Fett fled the Core Worlds, leaving his lover Camille and his friend Mawbo behind. Though emotionally distraught, Fett still knew that what he was up against, he couldn't bring Camille with him nor stay with Mawbo, for he would endanger them both. Fett left Coruscant just as quickly as he had arrived, knowing he would be hunted, but never forgot her words or the impact she had on him.

Maxwell-Geoffrey Mannix and his wife Camille remained married till their deaths. Max continued his criminal enterprise, but gave up on hunting Mandalorian bounties when his best crew turned up dead. Camille, heart broken, sunk into depression, and would die of alcoholism years later. Mannix would later remarry his mistress.

The bounty for Mandalorians lasted for several years longer – even when the Jedi Revan and Malak, and their forces under them – returned as Sith.