Jess went back to school the day after he showed May Belle Terabithia feeling kind of happy but not really. When he was in the classroom, the teacher announced there was a new student. Nobody bothered to reply, but as there was a knock on a door everyone looked over to the door to see the headmaster coming in with a new girl. She had light brown hair and green eyes, and there was shyness around her. "Mrs. Myers, this is Katie, the new student joining your class." Then he went out after welcoming Katie. Jess watched as Katie went and sat at Leslie's old desk. Jess looked back to the front, feeling sympathy for her. When he was sitting on the bus, he saw her getting teased. She got onto the bus and started going down to the back, to sit right at the back alone. Jess left his bag on his seat and ran down to the end. "Do you have a Death wish or something? The back row's for eighth graders!" and he walked back to his seat, and the girl followed, with her bag in her arms. She sat beside him, giving him a small smile as she did so. When they got to Jess' stop, the new girl stood up too, and walked to the bus doors and out. Jess and May Belle followed.

"Do you live there?" asked May Belle, pointing to Leslie's old house. Katie nodded. Jess noticed a lady talking to his mum outside the house, and a man talking to his dad. The lady waved at Katie. "Hey, mum!" Katie said, going towards her. "I've got some news for you." The mum said. "What?" Katie asked, looking confused. "Jake…Jake passed away this morning. He was at a lake swinging on a rope and it broke. He drowned. May Belle and Jess both looked at Katie, who dumped her bag and started running down the road. Towards Terabithia. Jess dumped his bag and went after her. When Katie came to the river with the bridge her eyes widened. When Jess got there, he saw a Terabithian approaching Katie with something in its hands. A necklace. It placed it around Katie's neck and stepped back. Jess caught up with Katie and led her across the bridge, explaining about Terabithia. When he had finished, they were sitting in the tree house he and Leslie had found. "I'm sorry about Leslie, Jess." Katie said, smiling at him. Jess smiled back. It seemed he had found another person to share Terabithia with. Suddenly, there was a scream from the bridge. Katie and Jess ran down to the Bridge….and Jess gasped. "Leslie!" he said, running over to the girl. Katie just watched as they hugged. She looked around, and gasped. Jess, hearing her gasp, turned round. "Oh no..." he whispered. Leslie stood next to him.

The Dark Master had his arm round Katie's neck.