An Alternate World

A Hetalia story, with a Nyotalia twist

"Seeing is not always believing." -Martin Luther King, Jr

Chapter 1

Point of view: Fem! England

"Ugh… America can you not break down my front door, I'm coming!" I screamed down below.

Why can she never learn to ring a doorbell like a normal country? I sighed and was about to go downstairs, until I looked in the mirror.

My skirt was not matching my stockings. There was no way I was going out without looking my best, not disheveled. I began to go through my closet again, calmly flicking my fingers over the tops of the wooden hangars. Just as I finished getting dress, a stranger's voice led itself up the stairs.

"WILL YOU BLOODY STOP BOUNCING AROUND?" screamed a similar British accent from my sitting room. Who in the name of the Queen did America let inside my house? I must have a talk with her about bringing strangers into my home.

As I led myself down my stairs and around the corner, more yelling erupted. Whoever this man was, he sure was very bloody loud. The room went dead right as I walked in. And it was quite surprising what I found indeed.

"Uh oh…" Was all he could seem to muster from his mouth. This boy looked like he could be from my home, blonde hair, green eyes. He could actually be my twin really, if you could ever have identical twins with opposite genders.

"And who do you think you are-" I said strutting my way towards America. She had no right whatsoever to let perfectly unknown men into my home! "Letting strange men into my home, without even very well asking me?!" I yelled in her face.

"HEY HEY! I totally did not let this boy in. He was sitting on your couch, when I came in." She cried in defense. I looked down to my front door, which had been blown to chards of wood from her cowboy boots.

"And I suppose you are paying for the damages to my door?" I said giving her a firm look. "F-fine..." She muttered under her breath. Now that I was done with this git, I had to move onto the other one on my couch.

"So you just barged into my home, and decided to sleep on my couch hm? What are you some lazy bum who has no courtesy for a lady!" I questioned this queer fellow. He seemed almost baffled I would even call him a bum.

"I'll have you bloody know Miss, that this is my home! I'm the country of Great Britain, and I will be treated better by the intruders of my home!"

England…. Did he say England? That's my name! He can't be a country can he? And he cannot very well be England! That's my job for God's sake….

Without warning, a shadow cast over the room. Someone was at the frame of the door, and it definitely wasn't anyone I knew. It seemed to be a tall Blonde man. Who in the Queen's name is that?

Point of view: America

It was such a long plane ride to England's house. And the fat guy next to me eating fries wasn't much help with the fact I didn't eat lunch before I left. The stupid guy wouldn't even give me one fry! What a wuss…

England's house is so boring. It's just this large brick house on a quiet street. Even the inside is boring, all neat and tidy. Yet today inside England's house was something I didn't expect. At all.

"Another boy! Whoa he kinda looks like me, but he's really tall. And he has glasses." Shouted a girl near the couch.

"America it's you! What are you doing here?" Questioned England's familiar voice.

"What's with the hot chick's dude? I didn't think you could actually get any hot girls."

With that being said, England came over and gave my head a large whack. Glaring at me and telling me to not call these girls 'hot' or 'chicks'.

"THAT HURT YA KNOW!" I replied in a huff. England was still his usual annoying self. Although I'm still confused how we all suddenly got here.

"Like I said America, care to explain why I suddenly ended up at my home?" He said, while the 2 girls behind him looked at me strangely.

"I don't know! One minute I was chowing down on a burger in the conference room, and then bPOOF/b, I'm back at home on the couch. But my home looked like I let some girls in or something. There were flowers everywhere!" I explained to them, while one of the girl's eyes widened.

"HE WAS IN MY HOUSE! And those flowers smell NICE you know!" Yelled the girl in the Cowboy boots, as she stomped in a huff.

Man…. That girl looked familiar… She kind of looks like me, but she's a chick. This is so weird… Gah.

"Ok, we need to sit down and think rationally about this. We obviously seem to have identity problems." Concluded the smart looking girl in a skirt.

"Well, I suppose we should. But how is it possible that there could be 2 of each country?" Questioned England from the tweed couch. He kept running his hand through his hair with a worried look across his face. Obviously he was scared of something…

"Maybe we were cloned! You know Tony probably could help, I'm sure aliens all about that!"

"How do you know Tony?!" Cried the other America.

"Uh… He's my friend. Duhhhh…"

"Will you 2 idiots sit down and shut up for a minute! You're driving me insane, you twits…" England spat at both of us. We both plopped down on opposite chairs.

"Now that we have everyone's attention, we must learn what everyone knows. So far, all we know is that there are 2 Americas and 2 Englands." Stated the girl England, while she stared at my England across from her.

"Well first can we pick names? I wanna be an Alfred! Alfred is such a Hero name don't you think?" I grinned, grinning right at my counterpart.

"For the Queen's sake do we really need to pick names?" Mused the England girl again, rubbing her temples and staring at me in frustration. Wow she and he were similar.

"Well geez man calm your horse." I huffed and pouted at her. "I just thought it'd be cool and that way we wouldn't be confused."

"I LOVE THAT IDEA!" Squealed the other me across from me. She clapped her hands in delight. "If he's Alfred I should totally pick an A name too. Like Amy or um…Amelia! That sounds like a super kickin' awesome name don't you think um…Alice!" She grinned at the blonde girl.

"HEY! You can't just pick me name! That's rude and impeding on my rights!"

"Oops too bad I just did~" She giggled at her.

Oh I should give England a good name. He'll probably pick something like John, Doctor, or Sherlock.

"And I'll be Sher-"


"ARTHUR?!" He yelled at me, glaring.

"Well duh dude. You're not going to be named Sherlock and I'm not going to call you that kay?"

Both of the disgruntled Englanders glared at me and Amelia. I gave them a great big Hero smile back.

Shrugging in defeat and nodding, England gave up. "Oh fine fine. Arthur, Amelia, Alfred, and Alice. Quite a lot of a's."

"Ha Arthur it sounded like you said ass-"


"Hey um guys?" Amelia quieted us both and scratched her chin. "I have a question. If you guys were in a conference and suddenly landed here with us…Where's the other countries?"

Arthur's eyes widened and we all looked around the circle. Right then my stomach grumbled. I don't think this is a good time for a Hero to ask for some lunch. Hmph.