I'm wearing black slacks, a blue blouse tucked in, and a black blazer over it with my briefcase in hand as I head to our meeting point. My hair is straight and I'm wearing reading glasses. I enter right after Jake. John and G are in suits and Jake is wearing a delivery boy uniform. I love dressing up when heading to location.

"Who needs their numbers crunched?" I ask with a smirk on my face. Jesses comes in after me in a janitor's outfit with the janitor's cart.

"I heard there was something wrong with the toilets." He says and we all laugh softly when he says that as he turns his hat around.

"Alright, fellas we got less than one hour. Let's go." G tells us.

They reach into the cart Jesse has and start changing. I don't grab one of the suits because I'm not heading to the bank floor. I'm handling surveillance and communication. As I bend down to pick up my laptop, John looks over and lets out a whistle.

"You sure have filled out nicely baby girl." John says and I chuckle as Jake and Jesse hit him upside his head. I hack into the bank's security. I can see everything they're seeing or not seeing.

"I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate the blatant checking out of my figure." I tease John

"Let's keep focus, fellas." G says, giving John a pointed look. I make sure their earpieces are in good and send them on their way.

I watch on the security footage as they get off the elevators on the ground floor.

"Now." G tells me and I cut the security footage to the elevators and make them shut down except for one that's cleared for their exit. It'll make a good distraction so whoever's working surveillance will be focusing on something else. I see the guys walk in and do their thing. They take out the security guard on the floor and get everyone down. I roll my eyes when Jesse makes signs at the camera. He's so full of himself. Everything's going good when one of the tellers pushes the silent alarm. There's always one person who wants to be the hero. She doesn't even know she's helping our job. Once the alarm is activated, you can't turn it off. I see John taking the girl to the phone as I cut footage on the bank floor and close my laptop after making sure it can't be traced back. I put all the guys' clothes and anything we brought into the cart.

I push the cart out the window and in the alleyway besides the bank next to my car. I measured that perfectly. I take the stairs down and see AJ coming up them. I touch his hand and wink at him before exiting out the back and heading to my car. I lit up a cigarette and take a few puffs before walking to my car and getting the lighter fluid from the back. I splash it all over the smashed cart and when I'm done with my cigarette I throw it on the pile. I watch as everything goes up in flames and watch it for a bit, making sure it burns. I start walking toward my car when I see a news helicopter leaving from on top of the bank. I grin before hopping into my 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-500 and driving off.

I've been in the crew since I turned 19 and they found out what a computer whiz I am. I don't wanna toot my own horn, but a girl can hack into the unhackable and I've never been caught. I won't ever get caught. I can hack into bank security systems in a second and it's basically my job. I'm a thief, it's what I do. My older brother never wanted me involved, but he was shit out of luck. This is not just my job, we're a family. I never introduced myself, did I? Well, my name is Jessica and Jesse and Jake Attica are my brothers.