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What happens when 12 year old James Sirius Potter convinces his brother, sister, and cousins to take a peak into his dad's office without permission? what will their amazing babysitter and godbrother do when he has to chase them to the past? read and find out!

Prolog: the arrival of strangers

All was quiet in the semidarkness of Grimmald Place. Everything was quite as usual around evening as dusk fell and the dim glow of street lamps cast circles along the ground at regular intervals. The run-down place had the same second-hand look that one might associate with a toy that was not well-cared for; there were cracks running the length of the street, the curb was missing in places, and the lone tree in the middle of the square, surrounded by patched, yellowing grass, was leafless, though it was not yet fall, and the chipped bark seemed oddly grey.

The only moving figure was an alley cat who was skulking along the line of houses, occasionally sniffing in places and stopping to sneak an old banana peel from a waste bin outside Number 11. The cat continued to walk and paused at the entrance of an alley between Number 11 and Number 13. It stared down the middle of the two houses, perhaps wondering, as so many humans do, why the numbers on the houses skipped number 12. Or perhaps he just saw a mouse. Either way, the cat dismissed it and continued around the corner.

No sooner than the cat's tail had flicked out of sight than there was a distinct pop at the edge of the square opposite Numbers 11 and 13. There was a faint scuffling and a young boy, perhaps thirteen, stumbled under a street lamp and grasped at the park bench, panting and rubbing his chest.

"Bloody hell, Teddy," James complained, sinking to the ground and shaking his arms to get feeling into them, "you might warn us next time you Apparate! Merlin's Beard, I hope I NEVER pass my test!"

More figures emerged in to the light; two boys, two girls, and a teenager, about eighteen or nineteen, tall and thin with shockingly sapphire blue hair. The younger four joined James on the ground, groaning and complaining, rubbing their arms, legs, or (in Lily's case) eyes.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," hissed Teddy to his godbrother, who looked up at him in annoyance, "You should be thankful that I came after you lot. And stop complaining," he snapped at the others, whose grumbles changed to a silent shock (they rarely heard him snap before), "you're the ones who got yourselves into this mess! Wait until your parents find out!"

The others winced and exchanged nervous looks. James, however, merely rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever. And what's with the whispering, Ted? It's not like there's anyone to hear." He gestured around the deserted square.

"Keep your voice down!" Rose looked around nervously, "Aren't you worried about how quickly that man found us? I think we should lay low for a while, at least until we find a way back home."

"Yeah?" said her cousin, clearly unimpressed, "Cause I think-"

"Oh, yes, let's all listen to what you think, James Sirius Potter!" she snapped, her temper as fiery as her hair, "Because doing what you think has never gotten us into trouble before!"

"Or danger!" Albus added angrily, going to stand next to her with his arms crossed.

"I vote that we listen to Rose," said Hugo, raising one hand into the air, the other still clamped over his stomach.

"And I'm going to listen to Teddy," Rose said, turning to the teenager, "So where to next?"

"Yeah, why are we in-" her brother tilted his head sideways to read the street sign, "-Greemild Plake."

She rolled her eyes, "It says 'Grimmald Place', moron."

"That's what I said!"

Teddy seemed quite oblivious to their bickering. He was staring out across the road to the same point the cat had between 11 and 13. Then suddenly he said to them, "You do realize where we are, don't you?"

"'Course we do," said Hugo, pointing to the sign, "it says 'Greemild-"

"No, no, no," Teddy turned to the others, "that necklace you took from your dad's study wasn't a toy! It was a Time Turner!"

"You mean," said Rose, her eye wide, "we're-"

"In the past," Teddy looked back at the space between the houses, "I'm sure of it."

"But then, what do we do?" asked Albus, his green eyes wide, "Where will we go?"

"Here." He pointed across the street.

"Gee, I'm soooo glad we're following Teddy's lead," said James sarcastically, "I was just hoping we'd get to sleep in the alley tonight."

"Not the alley, you prat," said Teddy with clear annoyance, "look at the numbers!"

They did, and for the first time, the others seemed to register the missing number.

"I thought it went 11, 12, 13," said Albus, confused.

"It DOES, Dung Brain," said his brother, rolling his eyes, "some Muggle just wasn't paying attention when he was adding the numbers."

"I don't think so," said Teddy quietly. Then, quite suddenly, he was crossing the street.


The others followed, not wanting to get separated from the oldest. He had stopped precisely at the spot the cat had and was staring at the high alley, as though looking at something that wasn't there.

"We're here" Teddy said softly, "for help."

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