Isabelle woke up by the sound of a door slamming shut. She slowly opened her eyes and sighed. She is always woken up by something. She checked her phone. Its 8:00 am She got a text message she looked at it. Isabelle, were all going to your school to drop off forms. Well be back xoxo mom. Isabelle put down the phone and went downstairs.

Esther grinned. The character was closed and Esther wanted to "meet" the girl who played her. She heard Isabelle go down the stairs. Perfect! Says Esther with a grin.

Isabelle was startled when she heard someone that sounded similar to her say "Hello". She gasped and turned around.

Isabelle couldn't believe her eyes. She saw ESTER. This cant be real. Isabelle thought. She pinched herself. She felt it.

Isabelle looked up at the girl whom did look alike to her. Exept she was much taller she was about 5 foot 3 inches. Isabelle looked as if she were in shock. "Why are you afraid"? Asked Esther in her Russian voice. "You-you're not there"! Stutters Isabelle.

"Then were I"? Asked Esther sarcastically.

Isabelle was shaking. She didn't have time to think about WHY this is happening. She gasped as she saw the outline of a gun in Esther's pocket. Isabelle put her hand over a knife.

"Now,now, put down the knife"! Says Esther.

Isabelle gripped the knife tighter. Esther walked closer.

"put…down…the… …knife""! Esther commanded. Isabelle pointed the knife towards Esther.

"I don't know how the hell your here. Your Me just leave and no one will get hurt!

"Isabelle , Isabelle I was cloned and im alive on Earth now so don't expect me to not kill you". Esther said nicely.

Isabelle shrieked as Esther pulled out a gun.

"Please"! Isabelle croaked. That was all she can say. '

"Then put down the knife." Says Esther.

Isabelle then dropped the knife. It made a clicking sound as it hit the floor.

Esther smiled then turned into a glare. "Follow me". She commanded with the gun to Isabelle's head. Isabelle slowly walked up to her. Esther grabbed her with all her might and dragged her to the basement door. "Where are you taking me"? Isabelle says crying. Esther pushes Isabelle down the basement stairs.

Esther says "Have fun". Then closes the door and pushes a chair on it.

Isabelle landed in her basement on her face. She checked her head for blood. Nothing. Esther was still shivering. It was pitch black.

"Hello"? She heard a little girl say.

Isabelle found the flashlight that is always there and turned it on.

It was Aryana Engineer. The 10 year old girl who played 6 year old Maxine.

Hey guys thanks for reading ill update it once I have time!