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"Ceri?" as she glided to the huge oak door. When she opened it, she thought she would faint, and her first impulse was to hold on tighter to Rachel and, high-tail it out of the church, but she didn't want to run. She wanted to stand her ground. She was , of course, a Tamwood.

Skimmer looked Ivy up and down appreciatively, that is of course, until her eyes met with a glaring toddler.

"Who's the kid?" Skimmer sneered in disdain.

"No one!, Listen, Skimmer, I think you should come back, maybe next week.." Ivy trailed off as she saw recognition flash across the blonde vampire's face.

"Oh, my God..." She said smirking at Rachel. "That's Rachel!" Skimmer laughed, and a single tear fell down her face. Rachel pulled on a line and there was a loud explosion. Skimmer flew into the door. She woozily stood up yelling obscenities at no one in particular. "Who the hell do you think you are witch? Skimmer shouted at a grinning Rachel. "You can obviously understand what I'm saying so why don't we talk about this?" Skimmer hissed angrily.

The next thing Skimmer knew, she was being held up against the opposite wall with Ivy's hand wrapped around her throat, and her other arm was cradling the laughing toddler.

"No one, talks to Rachel like that" Ivy hissed, her eyes completely black. Rachel tugged on Ivy's hair, making her turn around. "No, Ivy." Rachel said, knowing that if she kept this up, she would have killed Skimmer, and would have hated herself for it afterward. When Ivy looked at Skimmer again, her eyes were their regular cinnamon brown. She was about to drop Skimmer until she said " Wow, even as a baby the witch still has you whipped. Pathetic." She sneered.

A millisecond later Skimmer was thrown into the wall unconscious. Ivy sat a reluctant Rachel down and dragged Skimmer's body outside, where she proceeded to throw her in the graveyard. Give her a nice surprise when she woke up. Ivy turned around to see Rachel playing with the pixies, and laughing. She then realized that she would never get tired of that sound. She walked over to Rachel and sat down calling Jenks.

The pixie flew up, shiny gold trailing behind him which soon turned red when he noticed Skimmer in the graveyard. "Mother of Tink! What the hell is she doing here?"

"Long story, anyway, can you keep Rachel company while I go get her some clothes, and maybe a few toys. You know, to keep her busy. I can't take her with me, I don't want the world to know that The Big Bad Rachel Morgan is now a toddler.

"Sure V, but what am I supposed to do? I'm only four inches tall."

"Call Ceri if you need help with anything." Ivy said simply as she started to get up. Jenks watched as she pushed past the gate, hopped on her motorcycle and sped off.

"Jax!" Jenks yelled. His oldest son flew up to him.

"I need you to watch Rachel for two minuets while I go get Ceri."

Jax nodded and said " Yes sir!" Jenks flew away and came back a minuet later with Ceri (barefoot of course) Ceri walked over to Rachel, who looked aver at her sadly.

"What's wrong Rachel?" Ceri asked.

"Where's Ivy?" Rachel pouted.

"She went to the store, Rache, it's okay." Jenks said when he noticed her eyes watering.

Ceri, who had went in the house after Rachel's question, came back out and handed Rachel a box of graham crackers, assuming she was upset because she was hungry. Rachel immediately threw the box with enough force that Skimmer, who had been slowly waking up, was now unconscious again, as the box had hit her full force.

"Rachel, what's wrong?" Jenks asked, slightly panicking.

"Ivy weft! She pwomised she wudden't weave!" Rachel cried. Tears streaming down her red freckled cheeks.

"Get her inside, before someone see's her!" Jenks yelled at Ceri.

Ceri picked up a thrashing and distraught Rachel, and put her in the living room. Jenks then handed Ceri his mini cell phone (Which is his height) and told her to call Ivy.

What happened Jenks? Ivy answered on the second ring.

"Ivy, it's Ceri."

Then what happened Ceri? Wait, is Rachel crying? What is she so upset about? I can hear her even in this ridiculously loud and crowded store.

"She's crying about you leaving. She said something about you promised her you wouldn't leave."

Ivy sighed as she remembered multiple conversations with Rachel that ended in one of them making the other promise they wouldn't leave.

Put her in my room. She said simply.

"What is that going to do?" Ceri asked confusedly.

Just do it! She sounds like she's in serious pain right now and so help me Ceri if you make Rachel suffer like that for one more minuet... Ivy trailed off with her threat hovering in the loud silence that followed.

"Yes ma'am" Ceri said as she picked Rachel up and put her in Ivy's room, which smelled so much like her, you could almost imagine she was standing right next to you.

Now put her on the the bed, under the covers. And let me talk to her when your done.

Ceri did just that and soon Rachel had stopped with the gut-wrenching sobs.

"Ivy?" Rachel asked as Ceri handed her the phone.

The elf could no longer hear Ivy's side of the conversation, so she sat in a chair next to the bed and waited.

"Okay!" Rachel said giggling as she handed the phone to Ceri.


Sorry for yelling a you a second ago, I just couldn't stand the thought of Rachel in pain.

"I understand Ivy, there's no need to apoligize." Ceri said glancing over at Rachel who had now fallen asleep.

Thanks for understanding, anyway, I'll be home in a second, i'm around the corner.

And sure enough Ceri heard the engine of Ivy's bike outside as well as through the phone.

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