Learning to Fly Ch 1: I Really Left Him

A/n: This is a little drabble that attacked my brain...I had to write it, let's see where it goes...Bnjwl, you festered it...THANK YOU! Twifey - I love ya hard.


Here I stand on the side of the road, backpack over my shoulder, duffle bag in my hand...it's wet, it's dreary and I'm holding back my tears.

I left him.

I can't believe I left him standing there. I can't believe I walked away.

But if I stayed with him, I can't experience life. I know how much I love him.

I need to do this to figure out who I am. I need to see where I want to go in life.

I miss him.

I miss him so much already and it's only been twelve hours.

I'm holding back the tears.

I cross the road and get in line for a bus ticket. The people drone on around me but all I hear is his voice in my head, "I love you enough to set you free, but please, come back to me."

I want to turn around and flee to him. Beg him to forgive me for breaking his heart, for changing our plans, for needing to be free.

But I can't turn back. I have to move forward.

I have to learn how to fly, on my own.

It's my turn at the window as the clerk asks, "Where to, honey?"

I halt my brain for a minute, trying to process what she just asked me. I want to say, "Back to him," but my mouth says, "Chicago," instead.

I board the bus fifteen minutes later, my fingers itching to turn my cell phone on and call him to tell him where I'm going.

But I can't. I'll call him when I get there. I need to wean myself from him.

I put my earbuds in, turn on my Ipod only to hear "Come Home" by OneRepublic blaring at me. He did that. He set that up.

Which is exactly why I had to go.