. I am going to be released in a week."

Kin nodded and turned toward the window. "Good night Dosu" Kin said as she leapt out the window with her mind racing. Dosu watched his teammate leave and hoped she would make the right decision.

(1 week later, nighttime.)

Kin hadn't visited Dosu since that night in the hospital where he had told her that he was going to be leaving once he was out. She had been thinking about what he had said the whole week and she just still couldn't bring herself to believe that Orochimaru would betray them and use them as sacrifices during the invasion.

Kin had soon found herself outside the hotel room where she and Zaku were staying while Dosu recovered. The third Hokage had let all the competitors who had teammates in the hospital stay until they were ready to leave. Kin was about to open the door, but as she reached for the knob she heard a muffled sound and then heard a body hit the floor.

"Ignorant genin. All of this could have been avoided if he had just come quietly. Well he is going to die anyways" a female voice said.

"I could have handled him you know. You should have stayed hidden"

"Yea but you were taking too long, and besides you can handle the girl waiting outside the room." The female said.

Kin tensed up as they mention her. She immediately began running away. As she turned the corner of the hallway she heard the door fly open and she knew she was being pursued.

'I need to get to the hospital and get Dosu. He was right. We are going to be sacrificed' Kin thought as she ran as fast as she could out of the hotel and towards the hospital. Kin began weaving genjutsus as she was running in hopes to throw her pursuer off. She doubted they would make much difference, but she had to try.

Kin soon found herself near the hospital and she took to the roofs so she could get to the window that was Dosu's. As she landed on the building she threw open the window and jumped into the room. "Dosu! Get up we need to go! They got Zaku! We need to hurry!" Kin said as she looked at Dosu.

Dosu realized immediately what was going on and jumped out of bed. He was being released tomorrow and he had a feeling something like this may happen so he had been prepared.

"Kin let's go before whoever was following you gets here." Dosu said as he went to the window and he and Kin jumped out. Dosu found that being in the hospital for three weeks had reduced his movement a bit. He was still recovering from his injuries and wasn't supposed to doing strenuous movements, but Dosu needed to get away or he would be dead.

Kin and Dosu landed on the street and began making there way to the village gates when they suddenly found their path blocked by a wall of ice. "What the-" They both said, but before either could finish their sentence two senbon were put into their necks and they fell to the ground.

Anko and Haku appeared next to the two fallen Sound nin. "Good job Haku. You are proving more useful than I ever thought" Anko said

"Thank you Anko-san" Haku said.

"Let's get them before anyone notices what is going on. Ibiki and the Hokage are waiting" Anko said as she leaned down and threw Kin over her shoulder, and Haku doing the same with Dosu. They both disappeared in a puff of smoke.

(In the Hokage's office)

Sitting in the Hokage's office was the third Hokage along with Ibiki and Inoichi Yamanaka. The Hokage was sitting behind his desk smoking his pipe while Ibiki and Inoichi were both sitting at the couch sipping on tea. The three were enjoying the peace and waiting for what was to come as two puffs of smoke appeared.

"About time Anko-chan. I thought for a second you were losing your touch" the Hokage said to Anko as she stuck out her tongue at the old village leader.

"We had to make sure that the pursuer was captured before we took them" Anko said. She turned to Ibiki, "the traitor was picked up by ANBU and brought to your office for some fun later"

"Thank you Anko-san" Ibiki said. Anko could have sworn she saw a small smile form on his lips.

"Hokage-sama where would you like us to put them?" Haku asked.

"Please put them in those chairs over there and tie them up and apply the chakra suppression seals" The Hokage said as he pointed to two chairs off to the side. Haku and Anko put Dosu and Kin into those chairs and tied them up. After they were secured Anko applied a chakra suppression seal to both of them.

"How long until they wake up?" Anko asked

"Once I take the senbon out I can wake them up without harm" Haku said. Haku looked toward the Hokage and he nodded.

Haku took the senbon out of the necks of Dosu and Kin and then put smelling salts underneath their noses causing both of them to stir.

"What the hell happened?" Kin said as she was coming to.

"Where are we" Dosu said. Both were not fully aware of their surroundings.

As the two Sound genin were coming to the Hokage stood and walked over to stand in front of them along with Ibiki and Inoichi. He gave a slight cough and waited for the two genin to look at him.

Kin and Dosu both realized what had happened and knew they needed to be extremely careful with their next few words.

"Now that I have your attention I would like to introduce myself. As I am sure you know I am the Third Hokage. These men are Ibiki Morino, Head of Torture and Interrogation and this is Inoichi Yamanaka, the old head of that department." The Hokage said as he pointed to Ibiki and Inoichi. "You two were saved by Anko and Haku here"

Both Kin and Dosu looked at each other and thought the same thing, 'Saved?'

"I am sure you are both wondering why you are here. Well you have information we would like and we would like it if you gave us that information" The Hokage said. "As it stands now I can have you both arrested and killed for being part of the conspiracy to destroy our village, but it may be due to my old age, but I am feeling nice and will let you both explain yourselves."

"Where is Zaku?" Kin asked

"Ah yes, your other teammate. Unfortunately our ninja were not able to rescue him. It seems as though who ever he was talking to inside that hotel room overpowered him and took him. We have our best trackers on it at the moment. Rest assured that who ever he was talking with in his room was not affiliated with this village. The ninja who was pursuing you has been captured." The Hokage said.

"What are you going to do with us?" Dosu asked.

"Like I said earlier, we are looking for some information on Orochimaru" Sarutobi said.

Kin and Dosu tensed. Dosu recovered first. "I owe him nothing anymore. He gave us promises of power and a home and then he was going to throw us away first chance he got. I will tell you anything you want, but I want something in return." Kin nodded in agreement.

"I think we can work something out" Sarutobi said as he smiled. "Anko please untie these two and get them some tea and something to eat. We have much to discuss"

(In the woods outside of the village)

Kabuto was waiting at the meeting area. He had been waiting longer than he would have liked. 'They have better have gotten all three of them. Orochimaru will not be happy with anymore failures.' Kabuto thought. Kabuto sensed someone coming and prepared himself in case it was an enemy.

"Why are you here?" Guren said as she appeared in the clearing.

"Guren-sama a pleasure as always" Kabuto said not even trying to hide the fact he did not like her. "Where is Mako and the genin?"

"Well when we arrived at the hotel only that brat that could shoot air out of his palms was there, and he was quite a handful. Had to knock him out. He is in the scroll." Guren said as she tossed Kabuto a scroll. "Unfortunately for us that girl was outside the door and heard us talking and realized they were going to be killed anyways and fled. Mako is currently getting her and the other from the hospital."

"Why didn't you go after the girl? You are stronger than Mako" Kabuto said.

"Ehh.. I didn't feel like it." Guren said.

Kabuto stared at Guren. He hated her, but could not get rid of her. For one he wasn't entirely sure he could kill her and second she was also one of Orochimaru's top ninja. He would surely notice if she were to go missing.

"Very well. The others have set up camp a few miles ahead. I will wait for Mako and then we will join you" Kabuto said as Guren took to the trees and disappeared. 'I wonder if I could make her death look like it was an accident from the invasion' Kabuto thought to himself as he began imagining the different ways he would get rid of Guren.

(2 Hours later)

Kabuto approached the camp and went immediately to two ninja standing around. "You two. I need one of you to get me Sonka and the other to get me Guren. Tell them to meet me immediately in my tent."

Kabuto watched as the two ninja left to do his bidding and he ducked into his tent. He was extremely angry. Mako had never shown up and he believed he has been compromised. Kabuto did not need to wait long before Guren and another ninja, Sonka, arrived..

"What do you want? I was sleeping" Guren said.

"Mako never returned. I fear he may have been compromised. I need you to sneak back into the village and search for him while you get a team together and search the woods for Kin, Dosu, and Mako." Kabuto said pointing to Guren and Sonka respectively.

Guren and Sonka nodded. Guren was going to argue but knew that this was important. If Mako did not make it back then he may have been captured and she would be getting blamed for it.

(1 week later. Day of the finals)

Naruto woke up and took a quick shower and made a cup of instant ramen. The month had gone by quickly in his opinion and Jiraiya had told him he had gotten a lot stronger. After getting ready he looked at himself in the mirror. Gone was his bright orange jumpsuit and instead was a pair of ANBU style ninja pants and a dark blue shirt. Jiraiya had drilled in the importance of choosing colors that were easier to blend in rather than bright orange. Forcing him to change his outfit was hard, but Naruto felt it was worth it. He felt he looked more like his father now that he had gotten rid of his jumpsuit.

Naruto checked his supplies and made sure he had blank scrolls for later. He double-checked all the seals he had on him. Once he was satisfied he left his room and headed to his living to grab his jacket and head to the stadium. As Naruto entered the living room he saw package on his living room table along with a toad.

"Naruto-sama. Sorry for disturbing you, but Jiraiya-sama has asked me to deliver you this package. Good luck today Naruto-sama".

"Thank you gama-san" Naruto said as he did not recognize the toad before him.

The toad nodded and disappeared in a poof of smoke. Naruto approached the package and found that there was a letter attached to it.


You worked harder than I ever could have imagine over the past month and I am extremely proud of you. I know your mother and father would have been as well. Enjoy the package. You have earned it.


Naruto put the note down and opened the box. What he found inside surprised him. It was a cloak just like his father use to have. It was white just like his fathers, but instead of having red flames on the bottom it had orange flames. Naruto held back the tears as he put the cloak on. Naruto turned to look at the mirror he had in his living room and liked what he saw. He was nearly an exact copy of his father.

'As much as I want to wear this out to the match I can't. I need to conceal my heritage for a bit longer.' Naruto said as he took the cloak off and put it in the box. Naruto looked at the clock and saw that he had an hour to kill and decided to go walk around the village and wait for the finals to begin.

(With the Hokage)

Sarutobi arrived at the stadium and took his seat in the Kage's Box. There were two other seats there as well. One for the Kazekage and the other for the Tsuchikage. Sarutobi was surprised that Iwa send genin to the chunin exams as they never did when they were hosted in Konoha, and he was even more surprised that Oonoki was coming to see the finals. Sarutobi knew that the two villages were not on the best terms ever since the end of the last war, but the Tsuchikage was smart enough not to start anything when he was here. Sarutobi was worried about Orochimaru attacking the village with the Tsuchikage here.

It was bad enough having to worry about his former student attacking, but now he also had to worry about protecting the Tsuchikage. He knew that Oonoki seeing the village being attacked would not be good as it would most likely mean Iwa would attack them in their weakened state.

"Hokage-sama the Tsuchikage has arrived at the stadium and is on his way here" The ANBU said that appeared before the Hokage. Sarutobi nodded. He didn't have to wait long before he saw the Tsuchikage, but he was not walking up the stairs, rather he was flying toward the Kage box.

"Stairs too much for your back Tsuchikage-dono?" Sarutobi asked.

Oonoki grinned "You wish Hokage-dono. I felt this way was faster and I wanted to talk to you before my guards got here."

The Hokage nodded and dismissed his ANBU. "What did you want to talk to me about Tsuchikage-dono?" Sarutobi said as Oonoki landed in the Kage's box.

"First let's stop with all the pleasantries formalities shall we Sarutobi-sama. We have known each other for a long time"

"Agreed Oonoki-sama. Now we don't have much time before the Kazekage gets here. What do you wish to speak with me about?"

"Well there is no use in beating around the bush. I know about Orochimaru and the invasion" Oonoki said to a shocked Sarutobi.

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