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Chapter 1: Monday Morning Blues.

"Morning." Jack walked in to the UCOS office as he shrugged off his jacket. He knew he was more than likely the last person to arrive. He had a GP appointment and had already told the others he was going to be late. He hated being late, it always meant he was playing catch up.

"Morning Jack." Sandra smiled as she walked across to the kettle. "Everything alright?"

"The doc says so." He sat at his desk as Sandra smiled slightly. "Where is everyone?"

"Gerry is actually doing some work. He's gone to the records room with Brian. Strickland has been here." She sat in Gerry's seat as she watched Jack raise an eyebrow.

"Glad I was late, in that case."


"Sorry. Why was he here anyway?"

"He has a case for us." She smiled. "In 1995 there was a robbery in South West London. A security van was high jacked on its rounds. The driver, Luke Jones ended up in hospital."

"So, what's the new evidence? Why are we looking in to the case again?" Jack was immediately interested.

"Well, in 1995 the team working on the investigation never found the culprits. Now there is evidence to suggest there is a link between the robbers and someone in the security firm. They suspected it at the time but until now there hasn't been the scientific evidence to back up what was essentially just a theory." Sandra smiled as Gerry and Brian walked in.

"Anything?" She looked up.

"Nah." Gerry pulled on his tie and leant on his desk. "Seems that Jones resigned not long after the robbery. Seems he had to go on long term sick, with depression."

"That is a very serious psychiatric illness." Brian interjected.

"Yeah, but he wasn't diagnosed by the standards people are today. There wasn't the understanding of it in those days that there is today." Sandra added. "He never worked again."

"So where has he been for the last 16 years?" Jack asked.

"Claiming disability benefit." Brian answered. "Apparently he has been too unwell to work ever since."

"Why are we linking him to the robbery?" Jack looked at the other three as Sandra leant back in her chair.

"In his statement he told the police that he had no idea who could have robbed the van. No memory of anything after he left the flat he shared with his then girlfriend, Lucy Harris. Apparently he had what the doctors call Retrograde Amnesia." Gerry huffed.

"So, no witnesses, a victim that can't remember and almost twenty years since any new evidence turned up. What exactly are we supposed to investigate?" Jack looked at the others as Sandra folded her arms.

"Better forensics, the victim is still alive and the money has been recovered." Sandra stated.

"How much?" Jack was suddenly more interested.

"Almost all of the £50,000 that was missing." Brian answered as Gerry whistled.

"I already told Strickland we're taking the case, so there's no point in arguing. Jack, you and Brian go and see the manager of the security firm. Gerry, with me." She grabbed her jacket as she marched out of the office. The three older men stared at each other, each one wondering what they were getting involved in this time.


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