This has been the longest 24 hours of my life and it's not over yet. After the big showdown at the airport, we took the money and ran. I rode with AJ so I could monitor John and G followed us with Naomi, his recovering addict sister. As AJ drove, I tried to get in contact with my brothers.

"Jake, this is Jess. I've been calling you guys. There's a change of plans. Long story short, don't go to the airport. I repeat, avoid the airport. We're heading to a hotel to regroup. Call me so I can give you the details. Love you, bye." I say and hang up the phone. I let out a frustrated sound and lean my head against the headrest.

"Still no answer?" AJ asks, like he hasn't been sitting her the whole time. I'm too exhausted to argue.

"Nope. They're probably still at the club. Lily might not wanna leave and they're having a hard time packing up. I don't blame her. This is ridiculous." I say, shaking my head. How could this situation get so out of hand?

"I'm sure they'll call when they can." AJ says, rubbing my arm. I nod my head. AJ pulls into a hotel parking lot. I hop out the car and walk to G's truck. Naomi is driving since G was hit in his side. I gave him a bandage to put on it so the bleeding would stop, but I'll sew it up when we get settled in. I'm presently surprised at Naomi. She's sober enough to be taking things seriously and stepping up. I appreciate it. I hop in the back seat and open a briefcase. I take a stack of money and pull a few bills from it.

"I'm gonna see if I can get us some rooms. Maybe they'll have a suite or penthouse. Something secluded. I'll be back." I say, hopping back out the truck. Maybe we should have stuck to some dingy Motel 6, but we would have drawn attention to ourselves with the nice ass car we got and the cases of money. That's the last thing we need to do. I had AJ put on the radio and it's not saying anything about the police looking for the suspects who robbed the bank. No description of our cars and what we look like. I'm guessing that cop isn't really talking. That's fine with me. I need time to make an escape plan. It's funny how I've taken charge. The guys always tried to push me to the back, but I'm in the forefront right now.

I walk into the lobby of the uptown hotel and head straight for the front desk. There's a young man there. Dark brown hair, glasses, and looks kinda mousy. He looks like he just graduated high school.

"Hello I'm Jeff. How may I help you?" Jeff asks and I give him my best smile.

"Hi Jeff. Do you have a penthouse available for a night?" I ask him and I see him blush before ducking his head and typing into the computer.

"We do. What name will I be putting this under and may I see your license please?" He asks and I start to panic. Ok, don't freak out Jessica. You got this.

"You don't really need to see my ID do you?" I put the stack of money on the counter and his eyes widen. "How about I pay for the room with this?" I take a few bills from the top of the stack. "And I give you the rest." I finish, sliding the money toward him. His jaw drops and he looks at me. I simply raise an eyebrow at him. He takes a second to think before answering.

"Yeah, ok. This isn't a setup right?" He asks and I just look at him. He sighs "What name should I put the room under?"

"Marie Sullivan." I reply and he just nods his head. He takes all the money and sets it next to the computer on the counter under the first one.

"Ok. It's on the 34th floor." He says, handing me two keys.

"Thank you." I say, taking the keys from him. "Is there a back entrance by chance?" I ask, and it's his turn to raise his eyebrow at me.

"Yeah." He answers, clearly confused. I just smile at him.

"Thanks Jeff." I say before walking out the lobby.

We finally made it.

It's really big and elegant. It has three bedrooms and 3 ½ baths. Each bedroom had a bathroom. It's a mini house. It has a nice living room and dining room. I guess that's why it takes up the entire floor. I get G and John on the couch, making sure they don't bleed on them. Since I have to doctor them up, AJ decides he's gonna make a clothes and food run. I send him on his way with some money, a kiss, and a promise he'll be careful. I check John's stiches to make sure none have opened and see him awake and looking better. This is good.

"What's going on?" He asks, as I move on to checking G.

"Long story short; Ghost went for all the money, showdown at the airport, Ghost is dead." I say, wiping down G's wound. He hisses with the pain of the peroxide.

"Where are your brothers?" He asks and I shake my head. As optimistic as I was sounding to AJ I have this feeling in my stomach. It's like the run I had when Jesse was running from the cops, but worse. I'm trying not to dwell on it though.

"I don't know. I've been calling and I left voicemails for them to call me back immediately. I think Jake's having a hard time getting Lily to leave. You know how much she loves L.A." I say, trying to sound confident. John looks at me, but doesn't push it. I start stitching G up.

"Ow!" He says, and an apologetic look appears on my face.

"Sorry." I say, finishing up.

"What's next?" John asks and we both look at G.

"We gotta get the hell out of here. That's for sure." G says, his accent coming through thick. I finish his stitches and put gauze over it. Naomi comes and sits by his side.

"When are we going home, G?" She whispers, but I'm so close that I hear her. Home? That's right. They used to live in the Caribbean. I've always loved warm temperatures…

"Not now Nao….." G starts, but I cut him off.

"It's perfect!" I exclaim, and everyone looks at me. "Sorry, but it is perfect. We can go to there. I know you know some special spots and I've always wanted to go. Plus, what a wonderful place to have a wedding. Jake and Lily would live it!" I finish, getting more and more excited about it.

"How are we gonna get there?" John asks and my mouth snaps shut. I have no answer for that and from the look on G's face, neither does he. We're all quiet after that. I clean up and tell the guys they can take a shower because my old hospital only used waterproof gauze and they are the only ones I stocked up on.

I was calling Jake for the 50th time, when AJ made it back to the suite. I greeted him with a huge kiss and hug. I'm glad he's back. He sets all the bags down and I send the wounded to the showers. I was gonna help John, but AJ gave me a hard look and John said he can do it himself. I rolled my eyes and told him not to bend or his stitches might pop open as he walked really slowly to his room with his bag of clothes. G heads to his and Naomi's room and AJ goes to ours. Naomi and I eat while they're in the shower.

When AJ comes out, he hands me a bag and I go to our room. I stripped my clothes and peeled off the sheet from the hotel room. I use the mirror and close the wound in my back. It's not as good as the guys, but it'll do. I put gauze over it and hop in the shower. As I was in the shower letting the water wash the blood from my skin and loosen up my tight muscles, I thought of an escape plan. The easiest route would be a private flight. But I couldn't think of anyone that could help us. Where are my brothers?

I get out the shower and put on a pair of sweaters and a t-shirt. I pull my hair into a bun and walk back out into the living room. Everybody was back seated on the couch, but looking at the TV. Something's not right. AJ and G have their heads in their hands while John's leaning his head back with his eyes closed.

"What's going on guys?" I ask, and they all whip around to look at me. AJ gets up and slowly approaches me.

"Babe…" He starts, but some news anchor cuts him off.

"And the three bodies at a popular L.A. nightclub have been identified as Lily Robbins and brothers Jake and Jesse Attica. Miss Robbins was found dead and the brothers were killed during a standoff with the police. They were wanted in questioning for the death of police officer Eddie Hatcher and the bank heist that went down earlier today…"

And that's where we'll end it for now. Don't kill me. One chapter left.