Fett, dismayed at the destruction of his culture, and knowing but ignoring the bounty for armed Mandalorians, began exploring the Galaxy that his people had once tried to conquer, in the hope of finding a purpose to his life. Alone, without allies or friends except for his personal armaments, Fett began down the warriours path of constant battle and war. He never stopped fighting.

Turris, grievously wounded from his encounter with Fett, escaped Malachor before its destruction by his own Commanding Officers…Revan, and the Jedi. Despite his hatred of the Jedi, Turris hated the Mandalorians even more. Following the battle over Malachor, he regrouped with Revan's forces, as they began their proclaimed mission to "hunt down remaining Mandalorians in the Unknown Regions."

The few remaining Mandalorian survivors who surrendered to Revan were stripped of their weapons, armour, and Basilisks, and were left alive, but leaderless – at Revan's will. These warriours were members of a now nearly extinct culture, and without guidance, sought out ways to find meaning in their now empty lives. Many Mandalorians became mercenaries or bandits in order to fulfill their warriour's need to fight. A small few, however, returned to the Mandalorian homeworld. Though many would continue to fight, Malachor V was their crucible for generations. So destructive to their own culture, the battle of Malachor V was called Ani'la Akaan, which in Mando'a meant "Great Last Battle."

It had been Revan's desire to cull those disloyal to him. It was no coincidence that most of the forces destroyed at Malachor V were elements of the Republic Army, and Jedi Knights that were not "converting" to his line of thought. Having already used the dark energies of Malachor V to break down his Jedi followers even more, Revan ordered the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator to defeat all his enemies in one violent stroke. But even then his enemies were not defeated. The True Sith, the real threat behind the Mandaorians that now loomed to strike, were gathering their strength in the Unknown Regions, beyond the borders of the Old Sith Empire. Under the pretense of hunting down remaining cells of Mandalorians, Revan, Malak, and the forces they commanded ventured into the unknown…and returned as Sith.

The legacy of what occurred at Malachor V cannot be properly defined, its physical and emotional effects on all involved too abstract to explain. The fates of Revan, the Jedi General, Cassus Fett, Bao-Dur, the Jedi, Republic, Mandalorian, Sith, and several dozens and thousands of sentients associated with Malachor V, are history.