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The Beginning

~Year 2003 to 2005 – Tree Hill, North Carolina~

Nathan Scott was Co-Captain of the Tree Hill Ravens with his Half-Brother Lucas Scott.

Haley James was a Tutor and also a Cheerleader for the Ravens along with her best friend Brooke Davis and close friend Peyton Sawyer.

Haley and Nathan hated eachother but they were forced together when Haley got assigned Nathan's Tutor in their Sophmore year.

The two got close, soon fell in love.

Middle of Junior Year, they got married in a secret wedding at the beach.

The Romance broke off as summer started ... Haley went off on Tour with her music and Nathan went to High Flyers Basketball camp.

As Senior Year started, everyone had changed ... Haley was back, Nathan was back to being a jerk, Peyton hated Haley for leaving, Brooke was glad her best friend was back and Lucas was stuck in the middle either his Brother or close friend.

After a few months, Nathan and Haley were getting close and the whole group went away for the weekend, Nathan re-proposed and they got married infront of their friends and family.

During that time, Haley discovered she was pregnant.

On 17th July 2005 Lydia Grace and Jessica Ella were born with the same blue eyes like their Dad and golden blonde hair like their Mum.

When the girls were 10 months, their parents spilt for good this time ... Nathan got drifted to the LA Lakers and wanted to move there while Haley wanted to stay in Tree Hill near their friends.

After weeks of shouting and yelling ... Nathan packed up, took one of the girls and left never looking back.

~13 and ½ Years Later - Sydney, Australia~

13 year old Lydia Grace James ran down the stairs in the penthouse "Mum!" She shouted with a big smile on her face.

"In here sweetie!" She heard a familiar voice belonging to her Aunt Brooke.

Lydia ran down the hall and into the studio then pressed the button to connect to her Mum "Can I go?"

"Go where?" Haley asked looking at her through the glass ... She is a famous Aussie singer and only does tours around Australia so she's close to her family.

"Mum" Lydia groaned and held up a piece of paper "The best place ever"

"Let's see that" Brooke took the paper off her and read it "Bobcats Summer Camp in Charlotte, North Carolina" She looked at her best friend "Erm"

Haley came out of the booth and took the paper "How did you find out about this?"

"I was searching for Summer Camps and that came up" Lydia looked at her mum "Please, can I go?"

"You've never been away from home especially that far"

"C'mon Mum, I'm nearly 14!" Lydia pouted.

"Oh, she's started with the look" Brooke grinned.

"Fine!" Haley looked at her daughter "You can go"

"Yes!" Lydia squealed and hugged her tight "Thank you! Thank you!"

~Los Angeles, California~

13 year old Jessica Ella Scott skipped through the mansion she shared with her dad Nathan who is Lakers Point-Guard, their house-keeper/good friend Peyton and their 4 dogs – Skyler, Dreamer, Buddy and P.J.

She jumped onto the sofa next to her Dad "Hey Daddy"

"Princess" Nathan smiled kissing her head "All packed?"

"Yep!" She grinned "I'm so excited"

"What, you not gonna miss me?" He looked at her.

"Of course" She reacted up and kissed his cheek.

"Where's the birthday girl?" a voice echoed through the house.

"Uncle Luc!" Jess jumped over the sofa and hugged her uncle tight "It's not my birthday for another 2 days"

"Well, I guess I'll have to keep this" Lucas grinned holding a bag "Since I'm not gonna be here for your actual birthday"

"I'll have it now then" She giggled taking the bag and jumped back on the sofa.

"Jessie, what do you say?" Nathan looked at her.

"Thank you Uncle Luc" She smiled and opened the bag then squealed "Seriously!"

"What did you get her?" Nate looked at his brother.

"Something that she's obsessed about" Lucas chuckled.

Jess glared at him "I'm not obsessed, I love the show"

"You're obsessed" Nathan pointed out "I don't know how many times I came past your room and you're singing along to the CDs with your geek t-shirt on"

"It says Gleek" She grinned "And it's signed by the whole cast"

"Thanks to who?" He looked at her.

She rolled her eyes "Thanks to you" She looked at her uncle "Thanks for the Glee stuff, Uncle Luc"

"You're Welcome Little Lady" Lucas smiled.

"Well, I'm going up" She reacted up and kissed her Dad's cheek "Night Dad"

"Night Princess" Nathan smiled.

Jess got up grabbing the bag and hugged her uncle "Night Uncle Luc"

"Night Munchkin"

~1 Week Later – Sydney~

"Have Fun" Haley hugged her daughter tight "I'll miss you so much baby"

"I'll miss you too Ma" Lydia giggled and got out of her mum's grip then hugged her Aunt "Bye Aunt Brooke"

"Bye girly" Brooke kissed her head "Have fun and if there's any boys, flirt but not too much"

"Brooke!" Haley punched her in the arm "Stop it"

"Ow!" Brooke rubbed her arm "Jeez, Hales that hurt"

"Good" Haley grinned.

Lydia shaked her head smiling "Bye Guys, see you in 5 weeks"

"Bye sweetie" They shouted as they watched her get into the limo and it drove off.

"There she goes" Brooke smiled "She's growing up fast"

"Too fast, She'll be a junior after summer" Haley smiled a little.

"C'mon" Brooke put her arm around her best friend "We have an album to finish and a tour to start"

~Los Angeles~

"Alright" Nathan stopped infront of the gate "Have you got everything?"

"For the last time Dad, yes" Jess rolled her eyes "You made me repack so you knew I did"

"Sorry" He picked her up and placed her on the seats "You need to grow"

"Whatever" She dropped her bag on the seat next to her and hugged him tight "I'm gonna miss you Daddy"

"I'm gonna miss you too baby girl" He pulled back and looked at her "Don't let this camp change you too much"

"I promise" She nodded and pointed at him "And make sure you record everything for me"

"I promise" He chuckled holding out his hand "C'mon, late time for 5 weeks"

Jess giggled and did their special handshake then they linked their pinkies together.

"I love you Jessie" Nathan kissed her pinkie then her cheek.

"I love you too Daddy" She smiled and did the same before jumping down "I better go"

"Have fun but not too much"

She shaked her head "Bye Dad" She turned around and walked over to the gate. She turned back and waved to her favourite person before going through the gate.

Nathan watched his little girl go through the gate and sighed ... 5 weeks is too long.

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