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There was a new enemy to add to the war and young Han Solo was very unsure how to fight them. Guns, knives and the typical artilleries fought in battle would prove ineffective in this match and the boy knew his brothers, friends and father would not approve of such hostility towards this new foe. So how was he going to get rid of them?

Han sat huddled in a corner of the dimly lit living room of Atin's girlfriend's home. His arms folded over his armored legs; his face barely showing except his silted, hazel eyes. The occasional curl from his unruly hair would slip into his line of sight and he would blow a puff a breath only for the curl to land on the other side of his face. The grinding of molars went unheard as the adults in the room cooed and awed over the new infant belonging to Omega Squad's demolition expert Darman and his girl, Jedi Etain Tur-Mukan.

Darman had "hooked-up" as Fi had called it with the young Jedi during a mission and they had hit it off. Obviously, Han snorted to himself. Darman wasn't the only one who had "hooked-up." Han wasn't the overly jealous type. Not normally, but new invaders had taken his brothers' attention and focus away from much more important things. Things like…like…guns!

His brother Ordo met a woman named Besany Wennen, a logistic worker for the Republic Treasury. She had gone under cover and helped Skirata's classified mission willingly to uncover Coruscants terrorists. During that time, she and Ordo began to get to know each other and a relationship formed.

To say the least Han was not happy now that his brother's attention was focused on a girl. His friends and brothers all seemed to be finding themselves with a girl. Well Mereel is always with a girl. What was going on? Was the whole universe mad? Yes! Han was convinced. But that doesn't explain why everyone has a girlfriend. Girls are evil, girls are gross; girls have cooties… Okay, not Parja or Rav, but they're different. They're not like girls at all. Blast! I don't understand! Han's thoughts were interrupted as the bane of this concentration squatted in front of him. Kind brown eyes glittered at Han as he scrutinized her pastel face, red lips and blond tresses.

"Would you like to join us for lunch Han?" Besany's gentle voice asked. Face still buried in his arms, Han shook his head negatively. A loud squeal from behind made Han shift his gaze momentarily, but quickly settled back on the woman before him. So what made this woman so special to his brother? What made any girl special to a boy?

Besany twisted her rosy lips and then she scooted to sit next to Han; mirroring his position. "A lot has changed for you in a short amount of time, hasn't it Han?" Han didn't answer. He knew he was being rude, but she was rude too. This woman, Besany, took his brother away from him. Yes, he had Mereel, Jaing, Kom'rk, Prudii and A'den, he was closest to Ordo and now he felt that his brother was drifting further and further away. What would happen if all his brothers found girls and never wanted to spend time with him? What if he became an outcast and they told him to get lost? They were the only family he ever knew, would ever have.

Unknowingly drifting off, Han was started from his thought as Besany laid her hand on his shoulder. He slightly jumped and turned sharp eyes on her, she retracted her hand back onto her lap. "It's your fault." Han murmured. Besany furrowed her golden brows at him in confusion, clearly not expecting that response from the boy. Han continued, "You're taking my brother away from me. Soon he won't even know I'm alive. None of them will. They'll all get girlfriends and I'll just be an outcast, unwanted and unneeded."

It instantly dawned on Besany what was bothering Han and confusion turned to understanding and compassion. "Han, I'm not here to take your brother away from you."

The young boy turned his head toward the woman and frowned. "Then why are you here?"

"I care a lot about your brother, brothers and the other troopers out there fighting. There might not be a lot I can do, but if it's bringing some sort of support and letting them know that there are some civilians that care, then I know I have done something right. I care a lot for your brother and I care about you Han. I care for the cause you and your brothers fight for and I care for all of your safety."

Han bit the inside of his cheek as he contemplated Besany's words. They sounded genuine and she did risk her job and life to help his buir and brother get some vital information. His buir did trust her which gave Han no excuse not to trust her. She had after all won the affection of Ordo which was something rarely if ever done.

The ice he had built around his hatred for girls began to chip away. I guess not all girls are the enemy. Slowly unlacing his fingers around from his legs, Han brought his hand over and held it out to Besany.

"I care about them a lot too. I guess you're alright Besany," Han halfheartedly said, but a crooked smile hinted at the corners of his lips.

Taking the boy's hand into her smoother, unblemished one, Besany smiled back. "I guess you're alright too Han. Now, how about we get some lunch before it all disappears?"

Han nodded, the disobedient curls once again falling into his face. Getting up off the floor, they made their way into the kitchen. Looking up at the taller woman Han coolly stated, "It doesn't mean you don't have cooties you know."

Besany blinked a few times and then answered in the same tone, "Well I'll just have to make sure I have extra bottles of sanitizer around so they don't spread." Laughter filled in from the other room. For Han, hearing the heart felt laughter, making amends with Besany and being under the same roof with his family and friends, it finally felt like home. Not even the thought of girl cooties or war could ruin the moment.

Next up Order 66 and Han's future...