*****AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello, again, all! Here is my Murphy smut! (and there was much rejoicing. Yaaay.) Anyway, this is the third story in my OFC/twins, um, saga, I guess. To any new readers this is my take on one girl and her 'arrangement' with the boys. You don't really need to read the other two stories to understand what's going on with this one, but please feel free to peruse the other two, if you enjoy this, you may enjoy them, too. To pitbullsrok, The-Major's-Sargent, Valerie Mackin and all my other loyal reviewers and everyone who has put me on their favorites list, and their author alerts y'all have no idea how much it means to read that y'all are enjoying my twin smut. Thanks ever so much, and please keep it up. So this fic takes up right up to the start of the movie, and I'm moving into the timeline of the movie next although the next one in its current form is a little less filth and a little more feeling, not sure I'm married to it really. If you might be interested in it, please let me know. Of course as always, reviews are love! Anyway…enjoy!*****

As I entered the building I was torn trying to decide if I wanted to just take the lift or get the most out of the exercise induced endorphins still in my blood and take the five flights of steps. I decided that I couldn't get any sweatier so I took the stairs.

At about the fourth floor my endorphins ran out and I realized that while I couldn't get any sweatier I was certainly capable of getting tired. I sat on the bottom step on the fourth floor landing trying to shake the wobbly feeling that had settled in the long muscles of my thighs.

I was considering standing when the door to the lift rattled open and the boys' downstairs neighbor stepped out. She was a good natured lady somewhere in her mid to late 60's and she loved to keep the boys fed. "Oh, it's you dear," she said, spotting me.

"Hello," I replied, sort of half waving to her.

"On your way up to see the boys, then?"

"Yes, ma'am," I replied, "almost made it when my legs decided to give out."

"You know, I always tell myself I'm gonna use the stairs, but I never seem to make it. You should take the lift the rest of the way."

"It's only one more floor," I said, ashamed that I had been thinking the same thing.

She looked up and down the hall, surreptitiously, "I won't tell anyone," she whispered.

I laughed and got to my feet. "Well, in that case," I said heading for the lift.

"Now which of the boys are you seeing, dear?"

"Connor," I answered quickly. I had explained to the boys at one point in a sober discussion of our arrangement (that's how I liked to refer to it 'our arrangement', Connor and Murph preferred the term 'the fuckin' jackpot' (meh, potato, fuckin' potahto)) that I would still tell people I was only seeing Connor provided that when Murphy and I went out we would all start the evening together, so it would seem like Connor knew that we were hanging out. I wouldn't have minded a few people knowing that I was dating both of them, but given the boys lack of discretion and need for bragging I would just as soon avoid them discussing 'our arrangement' at the bar over pints. "I'm good friends with both of them, of course."

"You'd have to be, love. Connor, eh? He's a sweet boy. Though," she continued, looking up and down the hall, "I have to admit, I'm a bit partial to that Murphy myself."

"Really?" I asked, my voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper.

"Lord, yes, girl. I've always had a bit of a fondness for the darker featured men. Plus," she said dropping her voice to match my own, "he has an arse that just won't quit."

I felt a smile cross my face and I nodded to her my voice somber, trying to hold in my laughter, "You do have a point there."

She nodded firmly at me, then looked panicked. "Not to say that your Connor isn't quite the looker. You could do laundry on that boy's stomach."

I smiled and stepped onto the lift. "Do you want me to mention any of this to Murphy? Maybe the four of us could double sometime?"

"Ach," she said laughing and waving a hand at me in a dismissing gesture, "away with ye, lass." I smiled to myself as I pulled the lift gate closed and headed up to see the boys.