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Two friend who hasn't seen each other in many years stumble across one another on a flight home, when an electrical storm hits and takes out one of the engines causing the plane to crash into the Atlantic Ocean, will they live how will their families survive will they ever get home, read this story to find out.

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"Uncle Jake, Uncle Jake." Daniel yelled as he crossed the room and jumped into my arms almost knocking the breath out of me on contact, "Are you coming back to visit us again soon?" he asked as I hugged him and set him on his feet once again.

"I'll try little buddy, it's a long trip to just come for a weekend," I told him as his eyebrows furled together in disappointment. I smiled at him.

"Maybe next time mommy and daddy can come to LaPush and bring you. We can go swimming or fishing, granddad would love it if you could go fishing with him." I told him as his frown turned into an excited grin.

"Can we go mom?" he asked, as he turned to his mother and begged to come to LaPush. Rachel turned to me and gave me a dirty look and I laughed knowing what I had just did.

"Thanks little brother," she said looking at me and if looks could kill I would have been dead, causing me to let out a loud laugh. "We'll see son, maybe next summer," she told him causing him to slouch down in the chair and mumble disagreeable.

"That's too far away." he groaned, crossing his arms across his chest and pouted. I reached over and picked him up, and swung him around the room as his groans turned into giggles.

"Time will fly little bird, you'll see." I told him as I set him on his feet once again. I turned from him and finished my packing.

I had flew to London, England to visit my sister, who met and married her husband in New York while going to college and moved here after graduation to be near her new husbands family.

Robert was a nice guy. Very friendly and warm, he and Rachel fit together like a glove and it was apparent that they belonged together. They made me feel right at home while I visited these two weeks, and I adored their son Daniel, he took to me right away, and he stayed by my side the whole visit.

Rachel told me that he would miss me after I was gone, and I had to promise to visit again soon. I told her that the door swung both ways and she agreed that she would come to visit as well; hence me getting Daniel to talk his mother into coming to LaPush and would bug her until she did…hopefully, besides dad would love to see Daniel.

Dad was worried about her. He hadn't seen her in so long. Rachel had taken our mother's death the worse out of all of us. She wouldn't even come home on holidays while at school, she said the house had reminded her of mom and she just couldn't handle being there. I was sure she was over it by now, it had been ten years since our mother's death but she still hadn't come to visit.

Rebecca is Rachel's twin, Rebecca is also living away from home, she too had a hard time with our mothers death which kept her away, but she wasn't as bad as Rachel, at least Rebecca would come home every now and then, where Rachel wouldn't so we were going to Rachel.

Dad wanted to come with me, but his diabetes started acting up and the doctor's had to change his medication. They thought it would be best for him to miss the trip this time around. I told him we could change the reservations to another time when we could go together but dad wouldn't hear of it and demanded I go without him, he also made me promise to take plenty of pictures so he could see his grandson of who he hadn't met as of yet.

I hoped that Rachel had got over her fear of being at the house and come for a visit if for nothing else just so Dad could meet his grandson before he passed away. Sure dad could live another thirty years but with his diabetes acting up occasionally who knows, he could go tomorrow, and I think Rachel knows this so hopefully she will come home soon.

We had arrived at the airport as Rachel dropped me off. I walked over to where the man was tagging the bags, handing him mine. I received my ticket and hugged my family good-bye, with promises of them to come in the spring.

Rachel had to literally pry Daniel from my arms, because he wanted to come back with me and when that didn't work he begged me to stay. I felt bad when Rachel had to force the screaming four year old into the car and hugged me one last time as she got into the car herself and drove away. I watched as she disappeared into the sunset, leaving me standing in front of the airport. I hated to leave the little guy. I had gotten close to him and knew I would miss him as well.

I sighed and turned to enter the double doors as the door man gave me a sorrowful knowing smile. I walked to my gate and boarded the plane that would take me home.

I settled into my seat making sure to turn off my cell phone as was told to do on my arrival onto the airplane. I looked around at the other people who occupied the section with me. I was surprised there wasn't that many people on board the plane, unless they were in a different section, there couldn't be more than ten passengers that filled the seats leaving a great deal vacant, maybe most people rather fly during the day I thought to myself.

I had noticed there were a couple that sat up ahead a little ways that couldn't keep their hands off one another. I figured they were either on their honeymoon or just left it. There were a few men probably on business trips or coming home from them and then I had seen a woman flying alone. She was very pretty, long dark brown hair with a hint of mahogany streaked through it; she was petite and shaped very nicely from what I could see.

She had placed a bag above the seat and happened to look back at me and gave me a little smile and nodded her head as I did the same thing. She had the darkest chocolate brown eyes and a heart shaped face very pleasant to look at. I couldn't see her fingers to see if she was married and I thought once we were in the air, I would go sit next to her and introduce myself. She sat down and took out a book and started to read. I couldn't tell the name of the book but she seemed very interested in it.

The sign came on to take our seats and fasten our seatbelts as the stewardess stood up front and went through the emergency procedures.

It wasn't long before we were off and in the air. I waited awhile before getting up and making my way up the aisle and introducing myself to the pretty lady I had seen just before take-off.

"Excuse me." I said as she turned to look at me then smiled when she seen who I was.

"Yes." she said with a beautiful smile.

"Hi my name is Jacob. I was wondering if I could sit next to you and maybe we could talk a little…. I mean if you don't mind that is?" I asked. She looked at me surprised.

"Oh…of course you can, please have a seat." she said and moved the sweater that lay in the seat next to her. I took the seat and smiled at her.

"I'm Isabella," she said as she held out her hand for me to take. "I like to be called Bella though." she continued still smiling at me.

"It's nice to meet you Isabella, that likes to be called Bella," I said lightly shaking her hand and slowly giving it back to her.

"You have a beautiful smile." Bella said as a blush covered her cheeks. I had the feeling she said what was on her mind before she thought about what she said.

"And you have a beautiful blush." I told her as I ran my finger across her cheek lightly with a chuckle. That caused her to blush deeper.

"Where are you headed?" I asked hoping it was close to where I was going.

"Washington State." she said which caused me to smile even wider and wanted to jump for joy at the thought of her going to the same state I was going to. "And you, where are you headed?" she asked.

"Washington, as well." I chuckled.

"You're kidding, which part?" she asked chuckling with me at this point.

"La Push," I told her, still hoping that she would get even closer.

She almost squealed when I told her that, and it caused me to chuckle at her giddiness. "I'm going to Forks," she said.

"It's a small world is it not?" I asked her still chuckling at her sweetness.

"Yes it is," she said, "does your family live there as well?" she asked.

"Yes… I live with my Dad," I told her. "And you? Do you have family in Forks?" I asked her.

"Yes…I too live with my father, he is the chief of police there." she told me, as I looked at her in shock.

"No…this isn't possible…is it?" I mumbled.

"What…? What is it Jacob?" she speculated.

"You're last name wouldn't be Swan by any chance would it?" I asked, knowing it was, if her dad was chief of the police in Forks, it had to be who I was thinking of unless they changed chief's in the last two weeks, which I doubt that they had.

"Yes…Yes it is," she said. "Why do you asked? Do I know you?" she asked looking at me a little harder now.

"You're Bella Swan, Bella…it's me Jake…Jacob Black…Billy's son remember." I said.

"Oh…My…God…Jake…" she said as she looked me over, "What have you done to yourself, your huge…you know steroids are bad for you." she said, with a laugh.

"I don't do steroid Bella, and talking about me changing my god look at you, your gorgeous, where's that girl with the glasses you know the geeky little girl that used to be my best friend?" I asked her.

"Contacts and I guess I just grew up." she said. "As you evidently did Jake, I bet you have to fight off the girls with a stick, well if you fight them off." she said, laughing.

"Bella, I'm still waiting on that little girl that left me when she was ten years old and I was eight." I told her, and she smiled at me.

"Who knew we would meet up on an airplane headed home huh?" she said. I nodded my head, thinking back to the last time I saw Bella.

It was when my mom passed on; she flew to Washington just to be with me. She made her mom send her just so she could be with me during that ruff time in my life and she never left my side. Bella even slept in the same bed with me and held me when I cried myself to sleep, she was my best friend and I loved her and little did she know that I still carried a torch for her, always awaiting her return to Forks.

"So what were you doing in London?" I asked.

"Actually, I am coming from Paris, I just finished two years at a culinary school there and I'm heading home to open up a restaurant." she told me.

"Oh Bella…you always did like to cook, even those mud pies you forced me to eat." I said with a chuckle.

"I didn't make you eat those mud pies, I think you only ate them so it didn't hurt my feelings, but I didn't make you eat them." she answered.

"If my memory serves me right, I remember you telling me that they tasted like chocolate and wanted me to try one." I said.

Bella chuckled loudly "Guilty…I did say that, but it was only that one time." she said as she continued laughing.

I couldn't help but to watch her as she giggled, and remembering all the good times we had together. We lost contact with one another when her dad and mom divorced and her mom took her away to Phoenix, kicking and screaming the whole way. I talked to her on the phone a few times and she e-mailed me a few times, but then there was nothing.

"Bella, why did you stop talking to me?" I asked.

She lowered her head and sighed. "Mom didn't approve of our relationship Jake." she said, which surprised me because her dad and mom used to hang out at our house all the time, what could have happened to cause her mom to think our relationship was wrong?

"Why?" I asked really wanting to know now.

She started to tell me when the plane started to pitch. The seat belt sign came on and Bella looked at me with pure fear. I reached over and fastened her seat belt and took her hand in mine as she grabbed on tight.

"It's okay Bella, it's just a storm." I told her, then remembered Bella was afraid of storms, she had been at the house a number of times during storms and she would run to my side and cuddle next to me until the storm was over or fell asleep whatever came first.

I looked over at her, "its okay, Bella. I'm right here." she nodded her head but the fear was still present in her eyes. I fastened my seat belt and pulled her as close to me as I could as we waited it out.

The stormed seemed to be getting worse; the plane was shaking something fierce, it was pitching the plane all over the place then there was a large explosion. I looked out the window and the wing was on fire, lightning had struck one of the engines on the wing and it was burning. The plane started to do a nose dive, Bella was screaming loudly, fear was clearly evident in her voice, as it was with the other passengers.

I pulled her to me and ducked her head down on a pillow that was resting on her knees. I did the same thing and put my arm around her. I prayed harder than I ever had in my life. Here I was on a plane with the girl I had been waiting for. I had finally got her back into my life and the damn plane is going down in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I prayed that Bella and I would make it through this, of course I wished everyone would but let's face it, we'll be lucky if any of us survive.