The One That Belongs

The Final Chapter: Party Time

Ash Ketchum smiled at Nurse Joy. "Thanks for healing my pokemon," he said. "No worries dear," she said kindly, then her eyes shimmered. "You look awfully familiar? Are you Ash?" she asked.

Ash laughed and nodded. "Thats me," he agreed.

Nurse Joy gave him a soft smile. "Oh, well I'm glad to see your happy," she said quietly, "You must be a strong boy,"

Ash furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. What was she talking about? He shrugged. "Thanks anyways," he said before heading outside, the cool air whirling around him. He felt his cellphone beep, and he checked his messages. I'm SO sorry Ash! It was a text message from his friend Melody, who he'd sorta kept in touch with.

"Sorry for what?" Ash muttered to himself. He sighed, shoving his cellphone back in his pocket, and continued walking towards the gym.

Inside The Gym...

Misty adjusted the microphone and cleared her throat, to get everyone's attention. "As you all know, we're here today to celebrate Ash's 16th birthday party," she spoke, and the crowd of people cheered, "I want to thank you all for coming!"

She took a deep breath. "Also, as you know, tragically, Ash's mom died a few weeks ago, and Ash still doesn't know. We didn't want to ruin his birthday, so we're planning on telling him tomorrow," she explained. There was a murmer of approval amongst the people in the crowd.

"Okay, everyone, Ash should be here soon, so we're all going to shut off the lights and when he opens them, we yell "Surprise," okay?" Dawn yelled through the other microphone. Misty giggled. "We know its a bit cliche, but it'll be fun!" she exclaimed.

"He's coming!" Brock said, as he watched out the window. Brock had came back, with Erica, for the party, knowing how important it would be for Ash.

Every started talking at once, before Misty hushed them, and they shut off the lights.

The door clicked open and footsteps walked in. "Ugh, why does Misty keep it so dark in here.," he grumbled, trying to find the light switch. "Geez, where's the damn light switch," he complained, and a lot of the party guests had to cover their mouths to keep from snickering.

Ash felt around the wall for a bit. "Finally!" he said in triumph, flicking it open.


Ash jumped back, unfortunately, tripping over one of the chair and his head falling straight into the punch bowl. He looked up, his head soaked with punch. "Awww man," he groaned, but he grinned at the crowd gathered around him.

"Wow guys..." he murmered, "This is great," he was smiling hugely.

Misty hurried over to him. "Hey Ash! Do ya like the party?" she winked. "Happy Birthday!"

Ash stumbled backwards. "B-birthday?" he smacked his forehead, "I forgot! I was so caught up with my mother being in the hospital...I totally forgot!"

Misty's smile dimmed when she heard Ash say his mother was in the hospital. Poor thing, he still thinks she's in the hospital. Misty shivered at the thought, but put on a smile on her face. "Com'n Ash. Lets Party,"

. . .

"This is so awesome!" Ash exclaimed. He felt more happier then ever.

"Ash, happy birthday!" Brock gave him a high five. Ash's mouth dropped open, and he laughed. "Hey Brock, glad to see your back already," he drawled.

Brock nodded. "I brought Erica with me," he said, pointing at his girlfriend over by a cluster of girls.

"Of course," Ash rolled his brown eyes, his face shining delightfully.

Dawn tugged on Ash's hand. "Look Ash! Its May and Drew!" she squealed, grabbing him and pulling him over.

"Hey May!" Ash said brightly.

"Hi Ash!" May gushed, "How's it been?"

"Great," he smiled. He noticed May and Drew were holding hands and smirked. "Let me guess..." he snickered, "Dating?"

May and Drew both blushed and nodded. "Yup," May nodded, giving her new boyfriend a kiss on the head.

Dawn looked at them pleased. "I'm so happy for you two!" she exclaimed, giving May a hug.

"Thanks," May grinned. Was it just her, or did Dawn seem a lot nicer then she had when she'd first left?

Ash's eyes lit up as he noticed the food tables. "FOOD!" he cried joyfully, hurrying over and cramming his face with cookies and cupcakes. " good," he moaned pleasently.

Misty walked over to him and narrowed her eyes playfully. "I see you've already began eating..." she smirked. "Pig,"

Ash grinned. "Thanks Mity," he replied through mouthfuls. Misty rolled her aquamarine eyes. "C'mon lets dance?" she grabbed his wrist and pulled him over to the dance floor as loud music boomed through the gym.

Misty began dancing but sweatdropped when she saw Ash dancing using some ridiculas dance moves. "Gosh Ash, your dancing like a caterpie!" she scolded.

Ash glanced at her. "Is that a good thing?" he shouted over the music. Misty smacked her forehead, and shook her head, smiling at him.

"This party is awesome!" Gary complimented, joining them. "Hey Ash,"

Ash was surprised Gary hadn't called him Ashy-Boy. Was he actually being friendly to him?

"So, how's training been going?" Gary asked.

Ash shrugged. "I've been taking a little break," he admitted, waiting for Gary to smirk at him. He never did. "Cool," he nodded, before walking away.

Ash stared at him confused. Was it just him or was Gary being nice to him? Probably 'cos its my birthday, Ash thought to himself, before resuming to dancing.

Suddenly, a slow song filled the air, the rock music softening to a rythmetic melody. Ash looked at Misty nervously. He wanted to ask her to dance, talk to her alone for a bit, but he was a terrible dancer, and was afraid he would step on her foot the whole time.

"Uh...wanna go to the backyard? And talk?" Ash asked blushing, as he tugged on Misty's shoulder. Misty looked a bit disappointed. She had thought the slow dance would be great...but talking quietly in the backyard..hmmm that could work too.

"Sure," Misty agreed, taking his hand as he led her through the crowd and into the backyard.

They sat down next to each other on the grass. "Its so nice out today," Ash murmered, "Look, you can see the stars," he saw in awe.

Misty smiled. "Yeah, its beautiful out," she nodded in agreement.

. . .

Dawn whipped around. Where was Ash? She wanted to slow dance with him. She glanced around frantically when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Yes! Ash! She thought, turning around. She gasped, when she realized it was not was...

Kenny. "Uh..oh..K-kenny," Dawn stammered, a faint blush appearing over the bridge of her nose.

"Hey Dee-dee," Kenny smiled. Dawn frowned. "Don't you call me th-" she began, but was interrupted. "Want to dance?" Kenny asked.

Dawn stared into his mesmerizing emerald eyes, and nodded shyly.

Kenny took her head and led her to the dance floor, wrapping her arms around her waist.

Dawn put her arms around his neck, and pressed her face against his chest.

She could feel his minty breath against her, and she closed her eyes and swayed to the music.

It was odd, but the first time in her life, she felt safe, and happy, right here, right now, in Kenny's arms.

. . .

"I love the stars," Ash sighed happily, glancing at Misty who was smiling back at him.

She nodded, twisting a strand of red hair around her finger. "Do you remember how we met?" she asked.

Ash smirked. "'course I do, remember, I stole your bike and fried it? That's why you kept following me around!" he said.

Misty reached for his hand. " was never about the bike..." she said softly. Ash jerked his head up and gave her a toothy grin, wrapping his hand around hers. "I know! We became best friends!" he exclaimed, then blushed as he saw their hands were interlaced, but he didn't let go.

"I fished you out of the river," Misty snickered, and Ash stuck out his tongue.

I have to do it... Misty thought to herself, Its now or never...

Taking a deep, shaky breath, she closed her eyes and spoke. "Ash...there's something that's been on my mind for a long time...and I think its about time I tell you..."

Ash gazed at her with chocolate eyes. "Yeah?" he asked gently, "What is it?"

Misty's aquamarine eyes shimmered with nerves as she got ready to do what she'd been waiting to do for ages. "Ash...I don't know how to say I'm going to show you..." she said.

Before Ash could get another word out, Misty pressed her lips against his. Ash's eyes widened, but he quickly embraced her and closed her eyes, deepening the kiss. One word was too small to describe the pleasure of the kiss. Enchanting. Blissful. Delightful. Dreamy. Magical. Joyful. Heavenly. It was the best moment of both Ash and Misty's life.

They pulled apart, both of their faces pitch red. "Ash...I ...I L-love you..." Misty managed to get out. Ash was breathing heavily from the kiss but he had on an adorable lopsided grin. "I...I love ya too Mist, always will," he murmered, swooping in and planting another kiss on her lips.

. . .

Dawn and Kenny let go of each other relucantly, as the slow song ended.

Kenny smiled. "Can I see your Piplup Dawn?" Kenny asked, his green eyes shining.

Dawn nodded. "Its upstairs. Hold on, I'll get it," she scurried upstairs to the bedroom to get her Piplup.

Just as she got the pokeball, she spotted something out the window.

She craned her neck, and her heartbeat stopped. Ash and Misty were...were...kissing.

Dawn waited...she waited for the incredible pain, the heartbreak, the tears...but nothing happened. No jealousy. No hurt. She had to admit, they looked kind of cute together.


"Hey Dawn, hurry up," Kenny said, poking his face at the door.

Dawn smiled. Sometimes, first love isn't true love, she thought, and followed Kenny out the door, grinning like an idiot.

. . .

Misty snuggled her head under Ash's head, and he wrapped her arms around her as they stared up at the sky. \

"I've been waiting for this day forever," Misty breathed. Ash leaned down and gave her a kiss on the head. "Me too," he whispered.

They were quiet for a moment.

"Misty..." Ash said timidly, finally breaking the silence.


"Thanks," he answered.

Misty turned and looked at his curiously. "For what?"

Ash leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "For making me the happiest boy alive,"

Misty grinned. "My pleasure Ash," she replied.

Misty rested her head on Ash and closed her eyes contently.

"Misty?" Ash asked again.

"Yeah Ash,"

"How about a sequel?"

Author's Notes

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm DONE DONE DONE! The story is DOOOONEEEEEEE! OMG I can't believe its really finished! So, I had to add the last part. Sequel? HOW ABOUT IT? WHO WANTS A SEQUEL? Lets hope misty says yes! HEHE YEAH I AM MAKING A SEQUEL. BUT FIRST, TO THANK ALL MY REVIEWERS: Look out for the sequel to the story (Which I have yet to write) - Deeper Love. :)

Thanks you guys! YOU ARE ALL THE BEST! I love ya all!

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