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A.N: A continuation sequel of Hawk Eyes! I just decided to put this as the second chapter rather than a separate story. I went bowling...ages ago when I was younger, so I barely remember. So forgive me if everything about bowling isn't 100% accurate.

Hope you enjoy!

Summary: Two words: Bowling and Bets. Two Winchesters having fun without worry for the future.

"Come on, Dean!" Sam hissed over his shoulder as he held open the door.

"Why are we doing this?" Dean trudged behind Sam as they entered the establishment.

Sam shrugged, "Well, you were the one that suggested bowling. Why not?"

"I'm sorry I said it." Dean mumbled.

This made Sam stop and look at Dean who had his hands stuffed in his pocket, "We don't have to, you know. If you don't want to." He said quietly.

This made Dean look up making Sam look off. It was yesterday that Dean had randomly mentioned bowling, but part of him didn't think that Sam would actually take it seriously.

But why did he expect that?

He knew that Sam wanted to spend as much time as possible with Dean doing fun, mundane things.

And hunting did not count.

It may have be fun to an extent but it certainly wasn't mundane. Besides watching each others back and trying to make it out alive kinda took the fun out of it.

He also knew that Sam was trying hard to break his habit of watching Dean like a hawk. It wasn't going to stop overnight and Dean wasn't kidding himself to know that Sam would have him on somewhat a leash because of the situation.

Dean wanted to have a much fun as possible before he kicked the bucket.

Bowling wasn't his idea of fun, but it was relaxing and besides with his brother there, he was sure it would be some modicum of fun. It didn't really matter to Dean what they did together, just as long as they were together. He remembered when he had taken Sam on his first bowling experience as a young child. They were fortunate to be a town that had a bowling alley and they spent most of their time there.

Besides, if it made Sam happy, that's what counted, right?

"Nah, we are here, may as well", Dean gave a grin with his answer.

Sam still looked uncertain so Dean rolled his eyes and dragged him to the counter to get them each some shoes.

"I had forgotten, how clownish, these are", Dean muttered as they got an station and was sitting down putting on their shoes.

Sam grinned, "They aren't so bad."

Dean gave him a cool glare, "Says the one who is fashion challenged."

"Hey! I'm not fashion challenged!"

"Yeah, you are. Remember that time when you wanted to wear that shirt with those pants!"

"They were new, and a step above what we normally wore and I was excited to wear them. And besides I was eight years old!"

"Dude, the shirt was red and the pants green! Then you wanted to wear those blue socks!"

"Dark red and dark green can go together!" griped Sam.

"What the heck were you looking at? Those were army like pants and red that was almost pink but you begged Dad to get it!"

"It was not pink. I don't do pink!" Sam hissed as walked over to get some balls to use. They each got two before returning to their station. "Besides...it was dark fuchsia almost red."

"You say potato and I say pototo", Dean sung.

"Shut up!"

"And what say you about those blue socks?"


"Yeah, that's what I thought!"

"Just shut up and start!" There was a laugh in Sam's voice as he sat down and fixed the score card.

"Whatever, I'm still right!" Dean stuck out his tongue before taking his turn. He frowned missed three of the ten pins.

He went again and got two of the three. "Dang!" he snapped his fingers.

"Not off to a good start are we?" Sam smirked.

"Shut up and go!"

Sam laughed and stood and got a ball. He paused before turning around with a sly look. Dean frowned and eyed him warily, "What?"

Sam gave him a grin, "I was thinking…"

"Oh God, that's never good….."

Sam's grin got wider, "I was thinking…..maybe we could have a bet in place."

"How much you want to lose?" Dean grinned.

"Not money, besides we both share expenses anyway."

"We can make an exception in this case."

"No, I have something….better." Sam had a Cheshire like grin now.

Dean folded his arm akimbo, to lean his hand on his leg. He was really wary now, "What?"

"Here's the deal. If I win…..you have to eat salad for dinner for an entire week. And no burgers whatsoever."

Dean near fell out of his seat as he broke out in cold sweats. The mere thought. "Ugh….you gonna starve me to death?"

Sam smirked, "You'll live."

Dean cocked and eyebrow, "And if I win?"

"Reverse." Sam swallowed and a grin slowly broke out on Dean's face as he knew what Sam was offering, "I have to eat burgers for…..for dinner for an entire week. And no salad whatsoever."

"Deal!" Dean jumped, "Now, roll on Samantha!"

Sam glared at him.

Dean shrugged, "Dunno, why you want to torture yourself like this, but I'm gamed. I'm gonna win, you know."

Sam turned back to the alley and took a breath and rolled. He scored a perfect strike on his first try. He was smug and he turned and saw Dean staring at the alley with wide eyes.

Sam walked back, took the pencil out of Dean' limp hand and made an X in his box. "You were saying, Deanna?"

Dean glared at him, "You tricked me."

Sam snorted, "I did no such thing. It's not my fault that I may or may not have played bowling in college with Jessica and friends and got quite good at it."

Sam laughed as Dean stalked over and grabbed a ball. He took a moment before he rolled.

And he got a strike.

Sam blinked as Dean made a pose before walking over and leaning over Sam to make sure he wrote the score down, "Anything the little brother can do, the big brother can. Golden rule, Sammy."

"We'll see whose golden after this, jerk!" Sam muttered making a sloppy X and standing up.

"Good luck…. b****" , Dean chirped.

"God, I hate you so much right now!" Dean whined as he shoveled another bought of salad in his mouth.

Sam was obviously getting a kick out of watching Dean eat his salad as they sat in there motel room eating their take out that Sam went and got. It was a close and hard game, but Sam managed to not put his foot where his mouth is and beat Dean. Now he was enjoying the fruits of his labor.

"It's not that bad, Dean. Think of it this way, you'll get a healthy kick for at least a week. Hey, might even lose a little weight."

"My weight is fine!" snapped Dean.

"Well, you won't gain that's for sure", Sam replied before taking a bit of his own salad.

Dean banged his hand on the table making it hard-pressed for Sam not to burst out laughing. Twitching Dean said, "I almost came across this table, here."

Sam looked mock sympathetic as Dean shook his head and glared at the salad as if it was in the wrong, "How am I suppose to get full from this?" he whined again after a few more bites.

"We'll think of something." Laughed Sam.

Dean muttered a few choice words.

It was only three days later and Sam was really beginning to take pity on Dean. He acted like he was dying when it came to dinner. In hindsight, Sam thought that perhaps he should have said three days, not a week.

Oh, well, too late to change it (or rather, Sam wasn't going to give into Dean) but he decided he'd be nice the third day. He went out and brought the food and brought it back to their motel room of the night. They had started looking into cases and seeing what's out there.

"Oh, joy. Dinner. Yay." Dean monotone as he took a seat at the table, "How did one of my favorite meals, all of a sudden turn into a chore of epic proportions."

"Cause you suck at bowling." Sam quipped.

Dean glared at him when he sat the salad down in front of him, "Hey, it was a close game, you know?"

"Yes and still you lost. Hence you suck!" replied Sam as he sat down with his own meal.

Dean blinked at him, his comment going in one ear and out the other as he stared at Sam's meal. He pointed at it with his fork, "What is that?"

"A burger?" Sam answered in a duh voice.

"I can see that but why did you buy a burger! I mean come on! You have to torture me with a burger right there in front of me? You really are cruel!"

"I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing me torture myself with a burger", stated Sam as he unwrapped it and poked it.

Dean blinked again, "You gonna eat that?"

Poke. Poke. "One of your favorites, yeah." Sam made a face.

Suddenly, Dean couldn't help the warm and fuzzy feeling, "You don't have to, you know? I'd hate for you to get clogged arteries."

"Says the guy who eats these all the time."

"Can't help it if you have a girly appetite." Dean smirked as he took his first bite.

Sam glared at him before slowly picking up the burger and taking a bite. He chewed it slowly before swallowing.

"It's it tasty? The well done beef, with the juicy tomato, cheddar cheese, that near melt in your mouth….." Dean's commentary was interrupted.

"Shut up!" Sam cried as he took another bite. He didn't look like he was enjoying it. Dean found his own meal suspiciously easier at the moment. But the moment this bet was over, he was going on a burger binged.

One of the most uncomfortable meals either had ever eaten but in the most comfort they ever had.

Contradictory, I know.

Sam and Dean and managed to eat most of their food and only had a couple of bites left. "Bleh, look, tell you what! For today, I'll trade you this couple of bits of burger for the rest of the salad. And if you want…..I'll let you off the hook with our bet."

"I love you, so much, right now!" Dean hooted and stood up and traded the food before Sam could even blink. Sam laughed at Dean's eagerness as he at the rest of the salad. He watched Dean eat the rest of the burger with such reverence.

"No. " he said in between bites. He swallowed, "I'm gonna finish the bet." He gave a grin and held up the last bite of burger, "But thank you."

"You're welcome."

About a week and a half later:

Bobby eyed Dean's burger with a frown wrinkling his nose, "So, we're eating bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast, are we?"

He glanced at Sam who went on a coughing fit. He raised an eyebrow and asked, "You alright, boy?"

Sam waved a hand, waving him off.

Dean gave grin, "Well, I sold my soul. Got a year to live. I ain't sweating the cholesterol."

And besides, he was serious when he said he was going on a burger binge.