Okay I've been inspired! Angsty-romance fict! Starts off as DannyxVal but end up DannyxSam.

This is my first angsty but noone will die... badly mentally and physical hurt is something else.

{~_~} {~_~}

Danny smile gently as his arms slide around Sam's waist. Sam was currently bending over,she was getting her make-up kit because she cried seeing Danny kissing his ex girlfriend who is now his current girlfriend. Valerie. That name burned Sam's mouth with anger.

"Danny please." Sam's voice couldn't help but sound angry. "I'm trying to put my make-up on."

"But," he started whining, "You already have on make-up."

"It's call reapplying!" Sam snapped as she put foundation on her cheeks hiding the barely noticable scars if you keep to arms lenght. Sam quickly turrn around to see Danny's sadden face turn angry.

"Danny," She begin, "Sorry for snapping at you. It's just without my make-up I feel naked."

"Where'd you get those scars?" He felt Sam tense but she didn't show it.

"Its one of the things that didn't heal as a child. Stay out my life!" She slipped out his arms and Danny missed her warmth but neverthelast, went back to his girlfriend who quickly wrap her arms around his waist. Too tight for his pleasure.

Though he was watching Sam, he was planinng to figure out was wrong with jumped up from her locker, she quickly apply clear lipgloss; and Danny was in a trance. He so wanna be that lipgloss, all smooth over her red lips. Valerie notice the dreamy look on his face and squeezed him harder.

"Danny? DANNY!"Valerie screamed.

"Yes Valerie?" He asked, keeping his voice in check.

"Why we're you starring at that goth chick? I'm right here hello-o-o-o!" Danny growled and pushed her away from him.


Everyone was sitting in their seat for was sitting closer to Sam, Valerie sitting closer toDanny. Tucker was out with the flu and Valerie tap Danny's shoulder. He turn around eyebrow raised.

"Danny I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. I'm kinda new at dating and everyone told me to watch out for the goth chi- I mean Sam." Valerie sighed, she haven't dated in a while and she really like Danny.

"Sam just needs my personal help! That's all she needs me right now and she's kindof depress."Danny said looking at Sam who rubbed her stomach softly as if remembering something. Her eyes were bit pink-ish as if hse were crying.

"Sammy?" Danny asked touching her side. She flinch and jumpped out her seat. Her eye wide, alert, and scared.

"Sammy what's wrong?"Danny calmed her down into her seat and Danny strok her hair. His free hand went into his backpack and grabbed package candy." Here have a gummybat." He fed her the candy still runing fingers in hair. Valerie growled in her seat. Her boyfriend feeding candy to another girl while play in her hair? Valerie jumped up and kiss Danny directly on the lips stopping him from his actions. Sam sighed angerily and took the rest of the candy and ate it slowly.

"Mhhhhmmmphh Valerie!" Danny pushed her away, deep red mark piece is skin where her nails dugged in, his face a lighter shade in anger.

"Ugh Valerie go to your seat!" Danny took charge point to the chair next to him.

"I don't have to take orders from you!" Valerie hissed.

"I said sit. NOW!" His face dark and scary causing Valerie to sit down beside him like he order.

"Sam?" his voice soften to the horror look on her face. Danny held out a hand to her. "C'mon Sammy. I'm not gonna hurt cha."

Sam looked at his hand weridly before slowly reaching out and brush fingers tips with him. Danny didn't move but wait until her whole hand was in his. Sam finally held his whole hand. He grasp it gently and kissed it.

"See I'm not hurting you."Danny hand went to her hair again. Danny love her long hair. Sam was 16 and he was 17. Sam hair reached her waist and Danny loved play with it. He loved also how she always smelt like cherry bloosom with a hint of villina.

"Danny?" Sam asked.

"I'm right here Sammy." Sam lean forward putting her head on his chest and started lightly crying.

"Hello students. Sorry I'm late but I had to pick up something." Mr. Lancer said holding up a projector, it also had those white things doctors use to minitor brain waves activies.

"It is the FlashBacker 130." Lancer said, "This is to tell a story of someones life. Lets do an example. Miss Manson?" Sam shook her head, no.

"Do it!" Paulina growled.

"Yeah you big baby do it!" Dash started the whole class chantin'do it' expect for Danny, Valerie and Sam of course.

"Sam I think you should do it." Danny said. Sam sighed and got up. Mister Lancer place her in a wooden chair and put the little mintors on. He angle the projector to play on the screen (llike use for an overhead). Sam closer her eyes and thought back into her childhood.

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