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Ivy Tamwood glanced up at Rachel from her computer screen, to see the witch stirring up another spell. It smelled... like babies? Ivy thought trying to place the smell. Finally she got frustrated enough to ask the witch.


"Yeah?" Rachel said turning around to face the Tamwood vampire.

"What are you making?"

"A spell. What does it look like I'm making? Cookies?" She sassed with a smirk on her pink lips.

Ivy's eyes narrowed for a second before she calmed herself.

"I meant what type of spell? As in what is it going to do?"

"Its a new one I'm working on. It's supposed to make you younger. My mom was asking me to make something for her once she looked in the mirror and came to the conclusion that she looked old." Rachel said trying to hold back laughter at her mother's odd outburst that day.

"Rachel, it smells like babies. I think you might end up turning your mother into a child."

"It will not! And plus it'll wear off in a few days, salt water wont work cause, well I have to use black magic to make it work but.." Rachel trailed off, her hand rubbing the back of her neck as she realized the spell actually might not work the way it was supposed to. When Rachel looked back at Ivy, she noticed the vampires eyes dilate and were tracking her hand at her neck. She quickly moved her hand away before apologizing.

"Don't worry about it." Ivy mumbled. But she should have realized that Rachel felt the need to defend her witch-craft abilities and sample her work. Ivy glanced up just in time to see Rachel swallow the substance and was next to her, ripping the pot out of her hands and grabbing Rachel's shoulders, which were getting smaller along with the rest of her body. Ivy had turned away for fear of what was going to happen to the red-head. Ivy glanced back a second later to see a grinning toddler, clothes hanging off the small body. Big emerald green eyes blinked up at her, and red curls hung to the child's waist. "Ivy?" Rachel said, her voice much, much younger. Ivy hated to admit it, and she probably would never admit it to anyone, but Rachel was the most adorable child she'd ever seen. That was when it hit her. Her Big Bad Witch, was now a toddler.

Oh, for the love of blood.

"Rachel, what have you done?"

The red- head looked up at Ivy, tugging at her hair with little pale fingers. Ivy cradled Rachel and went out to the pixie stump in the back yard, looking for her other partner.

"Jenks?" Ivy said softly, knowing the pixie could hear her.

The pixie flew up and hovered in Ivy's face. She had to resist the urge to slap at him, his close proximity annoying her.

"Tink's titties! Ivy, why are you holding a kid?" Jenks yelled.

"This kid, is Rachel. She was stirring a spell to make people younger, and she decided to test it out. On herself." Ivy sighed and looked at Rachel who had snuggled into her arms. She blinked up sleepily at Ivy and yawned, green eyes drooping. Ivy tightened her arms around Rachel, feeling the need to protect her during her vulnerable state.

"Ivy, we gotta change her back!" Jenks shouted, panicking.

"I don't know how!" Ivy groaned, frustrated.

"I'll get Ceri, I bet she knows what to do." Jenks offered flying over the gate to Ceri's house.

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