Chapter 1-Nastasia Meets Up With Mimi and O' Chunks

Note:I cancelled Super Paper Coco because I had a lot of writers block on that story -_- here's a new story I'm starting showing everything that happened to Nastasia, Mimi, O' Chunks, Dimentio, Blumiere, and Timpani after the Super Paper Mario game ended :3

It had been three months, one week, and five days. Three months, one week, and five days since Dimentio's demise and the disappearance of Lord Blumiere and Lady Timpani. Ever since then, Mimi, O' Chunks, and Nastasia had made new lives for themselves. Mimi got a job at Merlee's mansion as Merlee's maid, and Merlee was nice enough to let Mimi live there as well as work there. O' Chunks had gotten a job helping Saffron with her cooking, and he had moved into a nice little house in Flipside.

Nastasia had taken up a job at Inga's Inn in Flopside, helping Inga make breakfast for the customers, keep the money the customers paid them locked away safely, and keep the Inn clean.

Nastasia had moved into a lovely little house next to the Inn, and when she wasn't working she'd either be in her house watching TV, going on her computer, or reading, or she'd be wandering around Flopside thinking about her lost love. Nastasia had loved Count Bleck since the day he'd saved her, though her love for him was unrequited. They were really close friends and co-workers, but Nastasia wanted their relationship to be more than that-she wanted to be Bleck's wife.

Unfortunately, Count Bleck-whose real name was Lord Blumiere-had eyes for another woman, the beautiful and fair Lady Timpani of the Tribe of Ancients.

It broke Nastasia's heart when she witnessed her beloved Blumiere marry Lady Timpani. She meant no ill will towards Timpani, but she was a bit put out about how Blumiere had chosen her instead.

"Well, they were together before I even met Blumiere, so I guess it's only fair…" Nastasia said to herself as she meandered about near a pure heart pillar.

She leaned against the large white marble block that contained the blue pure heart. Nastasia sighed and slumped down onto the ground. She took out a romance novel and began reading it. She finished the novel in about two hours, and by the end Nastasia had grown quite sad.

A tear slid down her face and dripped onto the pavement. "If only my life was a story with a happy ending like in that novel…" She mumbled sadly.

Suddenly, Nastasia's cellphone started ringing. She took it out of her pocket and checked the caller ID. Mimi was calling her. "Oh, Mimi… haven't talked to her in a while…" Nastasia thought as she pressed the talk button on her phone. "Hello? Mimi?" She said, waiting for Mimi to respond. "HIIIIIIIII NASSY!" Mimi screamed excitedly. She screamed so loud it hurt Nastasia's ears.

"Ow, my poor eardrums… hi Mimi… what's up?" Nastasia muttered. "Oh golly, nothing much Nassy, I just wanted to ask you if you were free to come spend a few days at Merlee's mansion with me. I invited O' Chunks as well, he's gonna be there! Soooo… wanna come over?" Mimi asked. "Hmmm, I think it'd be nice to spend time with you guys, I'll be right over, I just have to let Inga know I'm leaving for a while. See you soon, k'?" Nastasia replied, feeling a little bit happier than she had been previously.

"Okay, bye Nassy!" Mimi giggled before hanging up on Nastasia. Nastasia put her cellphone away, picked up her romance novel, and went to her house to pack some of her things for her stay at Merlee's mansion.

"It'll be good to get away from here and spend some time with my friends, maybe I can clear my head a bit and get over him…" She sighed to herself as she folded up some of her clothes and packed them in a suitcase. She packed a few other things, then left her house and made a brief stop at Inga's in to let Inga know she'd be leaving for a while. Inga didn't mind a bit and encouraged her to go and have some fun.

So with that, Nastasia teleported to the outside of Merlee's mansion, where Mimi was waiting for her. "Eeeeee! Nassy! You came! Golly it's so good to see you again!" The green pigtailed lady squealed as she ran up to Nastasia and embraced her in a bone crushing hug.

"ACK! It's, um, good to see you too Mimi… but… ack! Could you please loosen your grip on me? I can barely breathe k'?" Nastasia sputtered.

"Oops… sorry!" Mimi apologized, loosening her hold on her friend. "It's fine Mimi… so how have you, um, been and stuff?" Nastasia inquired. "Oh I've been just super Nassy! Miss Merlee's been real nice to me, and I have all the rubees, pretty outfits, make-up, and magazines I could ask for! There's only one little teeny thing that I'm not happy about-I still haven't found a boyfriend! Sooooo… what about you Nassy? What's up with you?" Mimi informed her.

"Oh I've been good, I got a nice little house and I'm pretty happy, I just miss the Count-I mean, Lord-quite a lot…" Nastasia admitted. Mimi frowned slightly.

"Ah, I see… I miss him too, Lord Blumiere was just super! I hope wherever he and that Lady Timpani girl are, they're both happy… Nassy, I have to tell you something… you're the only person I think'll understand, can you not tell anyone what I'm about to tell you though?" Mimi replied.

"Um, k' Mimi… what do you want to tell me?" Nastasia questioned. "Erm… well you see Nassy… I've got a problem… I'm in love." Mimi confessed. Nastasia raised an eyebrow and cocked her head to the side. "You're in love? Well that's good Mimi, what's the problem with that?" She questioned curiously. Mimi started blushing a little bit and she seemed to become extremely nervous. "W-well… it's the person I'm in love with. I love Dimentio…" She mumbled.

Nastasia was taken aback by this this statement. Mimi had become infatuated with the man who had betrayed her beloved Lord Blumiere! "D-DIMENTIO! Um, how could you ever fall in love with him Mimi! He betrayed Lord Blumiere and tried to kill everyone-even you! And on top of that he's dead now, you wouldn't be able to see him unless you visited the Underwhere!" Nastasia snapped.

"I know Nassy, I know! B-but… before all of that… we were boyfriend and girlfriend… sure sometimes he'd be an ass and read my diary, but he was real sweet and charming! Golly, that Dimentio! H-he was the greatest boyfriend I ever had… even though he tried to kill me…" Mimi stated sadly.

"Y-you guys were a couple?" Nastasia said in awe. Mimi nodded. "Yes, we were… since we were sixteen to just before he was killed…" She mumbled.

"Oh…" Nastasia said softly, unsure of what to think. "Yeah… I suppose it's best if I get over him though, after all he did try to destroy the world and he's dead and gone anyway… so yeah. Have you seen O' Chunks? He hasn't shown up yet." Mimi replied.

"N-no I haven't seen him… maybe he's running late." Said Nastasia. She started getting lost deep in thought, she was thinking of O' Chunks. She and him had been really good friends ever since the day they met, and Nastasia was one of the few people who O' Chunks would be gentle around. Though sometimes he could be idiotic, Nastasia enjoyed his company almost as much as she enjoyed Blumiere's. "Nassy? Nassy! NASSY!" Mimi screamed into Nastasia's ear. Nastasia jumped in surprise.

"OW! What Mimi!" She snapped at the green lady. "I just wanted to ask you if you'd like to go inside the mansion silly!" Mimi giggled.

"Oh… k', yeah , sure, I'd love to go in the mansion." Nastasia replied. "Yay! Come on then Nassy, I've got dinner cooking on the stove! O' Chunks has taught me sooooo much about cooking! And Miss Merlee's been super; she got me all these really neat cookbooks! We should cook something together while you're here Nassy, and maybe we can give each other makeovers or have a fashion show or talk about boys or stare at rubees or-" Mimi rambled as she grabbed Nastasia by the arm and dragged her into the mansion. She led her to the kitchen, where there was a pot of some delicious smelling liquid simmering on the stove. Nastasia set her suitcase on the floor and sat down at the table while Mimi tended to the pot on the stove.

She took a bottle filled with some sort of spice and poured a little bit of its contents into the pot. Mimi sang a little song to herself as she stirred the liquid. "Rubees in the morning, rubees at night, rubees in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright!" Mimi sang. "Um, Mimi? What are you making for dinner? It smells real good." Nastasia asked.

"Oh I'm making some spicy soup! And earlier I made some sky juice for beverages and love pudding for dessert!" Mimi informed her happily.

"Oh… that sounds good… should I go put my stuff somewhere before we eat?" Nastasia asked. Mimi nodded. "Sure, you can go do that if you like! I set up a guest room just for you; it's the closest room on the second floor!" She told her. "K' then, I'll be right back Mimi." Nastasia replied.

She got up, grabbed her suitcase, and departed from the kitchen. Nastasia made her way to the second floor and entered the room Mimi directed her to.

It was a nice little room with a bed, nightstand, lamp, and small closet in it. The walls were carpeted in dark purple wall paper with white roses on it and the floor was covered with lavender colored carpet. Nastasia set her suitcase down on the floor by the bed and looked out of the room's window.

The sun was setting, and the sky looked absolutely beautiful. "I better go back to the kitchen and see if Mimi's done making dinner…" Nastasia said to herself.

She left the room and proceeded down the stairs, back to the first floor. She walked down the long hallway, not really paying attention to where she was going, and bumped into someone or something. Nastasia fell over, though she wasn't injured.

"Aye, Nastasia! Are yeh alright?" She heard someone say, their voice laced with a thick Scottish accent. Nastasia timidly looked upwards and noticed that she had bumped into O' Chunks, who was standing before her. She smiled at him, glad to see her former co-worker again. "Yeah, I'm fine k'? It's been awhile O' Chunks, I've missed having you around! What have you, um, been up to since the whole situation with the void?" Nastasia greeted him.

"I've been doin great, that Saffron lass let me work at 'er restaurant and I got a wee house in Flipside. But I kinda missed yeh and little Mimi." O' Chunks replied.

"That's nice, sounds like you've been doing well. I've missed you too, I've been feeling lonely lately… so yeah, did Mimi direct you to a room too?" Nastasia questioned. O' Chunks nodded. "Aye, that she did. The lass told me teh go set me stuff down in one of the guest rooms and then head back teh the kitchen fer dinner." He said. "K' then, see you at dinner O' Chunks!" Nastasia beamed, giving the strong Scottish man a hug before starting off for the kitchen again. O' Chunks stayed where he was, blushing a little bit. Then he remembered something…

"Er, ey N-Nassy?" He called out to Nastasia. Nastasia stopped walking and turned around to face O' Chunks. "Yes O' Chunks?" She said, smiling broadly.

"I, eh, got yeh a little somethin… here." O' Chunks stuttered, withdrawing a small white box wrapped with red ribbon from his pocket. He handed it to the short cerulean skinned secretary, who seemed a bit puzzled. "Um, thanks O' Chunks. What is it?" Nastasia inquired.

"Open it and see fer yerself." O' Chunks instructed her, a smile on his face. "K' then…" Nastasia said nonchalantly. She undid the ribbon on the box, lifted the lid, and peered inside. In the box were some heart shaped cookies, they smelled delicious. "Oooh, cookies! Thanks O' Chunks, these look real good!" Nastasia said happily, giving O' Chunks a small peck on the cheek as a sort of thank you. O' Chunks blushed a real deep shade of red and laughed a bit nervously.

"Yer very welcome Nassy." He stammered before running off to the room Mimi directed him to, one of the other guest rooms. Nastasia cocked her head to the side in confusion. "Why is he always so flustered when I give him a friendly hug or kiss?" She thought to herself as she continued to the kitchen, cookies in hand.

When she returned to the kitchen, Nastasia saw that Mimi had finished cooking the soup, which she was now spooning into three bowls she had set on the table.

Mimi had also set three glasses of sky juice on the table as well; she even put out some silverware and napkins. "Hi Mimi, I see you've finished cooking. The food sure looks scrumptious!" Nastasia commented as she sat down in one of the chairs at the table and set her box of cookies down on the table top. "Yes, I'm all done! Golly, thanks Nassy! Did you run into O' Chunks on your way back here?" Mimi replied. Nastasia nodded in response. "Yes, he gave me this little box of cookies that he made, that sure was sweet of him!" She told her, showing Mimi the box of cookies.

"Ooh, that's super Nassy! O' Chunks gave me another cook book, this one has all sorts of yummy recipes for French food in it!" Mimi squealed happily.

"That's nice, O' Chunks is really nice…" Nastasia said softly, smiling a little and adjusting her glasses. Mimi nodded. "Yes he is! He's a real great friend! Hey Nassy, have you ever noticed that O' Chunks gives you more presents than anybody else? I mean sure he gives me an occasional gift, but back at the Lord's castle he gave you a present every week! That new cellphone, all those books you liked, a new computer game, that flower that made coins appear-if only there was one of those that made rubees appear…" Mimi rambled on and on as she finished spooning the soup into the bowls and put the pot of soup back near the stove.

"Um Mimi, what are you trying to say?" Nastasia stated confusedly. Was she suggesting something? "Oh golly, well it's just that O' Chunks gives you all these gifts, and he's real nice to you, even nicer than he is to me! I think he likes you or something." Mimi explained. "You think he what!" Nastasia blurted out in shock.

To be continued...