Viggo arrived at the green station lodge. He jumped off his board and ran inside.

Everybody was waiting for him. Anxiously he looked at his fellow competitors, trying to find a particular person, but he couldn't see him. "Hi guys, sorry I'm late! Where's Nate?" he said. "Why do you care?" Zoe smirked. "Aww, you missed me?" Nate was standing at the other side of the lounge, grinning at Viggo. "Oh, I didn't see you there" Viggo stuttered, avoiding the question, but feeling his cheeks turn red. "And me, did you miss me?" Moby said. Viggo looked at him thankfully, "of course I missed you Mobe, it's good to see you again!" Moby had always been his best friend. There were no secrets for Moby, well besides one…

"Hellooooooow! Are you even listening to me?" Elise was standing in front of him snapping her finger at Viggo. "I said: we are going to go for a ride, you wanna come?" "uhh, yeah sure" Viggo Answered and he followed the others outside. "Last one down has to smell Psymons socks!" Griff shouted and he sped off. Everyone quickly followed except Viggo.

He stayed far behind, trying to focus, but failing. What if they noticed? What if Nate knew? Would he have to leave? Probably, he'd have to run away, change his name and learn Japanese… or go back to his old home in Sweden. The thought made him shiver. He hated Sweden, well, he loved Sweden, but he didn't like the memories he had from the place. They were the reason he never visited anymore.

"Hey Viggo, what's up man? Why are you acting so weird?" Viggo turned around, facing Moby. "What do you mean? I..I'm fine" "You know you can't keep secrets from me Viggo. Come on, let's go to the lodge and you can tell me about your problems there."

Without answering, Viggo followed him. Maybe this would be good. He wanted to be able to talk to somebody and Moby never told secrets. They arrived at the lodge. "Are we alone?" Viggo asked, even though he knew the answer. "Yeah, everybody's out" Moby answered. "So tell me now, what's going through your mind?" Viggo took a deep breath and began: "it started last summer. I was out in the backcountry, just practising as usual, and then I saw someone..." "Was it Allegra?" Moby interrupted. He had had a secret crush on Allegra for years, but he was way too shy to tell her.

"No, it wasn't Allegra" Viggo assured him, feeling even worse since Moby mentioned her. Allegra was a girl, the one he saw however...was not.

"I saw Nate" Viggo continued and went on before Moby could intterrupt again. "I saw Nate and for some reason I kept looking at him. I didn't notice my snowboard going faster and when I looked in front of me, my board was heading right for a cliff! I couldn't control it anymore, I thought I was going to die, and then...he caught me. He was impossibly fast. The moment I was about to fall, I felt a hand grab me and pull me up. His strength was amazing! I felt like I was flying. And I landed right in his arms. Then he carried me." Tears started to fall from Viggos eyes. "He carried me all the way to the lodge and put me down there. He told me not to tell anyone. He said I'd get laughed at if I did. I've been hiding this for so long Moby!" Tears were now streaming down Viggos already wet face. "I just..." Moby stopped him. "Hush Viggo, everything's going to be all right. Just keep pretending like nothing happened and everything will be fine." "How am I supposed to be fine? I freaking love the guy!" This startled Moby a bit. Love? Viggo liked guys?

"'re gay?" Moby asked. He immediately wished he hadn't said that. Viggo huddled up on the floor, shivering as if he had a terrible cold. "Viggo, let's bring you to our room. I'll go make you some hot chocolate and you can calm down over there. You're not yourself now Viggo. Come." Viggo didn't answer, so Moby pulled him up and carried him up to their room. 'Good thing Viggo is so skinny, I wouldn't have been able to do this if it was Mac!' Moby thought.

Then he went back down to make hot chocolate. "This is a rather complicated situation!" Moby said to no one in particular. Viggo was very fragile now, he wouldn't be able to handle seeing Nate.

However, it seemed like Moby did not know his friend as well as he thought he did.

The others arrived before Moby finished Viggos drink. "What're you making Mobe?" Mac asked. "Hot chocolate for Viggo" "Did something happen?" "No, he just didn't feel that well" "Oww, I'll go see him for a sec" "No! no, I was just going to make everybody hot chocolate, don't you want any?" "Hot chocolate? Yumm! Sorry Viggo, but I'm not saying no to that!"

Five minutes later, everybody was sitting around, sipping their hot chocolate, telling stories about their ride, one being about Psymon grinding on a schoolbus full of terrified little children.

And then Viggo came down. "Yo! What're you people doing, enjoying your drinks without me?" "Ah, Viggo! Do you feel better now?" Mac asked. "I feel like I could do fifty laps around Metro City without taking breaks!" the Swedish snowboarder said. "Do you now? Are you willing to bet on that?" Viggo laughed. "Let me drink my cup of cocoa first!" Moby tried to get Viggo to look at him, give him some kind of sign as to why he was acting like this after what had happened, but Viggo avoided his eyes and ignored his gestures. "Viggo, why aren't you practising? We have a race next week!" Nate asked. Viggo turned towards him, and Moby anxiously followed his movement. "Why? Are you afraid you won't have your 'you trained more than me'-excuse when I beat you?" Viggo said challengingly. "Puhh, I was afraid you would be the one using that excuse! That's why I asked!" Nate answered. "You just look at my back real good, 'cause that's what you'll be seeing at the finish line!" "Psshh, it's always the Swedish guys who over-use the already over-used lines, but all it is, is talk! Let's just see what happens when we actually race!"

Everybody clapped and made whistling noises. "Ladies and gentlemen, I think I feel a battle coming!" Mac said. "Let's make it into a bigger competition. I will treat whoever comes first in the next race to dinner in Metro City!" Elise said, feeling like she needed a little more attention. "Me too?" Griff asked. "No, this is a Viggo-and-Nate-only competition!" Elise responded coldly. "Aww!" the little boy pouted, but quickly cheered up when Kaori asked him if he wanted to play cards.

Later that evening, Moby went up to his room, and Viggo was already there, cleaning off his boots for practice tomorrow. "How did you do that Viggo?" "Do what?" "Be so...relaxed, even humorous after this afternoon!" Viggo now turned towards his friend and looked him right in the eyes. "Moby, I'm not as fragile as I might seem. Yes, I have moments where I break down, but I've been doing this since last summer, remember? I'm so used to it, even you didn't notice!" He had a point there. Moby always noticed when there was something wrong, but this time he hadn't. Well, until this afternoon.