Be sure to read "Journey to the Center of Shenzi" and Through the Insides of Ed"

It was another regular day in the Pridelands. Timon and Pumbaa had gone out for a walk today, and of course search for some bug as well.

Also joning them on this walk were Kovu and Kiara, who were also looking for some grub. Mostly for Kiara though

You see only about a two weeks ago Kirar and Kovu had found out that Kiara was pregnant. And of course she and Kovu had to fill the little tummies Kiara now had in her tummy.

"Oh Kovu it feels s magical," Kirara said I wish you could feel it,"

"Just as long as I'm nt the one giving birth," Kovu joked

Yet all silliness aside Kovu found that Kirar looked more beautiful pregnant, sure she hadn't begun to bulge yet. Yet she had the special glow expecting lions had.

"Huh! Look!" Timon said halting everyone

"What is it Timon?" Pumbaa asked

"That!" Timon said pointing at a tree, and up in the tree was the biggest, most delicuos looking bug Timon had ever seen in his life

"I'm gonna get the bug," Timon said hopping off Pumbaa and going to climb the tree

Kirara, Kovu, and Pumbaa watched on

A short moment later Timon was on the branch were the bug was

"Come to papa," Timon said as he lept at the bug. Sadly it flew off and Timon hit the branch with a splat

"No!" Timon said

"Hurry Timon grab it," Pumbaa cried

"You can do it," Kiara said

Timon got up and made another jump for the bug, sadly he missed again. Yet worse than that, he was now falling to the ground

"Ah!" Timon cried

Kiara gasped, yet that one gasp, that one little opening of her mouth caused Timon to fall into her mouth.

Kirara started chocking

"Don't worry guys I'm here," Kovu said giving Kiara a good tap on the back, which he though would cause he to cough up Timon.

Sadly all it did was cause Kiara o swallow Timon

"NOT AGAIN!" Timon cried as he hit the bottom of Kiaras stomach

"Oh my gosh!" Kirara cred "I ate Timon!"

"Timon!" Pumbaa cried to Kiraras stomach "Timon are you alright!"

"I'm fine Pumbaa," Timon said inside Kirara "All I have to do is climb up her..."

Just then Timon got absorbed into Kiaras insides

"Oh cramp," Kiara said

"Timon! Timon!" Pumbaa said worried

"Relax Pumbaa," Timon said a few moments later "I'm in Kiaras womb,"

"You're in Kiraras womb?" Pumbaa repeated

"My womb!" Kiara said

"Ya, congrats on the twins," Timon said

"Twins?" Kiara said

"How are you not freaking out about this?" Kovu asked

"I'm used to it," Timon said

"What?" everyone else said confussed

"Let me explian," Timon said as he told his stories of When Shenzi and Ed ate him.

"Boy my dads going to freak out about this," Kiara said

"That'll be an understaement," Kovu said

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