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Each Ao no Exorcist one-shot is individually titled, rated, and summarized here. They are listed in "chapter" order for ease of navigation and will be uploaded as they are written. Unless otherwise specified, assume that each one-shot is independent of all others, though some details may occasionally be re-used between them.

Please be aware that I will write very little romance, and none of it will be slash. Any pairings will be listed in the 'warnings' section of the one-shot summary. If no pairings are shown, there are none in the fic.

Title: Birth of a Demon

Genre: General

Rating: K+

Character(s): Egin Yuri, Fujimoto Shirou

Warning(s): Compliant with known canon up to ch. 26 of manga; will likely become AU as canon progresses. Canonical character death.

Summary: As an Exorcist, Egin Yuri surely knew what had impregnated her. Surely she also knew what a threat the child was to mankind. So why did she carry it to term, and how did this involve Fujimoto Shirou?

Title: Chess

Genre: General

Rating: K

Character(s): Mephisto Pheles (mentioned: Okumura Rin, Yukio and Fujimoto Shiro)

Warning(s): None

Summary: Mephisto Pheles' favorite game is often compared to the act of manipulating human beings themselves. He knows this comparison isn't all that accurate – at the very least, manipulating people is far more enjoyable, and far more challenging.

Title: Appearance Matters

Genre: Humor

Rating: K

Character(s): Suguro Ryuji, Shima Renzo, Satan (implied presence: Okumura Rin and the rest of the gang)

Warning(s): None

Summary: Satan wasn't quite what Ryuji – or anyone else – expected...

Title: Devil's Dance

Genre: Angst, Horror?, Supernatural

Rating: T

Character(s): Okumura Rin, Satan, Okumura Yukio

Warning(s): Character deaths, Dark AU

Summary: Satan tried to pull Rin through the Gate for a reason...and in one universe, he succeeded.

Title: Of Death and Demons

Genre: General

Rating: K-K+

Character(s): Okumura Rin, Kuro, (minor) Fujimoto and Yukio, others mentioned

Warning(s): Brief discussion of religious views regarding death and the afterlife

Summary: Rin has a brush with death, and one thing about it bothers him: just what does death mean for a half-demon son of Satan?

Title: Summoning and Gunfire

Genre: General

Rating: K+

Character(s): Okumura Rin, O. Yukio, Shura, others mentioned/brief appearances

Warning(s): Character injury/coma

Summary: Rin always wanted to be Paladin, but he never actually intended to master more than Knighthood...which was only ever one-third of what he really needed.

Title: The Gravestone Visit

Genre: General, Family

Rating: K+

Character(s): Okumura Rin, others mentioned

Warning(s): Past character deaths, mentions of Rin/unspecified-female-character and (very briefly) Yukio/unspecified-female-character

Summary: There is a cross in a graveyard. Sometimes a young exorcist visits it, cracks it a beer, and just talks for a while, for family is, perhaps, never truly gone.

Title: Triangles

Genre: Humor

Rating: T

Character(s): Shima Renzou, others mentioned

Warning(s): Based on storiewriter's Veranderung; knowledge of that fic needed.

Summary: Things were always suspiciously weird between Yamada and Angelina-chan. When they started pulling Rin into it, Shima knew exactly what was going on.