Ok so I saw this pic of Danny (as Phantom) was a merman! And Sam was a sexy scientist(a different pic i edited so I'll say pic 2)! They we're daydreaming about eachother and Sam had a scared look on her face will Phantom had that, why-can't-it-happen-right-now look(pic 1!). So I started squealing and mom gave me that -I-should-send-you-to-a-therispt look. XD.. anyway, so I came up with this ideal story. And I hope you all enjoy! Remember this will be rated T

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"Look," Sam said after everyone calm down, "He'll stay with me until we can figure this out."

"Why does the hottie have to go with the ugly goth?" Paullina whine before sitting beside him, "You know, you look hotter with the green eyes and white hair."

"What do I look like now?" Danny asked, looking at Tucker.

"Danny! Danny lookie!" A little boy screamed. Danny looked at the dark skin boy running toward him.

"Tucker whatcha got?" Danny asked looking at the little calculator in Tucker's hand. Tucker's green eyes shrimmer in excitment.

"It's a mathy machine. Watch!" Tucker turned it on and press buttion.

"That's borning Tuck." Danny said rlling his bright blue eyes.

"Danny, Tuckie?" A little voice asked. A female...

"Like my bestfriend when I was five." Tucker said, his voice shaking lightly.

"Tucker R Foley." Danny said, "You had a math thingy when you were little."

"Dude, it's called a calculator!" Tucker said throwing his arms in the air.

"It's still boring." Danny said rolling his eyes.

"It was you!" Tucker said pointing a finger, "and you called me by my full name!"

"Yo' Skinny jeans; pointing ain't nice." James said causing Jimmie to giggle.

"Look," Jimie said letting the giggle subside, "let's just take him to Sam's and come back tommorrow."

"Nice thinkin' lil' mama." James said winking before walking to Danny and throwing him over his shoulder.

"So little shorty-" Tucker said to Jimmie before she held up a hand.

"Don't even try Foley." Jimmie said before opening a door for James carrying Danny. Tucker walked to Valerie and smiled.

"So Shawty-" Tucker started before Valerie just walked off. Jimmie walked to him and kiss his cheek.

"Now lay off Tuck." Jimmie said following Valerie out the door.

"Tucker got a kiss." Tucker whisptered to hisself, "YES!"

"Dora?" the king of the Amity sea, asked his wife.

"Yes Vladmir?" Dora asked swiming to him. Her blonde hair falling over here royal blue eyes.

"Have you seen Daniel?" Vlad asked.

"No dear," Dora said braiding her hair, "this morning he told me he's going to talk to Andre."

"Whom is Andre?" Vlad asked.

"He's little friend, love. Daniel'll be back when he's good and ready." Dora said before swimming off.

"That's what I'm worried about." Vlad said closing his eyes. He closed his red glowing eyes and went off. He need to find Daniel.

"Hey; look Sam, I'm walking!" Danny cheered as he walked into her room.

"That's great Danny." Sam said getting off the bed.

"Can we walk on the beach?" Danny asked shyly, a blush painting on his skin.

"Sure." Sam said slipping her hair out it's containment. Danny reach his hand out to grab hers, lacing their fingers together. Sam gave him a questionable look; he smiply smiled and kiss her laced fingers.


Danny and Sam laughed as they walked down the beach. Danny was happy to support the light weigh on his shoulder.

"Sam, I want you to know something." Danny said quietly, "I hope this doesn't change anything."

"What is it?" Sam asked.

"Nevermind, you'll think I'm werid and I'm a creep." Danny said looking away.

"Just tell me." Sam said using her free hand to turn his face to hers.

"As a child," Danny sighed. "I remember a little girl with black hair and jeweled purple eyes. I still remember her and I think I love her."

"So why would I find that werid?" Sam asked confused.

"You remind me of her," Danny said hanging head down low,"but you don't feel the same."

"Danny, I like werid." Sam gasped softly turning his head to hers again. She lean in and softly nipped his lips. Danny eyes snapped open and slid his hands from hers. Sam wrapped arms around his neck and tilted her head. Danny closed his eyes and wrap his arms around her waist. Sam gave out a breathy moan and clung tighter to Danny. Danny smiled into the kiss, they fit so perfectly against each other. Flashes of red and green dance around them.

"Sam," Danny muttered, "I love you."

Vlad was getting frustered. He spend all day looking for his son and still couldn't find him. His tail begin to glow and he gasped. When his tail start going a family member is near. Vlad float the the surface; he told Danny over a thousand times to stay away from the surface and humans. He looked in the dark for his son on land.

Vlad heard a female moan and turn to the source. There was Daniel, he knew it. Danny look like that when he was younger until his hair turn colors. Anger erupt from Vlad's throat; who is that girl he had moaning? Vlad saw Danny kissing a girl, little Samantha! Oh no, no, no, no, no! This isn't good! No this is horrible, terrible- he can't even thing of anymore words. He need to get Daniel's attention; Vlad flash his gree tail out and his eyes flash red. Vlad's super sensative hearing heard Danny.

"Sam, I love you."