Chapter 15 Our Beginning

A/n: So, this is it...the end of her journey...short, sweet...sad for me in a way. It's hard to believe that one simple sentence that I wrote as a comment one day took on such a life in my head that this story was born...but I've loved it.

It's sweet. It's a little fluff. It's a little angst. It was just a journey. One that I wished I'd had the guts to take 20 yrs ago.

Thanks for reading and reviewing and sticking with this little drabble ditty.

I dedicate this chapter to my twifey, lvtwilight09. She's been with me since the inception of this story. She's been my song and word guru. My technical helper. She's just the best friend a girl could ever have. LOVE YA BABE!

After I got back on the bus, the seat beside me remained empty. I wrote for a few hours, as inspiration about my journey was beating at my brain. Then I slept, well, I attempted to sleep as best as I could in the uncomfortable seat.

We pulled into Chicago around eight at night and once I got bags I texted Alice who confirmed all my plans were in place.

I would owe her big time for all that she's done for me in the past twenty-four hours.

I grabbed a cab and headed to the hotel. Once I got checked in and they gave me the bags waiting for me that Alice had had delivered I headed up to the room to shower and get things ready for Edward's arrival.

I only hoped that he would like what I had in mind.

I got up to the room, put my bags away after plugging in my cell phone and putting my ipod on the ihome and started it up.

I dumped the contents of Alice's purchases on the bed. I smiled, that girl thought of everything!

I quickly made my way to the bathroom to take a shower and wash away the grime from the past two days on a bus. I started the water, got the temperature just right and stepped in. The hot water felt sublime on my worn and weary body.

I went over and over what I had planned for tonight, in my mind.

I washed and conditioned my hair, shaved and scrubbed my skin thoroughly, got out and toweled off.

I pulled the midnight blue negligee off the bed and admired it before slipping the silk gown over my body. I pulled on the small scrap of fabric they called underwear and went about setting up the candles in the room.

I placed some items in the drawer beside the bed.

I set the ipod to mine and Edward's playlist and paused it.

I called room service and ordered some food and drinks.

The last thing I did was walk into the bathroom and retrieved the key necklace. I placed it on the center of the table in front of the couch. I wanted him to be the one to put it on me and I wanted him to see it waiting on him.

I only hoped he hadn't changed his mind.

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was time for them to be arriving. My stomach was doing sommersaults in anticipation of seeing Edward again.

I could hear them arguing outside the door and I smiled. Alice was creating a reason to leave him here alone.

The door opened and there he was as I stood in the center of the room, his back was turned towards the room while he argued with Alice. He sighed, shrugged his shoulders and turned into the room, his eyes finally falling upon me.

"Bella?" He choked out and dropped all his bags in the door. He ran to me and scooped me up in his arms, his lips kissed every inch of skin on my face. "Baby?"

"Edward." I said before crashing my lips to his in the most passionate kiss we've ever shared.

He tightened his grip on me and pushed me back into a wall before pulling back, his eyes searching back and forth between mine.

"You're here? You are really here! God, I've missed you." Kiss. "So fucking much." Kiss. "I love you, Bella." Kiss. Tongue. Deep.

My hands went to his hair and our bodies intertwined as we fought to hold on to each other with a desperation I'd never felt before now.

"Edward," I said as we pulled back for a breath. "I love you, too, baby. So fucking much."

He stopped, unwrapped himself from around me and stepped back. His eyes roamed my body before settling back on my eyes. "Bella?" He questioned me with his eyes.

"Yes, Edward. I'm ready. You're ready. I love you. I want to be yours, in body, in name, in every way possible."

"Are you sure, Bella? Absolutely sure?" He said, his eyes dancing with hope.

"Yes, Edward. Positively sure." I nodded my head and stepped into him, putting my hands around his neck, pulled his head down, "I love you without reservation. You mean everything to me. I don't want to waste another day. Please say you'll still have me, in every way."

"Oh God, Bella. You really mean it, don't you?" He watched me nod my head as he dropped to his knees, pulled a little blue box from his pocket, "Marry me, Bella. I've loved you my whole life. You mean the world to me. You are the air I breath. You are the reason that my heart beats. You..." He couldn't hold back the tears from his eyes, "You are my life. I can't live another day without you."

He held the opened box up for me to see the ring nestled inside.

"Yes, Edward, yes, yes, yes." He stood and picked me up, kissing me deep, his tongue danced with mine as he walked us to the bed. He laid me down softly before stepping back and stripping down to his boxers, then crawled to hover over me.

"God Bella, I've never been so happy as I am in this moment." He lowered himself and put his weight on me, kissing me soft and full of passion.

He set my body and soul on fire.

"I love you, Edward." I whispered as he eased his body into mine.

"I love you, Bella." He said as we both gasped at the sensations we were experiencing.

We both cried as we made love for the first time.

We solidified our love, our future and lives in those quiet moments our eyes locked before we both shattered with our release.

We laid there, in the silence, whispering everything that we'd gone through, learned and thought for the past three days.

Just before we drifted off to sleep in each other's arms, I whispered, "Thank you for letting me learn how to fly."

"Thank you for using your wings to find your way home." He whispered in return.