Chapter 2

Isabelle shined the flash light on her.

"What happened."? She asked with fearful eyes. Aryana frowned.

"I don't know. She got me and tied me up. I thought she was make-believe"! Says Aryana with a shaking tone

Isabelle nodded. "Me too, am I dreaming"? Asked Isabelle

"I don't know if I am". Says Aryana with a shrug

Isabelle suddenly realized that Aryana was tied up. What the hell? Isabelle thought

"Aryana what did she DO to you"? Exclaimed Isabelle

"She c-cut my arm with a knife"! Cried Aryana

"Let me see"! Isabelle gasped. Isabelle shined the flashlight on Aryana's arm. There was blood dripping down her whole arm! Isabelle gasped.

She's evil! But how is this happening! She cut the nice little girls arm! Isabelle thought. Aryana whimpers as she sees the blood.

"Sweetie it's okay!" Says Isabelle calmly although she was petrified.

Aryana kept whimpering. Isabelle ran over and hugged her.

"Can you p-lease untie me"! Aryana whimpered.

Isabelle didn't know if she could. She tugged and pulled at the rope. It got looser. Suddenly Aryana could slip out. She hugged Isabelle.

"Thank you so much"! Exclaimed Aryana

"You're welcome sweetie". Says Isabelle

Aryana looked around the room "Can we get outta here"? She asked trembling.

Isabelle shined the flashlight around and checked if there was a way. Then she saw it. The gun Esther had in her pocket when she threw Isabelle down the stairs.

"Aryana, we can get out". Says Isabelle

"How can we do that". Asked Aryana

"It's going to be hard." Isabelle shined the light on the gun.

"Your going to shoot her"? Asked Aryana

Isabelle looked her in the eye. "It might come to that. She tries to hurt me or you. IT will be hard for me." Explains Isabelle

Aryana nodded "I understand. Have you shot a gun before".

Isabelle chuckled "Of course not! Why would I need to"? She says while playfully punching her shoulder. Aryana laughed but was trembling at the same time. Isabelle kissed Aryana's cheek "Don't worry we will be out of here". She said softly. Aryana nodded unsurely. Isabelle searched around the room for the light switch. She found it then clicked it on. "Oh my god"! She said

Aryana had huge cuts all over her leg and arms.

"How much did she hurt you"? Isabelle says frowning.

"She pinned me down and cut me". Aryana said trembling

"See that window"? Isabelle whispered pointing to the tiny window.

Aryana nodded. Isabelle says "Well we can break that window… then climb out we can go back in my house and wait for my parents. And if Esther is there then I have to shoot her".

Isabelle trembled at that thought. She cant kill anyone! She is a kind girl and hates blood! No matter how bad the person is she doesn't want to take away a life from anyone.

"Isabelle, she will be there I cant hear as well as you so you have to stay in front of me". Says Aryana

Aryana sounds frightened. "Aryana, don't worry I'll be right in front of you." Isabelle opened the gun. There were four bullets. Isabelle closed the gun. "We will be alright". She says looking at the gun on the floor.

They both sit pretzel legged in the middle of the basement floor. Aryana snapped up at Isabelle with wide eyes. "How are we supposed to get out that window"?

Isabelle thought about this. She looked around the room. "we can try to break this glass". She says softly.

Aryana nodded. "Let's do this"!