The Mandalorian Wars

One of the bloodiest conflicts of past decades, it wrought destruction and death on an unprecedented scale. Te Ani'la Mand'alor, better known as "Mandalore the Ultimate," was the mastermind of this massive conflict after being persuaded by the True Sith to attack the Republic.

Following 20 years of re-uniting and rebuilding the scattered Mandalorian Clans, Mandalore launched the renewed clans into the Outer Rim, in 3,976 BBY. This was a means to warm up his armies, for his forces were not strong enough – yet - to attack the Republic. As the Mandalorians carved out clan territories larger than the Hutt's, the Republic Senate, wary of conflict since the war with Exar Kun, decided not to aid the Outer Rim planets: Their only concern was the safety of the Republic itself, and the Mandalorians hadn't threatened them. The Republic stayed neutral for a whole decade as Mandalorian expansion in the Outer Rim continued, undefeated.

In 3,966, Mandalore provoked the Republic into action after converging on Taris and it's neighboring worlds of Vanquo, Tarnith, Suurja and Jebble. The Republic had a vested interest in these resource worlds, so it assembled a massive navy to protect them. The Mandalorians skirmished with the Republic forces in the sector, in a series of battles that ended in stalemate. Though Mandalore managed to take the minor planet of Flashpoint, the Mandalorians, to the Republic, seemed tired and weak after 10 years of war. Republic morale soared when it seemed their warlike foe had spent themselves. But it was a massive ruse that deceived the entire Republic command – Mandalore was merely preparing for a full-scale invasion behind the scenes, while gauging the Republic's strengths and weaknesses in proxy wars, skirmishes, and feigned retreats. The Republic had unwittingly thrown down their deck of cards and declared victory. Victory was far from over.

With his forces prepared for a massive three-pronged attack into the Republic, Mandalore invaded the Republic world of Onderon from their staging ground on Dxun. History echoed and reverberated…when once Onderon had fended off the Mandalorians leading to the death of Te Kandosii Mand'alor on Dxun, now the Mandalorians were striking back with a vengeance.

After years of tragedy and loss at the hands of the Mandalorians, Republic Forces fought back, not under commissioned officers or soldiers, but under the Jedi Knights Revan and Malak. Revan and other Jedi who followed him to war had had few victories, mere minor skirmishes that did nothing to stop the Mandalorian onslaught. But after a string of defeats, the Revanchists learned from their foes how to successfully fight wars: ruthlessly, and with no mercy. Revan and his followers, previously just mere idealistic Jedi Knights, had seen the face of war fighting the Mandalorians, and over time became warriours.

The Republic Military, impressed with the recent victories of Revan and Malak, ceded command to the Revanchists. Under the direction of the recently "Christened" Jedi Generals, Republic Forces fought back against the Mandalorians, securing their first major victory with the Liberation of Taris. The revived Republic Army, bolstered by their Jedi Commanders and recent victories under Revan, fought their attackers with renewed vigor and spirit, liberating several dozen systems over the next year. The Mandalorians, left with only their desolate Outer Rim holdings and their main strongholds in the Onderon system, retreated to Dxun to defend their jungle headquarters against the Jedi-led assault.

The Mandalorians held fast though, and defended their fortress world for months against the Jedi Revan's forces. Concurrent with the Republic assault of Dxun was the assault on Onderon. Two Mandalorian Special operations troopers, fighting in Iziz alongside fellow Neo-Crusaders, steadfastly defend the Mandalorian lines, as Republic troops mass to overtake their foes…

This is that story.

Dramatis Personae

Douglas Fett – Male Human Mandalorian; Legionnaire
Tairek MacBroek – Male Human Mandalorian; Training Sergeant
Hirohito – Female Human Mandalorian; Major
Vox - Male Human Mandalorian; Colonel
Mandalore the Ultimate – Male Taung Mandalorian; Leader of the Mandalorians
Cassus Fett – Male Human Mandalorian; Mandalorian General

Vaklu – Male Human; Onderonian General
Revan – Male Human; Supreme Jedi Commander of Republic Forces
The General – Female Human; later known as the "Jedi Exile"
Bao-Dur – Male Iridonian; Engineer
Turris – Male Human; ERCS Captain

Author's Note: A short flashback this may be, but I hope the events depicted herein will help other RPers develop their flashbacks which also revolve around the same events. The only other note I should mention is the reference to Cassus and the Battle of Jaga's Cluster, which essentially retcons Douglas Fett's involvement as referenced in the later "A Curious Alliance" flashback with Flash. I am planning on writing a flashback that will explain his role in "Alliance," to retcon the fact that D.F. was never in Jaga's Cluster to begin with. Enjoy.



Inner Rim - Onderon

What the hell had happened?

It was a thought that had often popped up in my mind around that time. Just years prior, we Mandalorians were decimating the Republic. Victory was always within our reach, but there were always more Republic soldiers and Jedi to fight. But over the last year, something happened. Revan and his Jedi followers grew a pair, and fought us with tactics that befuddled even Cassus and Mandalore. Now they had us on the run.

"Take cover lad!" Came Tairek's yell as blasterfire pounded the buildings around our unit. I was slapping a fresh mag into my rifle when chips of stucco blasted across my helmet visor. Annoyed, I pulled out a frag and tossed it around the corner at our attackers.

We were in Iziz, assisting our comrades against a Republic attack that aimed to free Onderon. This wasn't just another pithy "Fight for Freedom!" battle by some naïve Jedi padawan. These guys were for real. The Onderonian forces, led by one of their own, General Vaklu, were supplemented by a token force of Republic soldiers and Jedi. It was 'token' because the majority of the Republic forces, under Revan's infamous "Jedi General," were attacking Dxun. Onderon was an afterthought.

"They've got us surrounded, we can't stay here!" Yelled the unit commander, Klev. Years prior, when Mandalore launched attacks into separate corridors of the Republic, he left only a small garrison on Onderon. And these regulars were it.

"Bunch of damn upstarts." I remarked dryly, standing up and exiting cover to shoot our attackers. Tairek and the regulars covered me, as we blasted apart the Republic/Onderonian assault force.

"Nice shooting lad, just be careful next time." Tairek warned me. I nodded.

"We've got more of them inbound, and I don't have nearly enough warriours to hold Iziz. We have to abandon Iziz." Klev said.

"We were sent here to help you lads defend against Revan, and we're not leaving until ordered!" Tairek shouted. Funny Tairek's use of "Revan." Throughout the clans, our foe was no longer referred to as "Republic Forces," but simply "Revan." Sure, we were fighting Republic soldiers, but it was the one man behind them all that drove them to victory every single time. Revan. A comm. channel opened up to all of us.

"This is Major Hirohito. I'm recalling back to Dxun whoever is left alive. I repeat: abandon Onderon. Dxun is our top priority. Out." Was all the Major said. Klev looked at Tairek.

"There's your answer. We're leaving immediately!" Klev nodded to his troops, and we began to turn to leave. Suddenly, blaster bolts pegged at our heels and heads. I turned around to look.

"It's the Mandalorians men, get them!" Shouted the Onderonian resistance leader. It was Vaklu himself, in the flesh.

I'm going to get that sonofabitch some day

Klev and his surviving troops retreated through the streets of Iziz towards their fortified hangar, with Vaklu's troops biting at our heels. Tairek and I followed after them, where our Basilisk, The Furious Serenity, was docked. Tairek stayed outside in the hangar as I got in the Basilisk.

"Fire up the engines lad, I'll hold them off!" Tairek yelled over the engines. Several of Klev's troops stayed outside as well, while their comrades headed up into their shuttle. As I got the ship going, Vaklu's troops closed in. The survivors retreated inside, while Tairek jumped inside the ship. "Let's go!" Klev's shuttle and our Basilisk shot out of the hangar, as Vaklu and company shot after us. Klev opened a channel with us through the ship comm.

"Use Sector Y to land. Revan has Dxun blockaded."

"Understood." I replied. Tairek and I followed Klev's shuttle, avoiding Onderon and Dxun's shared atmosphere, flying around to the other side of Dxun to avoid Revan's forces. Circling around Dxun, we flew in towards Mandalore's main headquarters…