'Ollie' he said, grasping the girl's small hands as he choked back tears 'I need you to be really brave'

'But Daddy, why do you have to go away?' his daughter asked, holding onto her father, begging him not to leave her.

'I need to make this world safe sweetheart' the man answered, pulling the girl into a quick tight hug.

'But why can't I go with you, this time?' she asked, tears running down her face.

The father kissed his daughter's forehead, before trying to untangle himself from her tight grasp. 'These are the last ones, Ollie and they are extremely dangerous, that's why you can't come with me'

'But I went to Egypt with you...'

'And I nearly lost you'

'So once you've caught them, you'll come back?' His daughter asked, resigning herself to the fact that her father was leaving her to do his job. She stared straight into his eyes, her violet meeting his emerald green.

'I will come back' he promised 'but this is something I have to do'