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We finally made it to the Denali clan; they met us in their front yard, they watched us defensively. Carlisle assured them that we meant them no harm that we only wanted Bella and explained what had happened. They didn't seem too happy with the thought of Edward doing this especially with one of their own with him. Tonya was suppose to be Edward's mate, they were a little confused, and demanded an explanation from Edward when he was found.

Alice stood in front of the house and looked into the forest. She closed her eyes, moving her head in different directions. Jasper stood by her side and held her hand for support, I thought how loving they looked together and wondered if it was even possible for a vampire to be that loving, wasn't their hearts as dead as well as they were, it was confusing to me how they mated.

Alice opened her eyes and whispered something to Jasper and he turned to us.

"She can see where they are," he said. What was he her mouth piece, he was always relaying messages to us from her, I thought that rather strange.

"Well let's go," I demanded.

He nodded his head and we took off in the direction Alice seen them go. I looked over and noticed two of the Denali clan running with us, I wondered what they were doing unless they wanted to protect Tonya from us wolves. I doubted if Tonya had much to do with what Edward was doing, not that they would know how I felt. I remembered the look on her face when Edward said Bella was his mate, if she was with him it was purely from wanting to be with Edward and nothing else but that still remains to be seen.

Alice stopped suddenly and yelled. "NO!" she looked to Jasper and whispered something to him, then turned to us and sighed, it was clear she was afraid to tell us something. I phased not caring to put on my shorts and looked at her.

"What is it Alice?" I asked waiting on an answer.

"Jake…he is feeding from her, we must get to her fast, he can read my mind he knows were coming," she said.

My heart dropped, that bloodsucker was making a meal from my angel, the anger I felt at that moment was undeniable, when I got a hold of him, I will rip him to pieces, and no one here or on earth was going to stop me.

I phased back as we took off we hadn't gone far when Alice stopped again and pointed to a large white building that sat in front of us surrounded by trees, backed up to the rocky side of a mountain.

I talked to the pack in wolf form.

"Leave the woman for the Denali clan, I want to take care of Edward myself, protect Bella with your lives if you have to," I told them.

They agreed as we made our way to the building and burst through the door, where Tonya, Edward and my Bella were. Tonya back into a corner when she seen us and stayed there, Edward released Bella and looked at us as the blood on his lips ran down his chin, his eyes glowed red as Alice yelled for him to move away from Bella.

"No…she's mine," he yelled back as I dove for him not giving him time to move and grabbed his neck and sheared it off with one blow, he fell to the ground, I heard Esme cry out in pain of losing her son. Carlisle grabbed her and held her to his chest while she shed bloody tears that flowed down her check. I felt sorry for her loss but not for killing Edward, he took my mate he broke the treaty and he paid for it with his existence.

The pack surrounded us as I pulled Bella into my arms; she opened her eyes to find me holding her and smiled as she buried her head into my chest.

"I knew you would find me," she said and fell into unconsciousness once again.

I heard Carlisle say, "Let me look at her, I can help her." I looked over at him, he placed Esme into Jaspers arms and stood before the pack, they growled at him the second he took a step forward.

"Please Jake, I won't hurt her I promise," he pleaded.

"Let him through," I told the pack, they parted and opened up enough room to let him through.

I laid Bella back on the bed and let Carlisle look her over. I looked around the room; the two Denali clan that followed us had Tonya in their arms comforting her. I knew I wanted to talk to her before we left to find out what Edward was up too and why it was so important for him to have Bella, I knew it had nothing to do with her being his mate she was mine, it had to do with her blood somehow and I wanted to find out just what was so special about Bella's blood.

"Take Edward and burn him," I told Sam, he phased to human form and carried out the body from the building, only coming back to pick up his head and took it out as well.

After Carlisle examined Bella, he turned to look at me.

"She's fine…he didn't drink too much of her blood to cause much damage, there wasn't any exchange of venom into her system, it looks like he only fed from her," which made me cringe. "She will be fine she just needs to rest to replace the blood that she has lost," he said in a professional voice.

I slipped on my jean shorts and bent over to pick Bella up. I wanted to get out of here; the Denali's offered a place for Bella to rest. I followed one of the women who led me to one of the bedrooms where I placed Bella on the bed; I kissed her forehead and ordered Leah to stay with her until I settled things with the coven. Leah sat down next to Bella and gave me a death glare. I stopped and walked back over to Leah.

"What is your problem Leah?" I asked her wanted to settle this here and now.

"It's not the time Jake," she said as she turned away from me with a disgusted look on her face. I grabbed her arm and turned her to face me, staring sternly at her in the eyes.

"You listen to me Leah, I don't know what your problem is but I am sick and tired of dealing with you. I have done nothing but try and be your friend for you to disrespect me in front of my mate," I told her.

"Your mate!" she yelled, "I was supposed to be your mate…but nooo…, you had to go and imprint on this….this pale faced human," she growled out.

She walked up to me and put her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her, "I love you Jake, we were meant to be together," she said confidently. I pulled her arms from around my neck and placed them at her side.

"No Leah, we were not meant to be together, I imprinted on Bella when we were young, it was a supernatural imprint Leah…Bella and I were meant to be together…I know you think you love me, but it's not love its only a crush, you needed someone when Sam broke it off with you, and I helped you, you fell in love with the idea of being in love, your love for me is not real love. Believe me there is someone out there made just for you LeeLee, but I'm not him," I replied using her nickname Sam gave her long ago. She looked at me and thought about what I said and lowered her head and nodded.

"Okay Jake…if that's how you want it, I won't bother you anymore, I promise…go…go take care of what needs to be done, I'll watch over your… imprint," she said sadly. I looked at her threateningly. "Don't worry I won't harm her," she said as she rolled her eyes at me. I nodded my head and left her alone with my imprint.

I went down stairs to find the clan hovered around Tonya; I walked over to her as the clan turned and hissed at me.

"I don't want to harm her, I just want to talk to her, that's all," I told them, Carlisle nodded at them to allow me to speak with her. They found a seat and sat down; I sat down next to Tonya.

"Are you alright?" I asked her to start off with. She looked at me with sorrowful eyes and nodded her head.

"Can you tell me why Edward wanted Bella so bad?" I asked sincerely. She lowered her head sadly then looked up at me.

"I didn't mean any harm to come to your mate, I just loved Edward and wanted him to be happy, Bella made him happy, well her blood did," she said tattered.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked confused by her words.

"I guess for you to understand I'll have to start at the beginning," she said, as I nodded understanding and wanting to hear it all.

"Edward and I ran across Bella while in Paris, he smelt her; he said she gave off this aroma that he couldn't resist. Some humans have this aroma, some smell better than most, almost like chocolate to humans. But our coven had found a way to overcome our cravings, but Edward had slipped a few times and feed from humans mostly when we were a way from his family. He didn't want them to know he would feed from humans now and then. He would always get his fill from animal blood before we returned to them so they wouldn't notice." She paused for a minute, and then continued.

"We didn't approach her then we only followed her. She went into this school, and that's where we left her. Edward said he had to have her, we fought about it but then he made me see that he didn't want her sexually he wanted to feed from her, slowly a little every day, he said he could have a taste of her every day for years and when she got too old and was ready to die he would drain her, get rid of her body and no one would be the wiser." I cringed at the thought of my angel being his prisoner for her whole life, only to be fed from every day till the day she died by his hand. I found it appalling and wanted to kill him all over again.

"Edward came up with a plan to get to her; he told his family that he had found his singer, you must understand for a vampire to find his singer is rare, and when we find her or him it is important that we have them, for them to be with us for eternity, to become one of us," she said, looking around to the rest of the bloodsuckers, and they all had agreed with her.

I nodded my head slight understanding. We are much the same way but with us, if our imprint or mate denies us we are the one who suffers not our mates.

But what is the difference with them I wasn't getting the idea of it, you have to feed from them to turn them to release venom into the human, to cause them to turn, what she was saying sounded similar. But from what she said, Bella sounded like she was indeed Edward's singer.

"Well the way you are describing this, to me it sounds like Bella was his singer and if not how is it different?" I asked her.

"The difference is when you find you singer you don't want to feed from them, you want to turn them and be with them in every way for eternity," she said. I nodded my head in understanding again.

"So what you are saying, Edward had no intention of mating with Bella he just wanted to feed off of her because her blood smelt good to him, better than most humans blood and because he fed from humans when he wanted to, he had no control as the other bloodsuckers had from the coven he came from," I said. She nodded, confirming that I finally understood then continued with her story.

"Edward explained to his family he had found his singer which they were ecstatic about, they were devising a plan to get the two of them together, so Alice followed Bella to this restaurant close to the college where she went to school and made friends with her. The next day Alice, Edward and myself met her outside of her school, we offered to take her back to the house and watch a movie with her. Edward was on cloud nine, I could already see how obsessed he was. His family just thought it was the singer calling to him, but I knew it was the blood he lusted for. We kept it up with shopping trips and other meetings with Bella. I could tell she was feeling a bit weird out about the whole thing. When we found out that she was from Forks that made what he had planned even better. We would wait until she was home and take her from there but then there was the plane crash. Edward was devastated and mad as hell at Alice for not seeing that coming," she said as she looked at me.

"You must understand also that Alice can't see anything when any of the wolves are involved, by you being on that plane, you blocked Alice's vision's of the plane crash so she didn't see it coming. Alice felt so bad that Edward had lost his singer that's when she heard that there could be a possibility that she was still alive, she began to search for her telepathically, she knew you had to be with her because she was having trouble seeing where you were located but once she got a good location she sent help," she said.

"Once she found you and the pilot brought you to house in New York, Alice called Edward and told him you were safe, which sent Edward into a tizzy, as for me I wished you had never came home," she sighed. "When we arrived at the house in New York, you two had already left for LaPush, and once again Edward was in a whirl wind trying to get to Bella. We left as soon as we could and arrived in Forks, the rest you know," she said.

"But what about when he found out she was my imprint, how did he convinces his family that she was still his singer?" I asked still curious. She sighed.

"He just told them that you were lying or mistaken, he told them there is no mistaking that she was his singer, he felt it. He smelt it. He had to have her and there was no one going to stand in his way of his true singer. Of course the family believed him because of how desperate he was acting to claim Bella," she said.

"But didn't that bother you, him wanting another woman?" I asked confused with her actions.

"Hell yeah, we argued all the time about it, of course the family thought we were arguing over the fact that Edward found his true mate, I hated that he wanted another woman, even if it was just to feed on forever," she said.

"Why didn't you tell the others what he was planning," I asked her agitated that she would let an innocent go through a kidnapping and being held prisoner for the rest of the humans natural life. It was taking everything I had not to rip her apart for allowing such a thing to happen, but my curiosity was more intense than killing her at the moment.

"I was blinded by Edward, I was so in love with him I would have done anything he wanted, but it was getting to be too much toward the end, I was pleading with him when you came in to let her go, but he wouldn't do it…he said he would kill me and Bella, he would glamour her into believing whatever he wanted her to believe. Edward said he would make her think she was head over heels in love with him that she couldn't live without him and he would have her forever. I had decided then that as soon as I could get away from him I would, I couldn't tell his family what really was going on. I knew all he would have to do is say that I was jealous and was trying to get rid of his singer. I knew that they would have believed him, so what was the point of even trying." She said, and I knew she was right, if his family believed Bella was truly his singer they would have put it down as a jealous female.

"Thank you Tonya for explaining it to me, I don't condone what you did, in love or not this shouldn't have happened, you could have come to one of us and explained this, but I understand family values especially since we are natural enemies, but this was a case of human survival, it should have come first and from what I've seen of this coven you do put humans safety first, well most of you do anyways. I'm sorry that you had to endure what you did, but like I said, this shouldn't have happened. My mate has seen her share of pain in the last year, she was making progress with the past for only this to happen, I just hope it doesn't cause a relapse on her part," I told them with a shudder. "We will leave as soon as my mate rests," I told them.

I went up to relieve Leah, who looked at me disgustedly and went down stairs. Sam brought me up a plate of food that Esme had cooked for the pack. I thanked Sam as I sat back and ate. Sam sat and watched Bella with me. Finally he got up and patted me on my shoulder.

"She'll be okay man," he said with a smile of confidence. I nodded my head in hope more than agreement as he left me alone with Bella.

I held her hand and lay my head on the bed next to her and I must have dosed off, when I felt a hand touch my head, I looked up to see Bella smiling at me.

"How are you feeling sweetheart?" I asked her in a worried voice.

"I'm fine baby…stop worrying," she said as she sat up and looked around. "Where are we?" she asked confused. I chucked.

"We're in Alaska with some of the Cullen's family," I told her and she cringe.

"When can we go home?" she asked with grimace.

I laughed this time, not that it was funny but the point of her not showing any fear this time but hated the fact that we were in a house of vampires and that was my sentiments exactly.

"When you're feeling better," I told her.

"Well I'm feeling better can we go now?" she asked and I laughed once again.

"Of course sweetheart," I told her.

I helped her to her feet till she stood on her own, she grabbed my arm as we went down stairs where the rest of the pack and the Cullen's were, we readied ourselves to go, we didn't thank the clan or the coven, for this was all their doing, we just left. I put Bella on my back as she got comfortable stroking my fur which felt awesome by the way. I ran fast and hard to get back home. Charlie met us at the house and was glad to see that Bella was okay, he stayed to make sure his daughter was truly alright, then left to go home.

Bella was truly okay, she didn't have a relapse. I think she was getting used to all the supernatural stuff that was going on, she would take it as a normal everyday thing and go on with life. I thought it funny and when I say funny I mean a weird kind of funny. Bella had more trouble excepting the aftermath of the plane crash than she does the supernatural world, she was meant for me and showed that she could handle anything supernatural.

Bella and I grew even closer if that was even possible, after a time she was able to almost read my mind, she knew when I was coming home before I entered the house, she knew what I wanted before I even knew what I wanted, whether this has to do with her being a Alpha mate I have no idea, dad says it does and who am I to dispute my father's knowledge of our heritage.

Within the next year Bells and I were married, and a year later we were the proud parents of a beautiful son. He had Bella's lips and nose but looked exactly like me. I couldn't have been happier. Of course grandpa Charlie and Billy are already trying to him spoil rotten.

Renee still held true to her word, Bella tried to tell her she was a grandma but she wanted nothing to do with a half breed, as she called him. Bella was fuming over that one. I just hope Renee does stays with Phil, and doesn't change her mind about being mother and grandma. I'm afraid she'll lose out; Bella was done with her mother, after her words about our son. I just hope Phil is worth it to her.

Dad retired from being chief, and in return it fell to me, and I gladly took on. I really don't have to do a whole lot, I just have to be at the council meetings and if anyone on the tribe has any problems they come to me. Life was good though, and there really isn't many problems here on the rez, the pack has more problems than the tribe does I still run the shop and fix cars or pretty much anything with an engine. We live a good life, we're not rich by no means but we get by, the little bit we get from the council for protecting the tribe helps.

Bella finally opened her restaurant, but she decided to open it here on First Beach. It turned out to be more of a resort than a restaurant, sure people come from all over to eat Bells food, but they also come to stay at the resort to see our sceneries and beaches, also taking in some of the culture. Charlie had to set up boundaries for tourist so they didn't disturb the residence. Bella put a lot of the wolves to work in the resort to give them extra money which was a plus. she also helps out the reservation with a percentage of what is made by the resort going to the council to help with whatever needs to be done on the reservation.

So life is good for the Blacks on our little reservation, and it all started from an airplane that went down in the Atlantic Ocean, that brought me and Bella together once again.

The End

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