Chapter 8-The Birth

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The next nine months came and went quickly, with Timpani and Blumiere sporadically getting together with their friends. Timpani's stomach grew with the babies during this time period, and she couldn't wait for her children to be born. Blumiere was being a good husband and not telling Timpani that she looked fat, and he even got a nursery ready for their babies.

About halfway through Timpani's pregnancy, she and Blumiere had learned that they were going to have one girl baby and one boy baby-so Blumiere painted the nursery half red and half blue, red for the baby girl and blue for the baby boy. He and Timpani purchased furniture for the babies too, stocked up on baby formula, diapers, baby clothes, baby toys, and other things like that. They even received some presents for the babies at that baby shower that Mimi organized for them-Mimi herself got the babies each a teddybear, Dimentio got them mobiles to hang over the baby's cribs, O' chunks gave Timpani a cookbook full of recipes for different kinds of healthy and tasty baby food, and Nastasia bought them a bunch of baby toys.

Everyone was excited for the arrival of the babies, Blumiere especially. He felt like he was getting a two for one deal, fathering both a son AND a daughter in just one try! He had hoped and prayed for one beautiful baby to call his own, and he ended up with the miracle of having two! Blumiere glanced over at his beloved Timpani, who was sitting on the couch beside him.

They were watching The View (well, Timpani was-Blumiere was ignoring it and checking his text messages) and Timpani was running a hand over her enlarged stomach, trying to feel one of the babies kick.

"So my dear, what should we name our children?" Blumiere asked while thumbing through some chainmail texts Dimentio had sent him just to get on his nerves. Timpani shrugged a bit. "I don't know… why don't you choose the name of our daughter and I'll choose the name of our son?" She suggested. "That seems reasonable… hmmmm… why don't we name our baby girl Blythe, after my grandmother?" Blumiere replied.

Timpani thought that Blythe would be a beautiful name to give their daughter. "Why, that's such a pretty name, Blumiere! And it has a nice meaning too-the name Blythe means happy and carefree!" She giggled.

Blumiere nodded and continued checking his texts, this time encountering a few messages from O' Chunks. "Yes, the name is beautiful dear. What did you have in mind for our son's name?" He inquired. Timpani smiled and rubbed her belly a bit. "I was thinking we could name him Timothy. That was my father's name, he was a noble member of the Tribe of Ancients, it'd be nice if we named our son after him." She stated.

"Ah, Timothy-such a lovely name. It will suit our son well, dearest Timpani." Blumiere said proudly, approving of the name his wife had selected for their son. Timpani smiled and leaned over to tenderly kiss her husband. Blumiere kissed her back and brushed a few stray strands of her chestnut brown hair out of the way so he could see her entrancing color changing eyes. "Oh Timpani, gazing into your colorful eyes is like gazing up at a rainbow while high off LSD." He sighed. "Um… I'll take that as a compliment, honey." Timpani giggled. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her belly.

She winced, clutching her aching belly in her hands. "Ah!" She squeaked, biting her lip to keep from screaming out in pain. Blumiere was concerned, his wife seemed to be suffering. "Timpani! Are you alright?" He asked with a hint of panic in his voice. Timpani shook her head, and a few tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. "Blumiere… I think I'm in labor…" She groaned.

Blumiere nearly fell off the couch when she said that. "OH SHIT. Don't worry dear, I shall take care of it! To the hospital!" He announced. "Flopside doesn't have a hospital!" Timpani reminded him.

"…Oh right. What about Flipside?" Blumiere asked. He scooped Timpani up in his arms and tried to comfort her. "Flipside doesn't have one either… but maybe Merlon could help us." She grumbled, trying to cope with the pain from her labor. "Very well then… to Merlin's house!" Exclaimed Blumiere. He teleported to the outside of Merlon's house with his wife in his arms and knocked on the door. Merlon answered it. "Ah, Blumiere, Timpani. What brings you here?" He asked calmly. "Timpani's in labor! We need your help!" Blumiere explained to him. "Oh my… well, lucky for you my mother was a midwife and she taught me how to deliver children. Bring Timpani inside please, Blumiere…" Said Merlon. He let Blumiere and Timpani inside and told Blumiere to set Timpani down on the bed in the guest room.

Blumiere did so, looking upon his wife with worried eyes. He hoped she would be alright, she looked like she was in great pain. "Timpani… be strong." He whispered, brushing some of her hair away from her face.

"I'll try to, Blumiere…" Timpani sniffled. Blumiere took her hand into his and squeezed it gently, assuring her that he would always be by her side. "Alright Timpani, are you ready to become a mother?" Merlon asked while he put some latex gloves on his hands. Timpani nodded. "Y-yes... I'm ready." She replied. "What you need to do is push, so give me one hard push Timpani." Merlon instructed her.

Timpani pushed, she was in excruciating pain. "You're doing great, my love… just push and breathe and things will be alright." Blumiere encouraged his wife. She pushed some more, Merlon could see the head of one of the babies. "One more push, Timpani!" He told the mother to be. Timpani pushed again, and Merlon delivered the first child-a baby boy. He cut the umbilical cord, cleaned the baby boy up, and wrapped him in a blanket before handing him to Blumiere. "Congratulations." He said to him. Blumiere smiled in return and glanced down at his baby son while Merlon was helping Timpani deliver the other baby.

Blumiere and Timpani's son looked half human, half shadow creature. He had human hands, a human face, human body, and human feet, though like a shadow creature his feet, head, and hands were detatched from his actual body and he had dark blue skin and dark blue hair. The baby boy had glowing red eyes and a glowing red mouth, he grinned impishly at his father.

"Aw, look Timpani! Isn't our son precious?" He mused, showing the baby to Timpani. She was in the middle of trying to push out the other baby, but she glanced over at Blumiere and the baby briefly and smiled.

Merlon delivered the other baby, the girl, and wrapped her in a blanket too. He handed the baby girl to Timpani. She looked exactly like the baby boy, albeit with slightly more feminine features. "Congratulations on becoming parents, Blumiere and Timpani. May your children play long games." Merlon congratulated the new parents. They thanked him for his help and returned home with their children, whom like they said, had named Blythe and Timothy. Timpani fed the babies and then Blumiere set them down in their cribs to go to sleep. "They're very beautiful babies…" Timpani giggled. "With a mother like you, why would they not be beautiful?" Blumiere commented.

"You're so sweet Blumiere…"

To be continued…