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Chapter one: meeting the merman

Sam Manson grabbed her brown clipboard and removed her heels and walked onto the beach. She pushed her long black hair out of her face and turn her head to the side. Her hair was poofed out around her face but smooth down around the upper back and fell directly on her hips. Her periwinkle eyes spotted something black, white, scaly and white hair?

She got up and dusk off her dark purple tee with a white star in the center and staighten her black mini-skirt. She walked over slowly a cave. While listening she heard a male voice, splash of water and another male voice. Sam walked closer to see a beautiful black and white tail with a large fin. She quickly jumped into the cave and startle two men, both roughly around the age of 18. One was a dark headed male with dark brown eyes and had beatiful dark skin. He had dreads with a black tee shirt on and red shorts. The other guy was white with long snowy white hair and bright green eyes. They even appear to glow and Sam blush seeing that he didn't have a shirt guy has a six pack, beautiful dark abs.

"So sorry! But I saw this black and white fish tail and was trying to follow it. I guess I lost it but I thought it was in here. So I'ma just go. Yeah bye!" she begin to walk out when the white headed boy hand wrapped around her ankle.

"Hey calm down miss. I don't want you to go yet. Here, let me introduce ourselves. I'm Phantom, Danny Phantom to be exact." He smiled.

"I'm Andre Harris." He smiled before kissing her hand. Phantom must have thought it was to long and coughed.

"Oh and I'm Sam Manson."

She smiled and Phantom smiled too. He likes her smile.

Phantom likes her,he likes her a lot. Sam sit down placing her legs in the water. Phantom was starring at Sam and went foreward. His hand hover above her thigh as if asking could he touch it. Sam eyebrow went up. He's acting as if he never saw long pale legs before! She looked him over, he was a good looking man, most women should be falling at his feet by now but he wants to touch her thigh? Her hand grabbed this wrist and place his and on her thigh. She removed her hand and his slid down toward her legs. (AN oh Danny you dirty dirty boy) She study his face it went from pleasure to unbearable pain.

"Phantom? Are you alright?"

Phantom didn't hear her worried words. He twisted his body and jumpped out the water. He jumpped out the water. His hand created green energy in hand and shot a the shark that chop on his tail. Tail ? Its a tail like a fish tail! Phantom. Is. A-


Sam scream Phantom grunted in responce before killing the shark altogther. Sam took off running away. Phantom's pain increased when he saw Sam run away. His heart broke, he felt at peace with her. He was a freak in her eyes. Unholy. A killer. Even worest, not her type! He felt tears come fill his eyes. Phantom's closed his eyes, Andre was to freaked out to do anything.

"Phantom?" Sam asked when she reached him. "hold still, I'm going to clean your wound-er wounds..." Sam cleaned and dress his wounds.

"I need a safe place to sleep."

Phantom hinted with a tired yawn.

"Well you know my parents,"

Andre started Sam and Phantom looked at him. "Are in town and can return anytime. So my house is out?"

Sam's eyes swim with interest while Phantom glared at him and did the cut aross the neck to crease his talking. Sam notice Andre stop talking and looked back to Phantom. Phantom smile in a flirty way until 18 men can to took him away. Phantom tried to fight them off but he was still weak. Some guys blinded the two humans, and ease the memory everything that happen that day.


Sam walked into the science lab. She was assign to take care of the new subject aka project. She walked in before closing the door. The subject sighed before talking.

"Great another one."

The subject's green eye ablazed with annoyice and saddness. His long white hair fell sexily over his glowing green eyes. She walked to him and smiled in an ackward shock way,

"Your tail is beautiful." She whispter. He looked up, Sam!

The girl who healed him. His last caretaker said his next caretaker would be with him the rest of his time being. So the raven head beauty is his person entertainment, nurse, and hopefully his soon to be girlfriend.

"Oh really?" He use his ice powers and made a necklace right before her very eyes. He pull a half black half white scale in a heart shape and tied it to the necklace and everything else were tear shaped ice crystles.

"For you," he whispter throwing the necklace over the tank. Sam's hand cupped catching it. She wrapped it around her neck and it started glowing a beautiful lavander.

"Er thanks mermaid."

Sam smiled.

"I'm a male. Maids mean female workers. I'm a merman, acutally merprince of the Amity sea!" He smiled with pride.

"Ohh a prince," Sam smiled with an eyebrow raised, "I'm not impresssed, hun. So what's your name?" She asked.

What? She forgotten him, his heart broke a bit. Wait it didn't go right the first time, so the second time should be better right? Now he's going to flirt her up and perhaps they'll be dating!

"Babe it's Daniel. Daniel Phantom but call me Phantom. Though for you can call me DP."He made his voice unbelievable deep as if natural. Sam blushed.

"And doll face,"Sam faked a country accencent,"I'm Samantha but call me Sam but for you call me SH. So shhhhhh!"

"Um nope! I'm going with... Sammy! Yep,Sammy." He smirked.

"No! No, no, no,no no,no! I'm calling you Dan-Dan!"

"Suuuuurrrreeee!" He purred.

"Ugh but I-" Sam words were cutted when her cell rung, " Hello?... yes I''m with him... you want me to WHAT?... of course but... how do I get... yeah... okay.. okay...okay, see ya soon. Bye," She hung up.

"You're going to come home with me," Sam growled, "they want to see how you interact with females. So Paullina, Valerie and I have have do secude you to see if you have the same human male emotions."

"Going home with you? I don't mind that!" Phantom did a back flip, "If only you knew how you make me feel! Yeow baby" Phantom grin at her confused look.

"Don't get you're hopes up!"

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Two dark skin beauties walked into Sam's manison.

Paullina was a tan girl with aqua color eyes and a really thick figure. She look like one of those Latino Barbie dolls only with much more bigger boobs. Her hair was cutted short where it fell cutely around her face. She wore an ice pink tanktop without much support forher breast. To think about it, her hair is really messy. Her hot pink lipstick was messily made over and her eyeshadow was a bit sloppy than how she usily appily it.

Valerie was a bit chubby in the waist area. She had beautiful light African skin with moss green eyes and full brown lips. She was thick in the hips. Her hair was only brushing her shoulder, trying her best to look like Paullina. She wore a golden, quarter sleeve tee with two shades of gold bracelets and and rust orange mini-skirt. Phantom could only raise an eyebrow.

"You're kindof hot for a fishboy." Paullina grinned, wildly swinging her hips toward him.

"How do you know if I have a tempture?" He asked try to adverise his eyes from her chest. He suddenly heard a click, he turn his head seeing Sam write something down.

"1.) even though he's a merman he stills enjoy staring at girls' chest." Valerie read what she wrote and giggled. " Add that he don't know english slang."

"Okay girls. His name is Phantom he's 18 in human years not sure how it is in merfolks but thats all the valid information I got on him."

Soon another girl walked in.

She had long shoulder lenght hair with red streaks. She had a thick hour glass form. She wore a red tee shirt and dark blue jeans Her eyes were unusally a dark blue. Her skin was a rich dark carmel color. Her eyeshadow was on with black eyeliner and mascara. Shehad a clipboard and a white lab coat.

"Sam Manson?" She asked as Sam's habd went up. "I'm your assist for this project. My name is Jimilyn but people usally call my Jimmie or Lec." She intoduce herself.

"Nice to meet you too. Welcolme a board." She smiled.

"Okay whats with this one," Jimmie asked pointing to Paullina, "it looks like she just woke up inher make-up." Paullina clear ingored her.

"So what's first on this studip list." Paullina read, "Date interview? Yay, more time with you!" Paullina batted her eyes at Phantom.

"What do that have to do with this experiment!" Valerie asked, well stated.

"Probably it's to see if he's caple of being with women. I dunno I'm the unpaid intern." Jimmie stressed out. "It also say we have to dress him and I have to take his measurements!"

Sam sigh before pushing the wheeled tank out side and to Phantom to jump into the pool. Phantom did as he was told and swam up to the step and look as if he was sitting. Sam walked over and undress her self. Phantom watch with intense jaded she was in her lacy purple and black bra and panty set she jumpped in Phantom eyes were wide.

"Phantom hold out your arms like this," Sam directed with her arms out like a bird with spreaded wings. He did so as she measured him.

He blush everytime her fingers brush or her nails grazed his skin. Phantom hands grabbed her wrist and he brought her lips to his and kissed her. Sam eyes were widen with shock.

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